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backtoblack posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 04:10PM
What was your favourite couple in each OTH season?Did it change trough the years or remained the same the whole time?

I'll go first.
season 1-Leyton and Naley
season 2-Jeyton
season 3-Jeyton and Naley
season 4-Naley
season 5-Naley
season 6-Brulian

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr deepthroat said…
Season 1 - Naley & Brucas
Season 2 - Naley & Jeyton
Season 3 - Naley & Brucas
Season 4 - Naley
Season 5 - Naley & Leyton
Season 6 - Naley, Leyton & Brulian
Vor mehr als einem Jahr HotStunner said…
Season One - Brucas & Naley
Season Two - Naley & Jeyton
Season Three - Brucas & Naley
Season Four - Naley & Leyton
Season Five - Naley
Season Six - Naley, Leyton & Brulian
Vor mehr als einem Jahr OTHjovana said…
season 1-Naley
season 2-Naley & Brooke/Felix
season 3-Naley & Brucas
season 4-Naley & Brase
season 5-Naley & Browen
season 6-Naley & Brulian & Leyton

Vor mehr als einem Jahr iluvnaley4evr said…
season 1-Naley/Brucas
season 2-Naley/Jeyton
season 3-Naley
season 4-Naley/Leyton
season 5-Naley
season 6-Naley/Leyton
Vor mehr als einem Jahr xoheartinohioxo said…
Well BL has always been my favorite no matter if they were together or not... But going only by couples being together:

S1: Brucas & Naley
S2: Brucas, Jeyton & Naley
S3: Brucas, Naley, Jeyton & Karen/Keith
S4: Naley
S5: Naley
S6: Naley
Vor mehr als einem Jahr 3_ThePretender said…
S1: Leyton and Naley
S2: Brucas and Jeyton
S3: Brucas and Naley
S4: Naley
S5: Brucas
S6: Leyton and Brulian
S7: Brulian

I know, its strange I like BL and LP. But come on LP were AMAZING in season 1. And BL were amazing season 2 and 3.
I thought LP lacked the chemistry they had in S1 in season 4. So I actually dont like them as much in that season.
Season 5 I actually am starting to prefer BL to LP in it. Which is kind of bad cause i always loved Leyton way more :S feel like im a tradior almost lol =/
But season 6 I do love Leyton again:) the are so cute and it helps that I adore Brulian <3
Naley are amazing up to season 4, but since then i cba with them, too boring and too much jamie.

omg sorry, didnt mean to write that much :)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr jemgrl323 said…
season 1- naley then brucas
season 2- brucas then jeyton
season 3- brucas then naley
season 4- naley
season 5- naley then brucas (if you can count brucas in the 5th season?)
season 6- brulian then naley
season 7- brulian then naley
Vor mehr als einem Jahr eka-chan said…
season 1: Naley
season 2: Jeyton
season 3: Brucas and Naley
season 4: Naley
season 5: Naley and Brucas (even as friends, they're good to each other)
season 6: Brulian and Naley
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Broody_4_Cheery said…
is this for strictly who are together? because i never stop floving jeyton and brucas and tehyll always be two of my top couples.

s1- naley, leyton, brucas, jeyton
s2 - brucas, jeyton, naley sort of
s3 - brucas, naley, jeyton
s4- naley
Vor mehr als einem Jahr nikiebaby said…
s1: Brucas
Vor mehr als einem Jahr othobsessed92 said…
Season 1: Naley
Season 2: Jeyton and Naley (for the first 10 episodes only)
Season 3: Naley
Season 4: Naley & Leyton
Season 5: Naley & Leyton
Season 6: Naley, Leyton & Brulian
Season 7 (so far): Naley, Brulian, and my new obsession Clay/Quinn

Yes, I am Naley fanatic =D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Georgia93 said…
my favourite couple never changed..xD
Season 1: Leyton
Season 2: Leyton
Season 3: Leyton
Season 4: Leyton
Season 5: Leyton
Season 6: Leyton
Season 7: can go brooke itself!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr J-C said…
Season 1 - Naley

Season 2 - Leyton

Season 3 - Leyton

Season 4 - Machel (Mouth and Rachel)

Season 5 - Canathan (Carrie and Nathan)

Season 6 - Browen (Brooke and Owen) and Dills (Deb and Skills)

Season 7 - Leyton
BeccyBear commented…
dude, that doesn't make any sense!! Leyton weren't in season 7. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr gracery said…
1 - Naley
2 - Jeyton
3 - Naley
4 - Leyton
5 - Naley
6 - Brulian
7 - Brulian
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr kellyerin87 said…
Season 1- LEYTON & Naley
Season 2- Jeyton
Season 3- Leyton (I know they weren't a couple in this season, but they still had romantic/significant moments, and they were still great)
Season 4- Leyton & Naley
Season 5- Leyton
Season 6- Leyton & Brulian
Season 7- Brulian
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mollyx365 said…
1. Neyton, Leyton, Naley & Jeyton.
2. JEYTON & Brucas.
3. Brucas & Jeyton.
4. Naley.
5. Browen, Brucas & Leyton.
6. Naley I guess.
7. Clay/Sara, Julian/Alex.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr othgirl_peyton said…
Season 1: Leyton&Naley
Season 2: Jeyton
Season 3: Leyton&Jeyton
Season 4: Leyton&Brase
Season 5: Leyton&Naley
Season 6: Leyton&Naley

Leyton is always my fav except for season 2 when I totally fell in love with Jeyton!
BeccyBear commented…
luv that u put Brase. Beccy luvs Brase!! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr _Emh3_ said…
season1: Naley
season2: Jeyton
season3: Brucas
season4: Leyton
season5: Naley
season6: Brulian <3
season7: Quinn/Clay
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Amy-x said…
Season1: Naley
Season2: Naley, Jeyton
Season3: Naley
Season4: Naley
Season5: Naley
Season6: Naley, Brulian, Leyton
Season7: Naley, Brulian

Naley FTW :)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr mswaldass said…
Season 1: Naley
Season 2: Naley
Season 3: Brucas
Season 4: Naley
Season 5: Brucas
Season 6: Leyton
Season 7: Brulian
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ashle said…
1 - Naley
2 - Jeyton
3 - Brucas
4 - Leyton
5 - Naley
6 - Brulian
7 - Brulian
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XNaley_JamesX said…
S1 - Naley, Leyton
S2 - Naley
S3 - Naley
S4 - Naley, Leyton
S5 - Naley, Leyton (They weren't a couple, but I loved every single scene they had together!)
S6 - Naley, Leyton, Brulian
S7 - Naley, Brulian

Okay, I just can't help myself! I'm just sooo terribly in love with Naley! Leyton is my 2nd fav & Brulian 3rd.
I don't really care about all the rest.
Although I have to admit that couples like Jeyton and Brucas can have beautiful scenes that I love!

Actually, I 'like' every couple except: Neyton, Skills & Deb, Lucas & Anna, Brooke & Felix - and that's it, I think. :)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr -carola-fan- said…
Season 1: Naley an Leyton
Season 2: Jeyton
Season 3: Naley and Leyton
Season 4: Naley and Leyton
Season 5: Naley
Season 6: Leyton
I haven't seen season 7 yet so I don't know...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr PoooBoo said…
Season 1: Naley
Season 2:Jeyton and maybe Luna (lol Luke and Anna but they weren't exactly a couple!)
Season 3:Brucas and Naley, also Skills&Bevin were pretty cute!
Season 4:Naley and Machel(you could say Mouth and Rachel were a couple, sorta)
Season 5:Maybe not Naley. Mouth and Millie were awesome! Browen too.
Season 6:Brulian, Leyton and Naley
Season 7:Naley, Brulian and Dachel (lol Dan and Rachel, haha maybe not!)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Leytonfan4ever said…
Haha YOU & ME both Georgia93!

Season 1: Leyton
Season 2: Leyton (Though they were never together, i still rooted for them)
Season 3: Leyton ^^ (Same reason)
Season 4: Leyton & Brase
Season 5: Leyton & Browen
Season 6: Leyton (I didn't watch this season, so the only couple i KNOW i would have favored was LP)
Season 7: I DON'T WATCH IT!

I pretty much favored LP through out the whole 6 seasons.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Dansea08 said…
Season 1: Leyton/Naley
Season 2: Naley/Leyton (though Jeyton had some beautiful adorable scenes)
Season 3: Leyton/Naley/Skevin (not a Brucas fan but there were several great brucas scenes)(82 at the top of my list :)
Season 4: Leyton/Naley
Season 5: Leyton/Naley/Browen(Skills/Deb weren't bad either)
Season 6: Leyton/Brulian
Season 7: Naley/Brulian/Clay-Quinn
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Shanice_12 said…
Season 1: Naley
Season 2: Jeyton
Season 3: Brucas and Naley
Season 4: Leyton and Naley
Season 5: Naley
Season 6: Leyton, Naley and Brulian
Season 7: Naley, Brulian, Clay/Quinn
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bdavisrocks said…
season 1: naley
season 2: jeyton/brucas
season 3: brucas/jeyton
season 4: brase/naley
season 5: naley/brucas
season 6: brulian/naley
season 7: brulian/naley/clay and quinn
season 8: brulian/naley/clay and quinn
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Drisina said…
season 1:naley
season 2:jeyton
season 3:brucas♥naley♥
season 4:naley
season 5:naley and mouth/millie
season 6:brulian and naley
season 7:naley and alex/chase and clay/sara
season 8:naley,brulian
Vor mehr als einem Jahr leytonfaan_18 said…
Season 1: Leyton + Naley
Season 2: Naley
Season 3: Naley
Season 4: Leyton
Season 5: Leyton
Season 6: Leyton, Brulian + Naley
Season 7: Brulian
Season 8: Naley
Vor mehr als einem Jahr CSI_Rachael said…
Season 1: Brucas & Jeyton
Season 2: Brucas & Jeyton
Season 3: Brucas
Season 4: Naley
Season 5: Brucas
Season 6: Brulian (I liked them in season 6 but I hate them now :( )
Season 7: Clay & Sara/ Alex & Julian
Season 8: Naley
Vor mehr als einem Jahr fashionkorean said…
cool post
Vor mehr als einem Jahr 23rox said…
big smile
Season 1: Naley
Season 2: Naley/Jeyton
Season 3: Naley/Brucas
Season 4: Naley
Season 5: Naley
Season 6: Naley/Leyton
Season 7: Naley/Clay&Quinn
Season 8: Naley

As you can tell I'm a bit of a Naley fan.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Shiningsapphire said…
big smile
Season 1: Naley
Season 2: Naley/ Jeyton
Season 3: Naley/ Brucas
Season 4: Naley
Season 5: Naley
Season 6: Naley/ Leyton
season 7: Naley/ Brulian/ Clay&Quinn
Season 8: Naley / Brulian
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ladybug70981 said…
season 1: brooke/lucas
season 2: brooke/lucas
season 3: brooke/lucas
season 4: brooke/lucas (naley if they don't count)
season 5: brooke/lucas
season 6: brooke/lucas (naley if they don't count)
season 7: nathan/haley
season 8: nathan/haley
Vor mehr als einem Jahr MsScott said…
naley and leyton all seasons!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr camicat2312 said…
Season 1: naley
Season 2: jeyton
Season 3: naley
Season 4: leyton
Season 5: naley
Season 6: leyton
Season 7: naley
Season 8: none - way to cheesy!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Seddie4Ever said…
This is going to be biased, but...
Season 1: Naley
Season 2: Naley
Season 3: Naley
Season 4: Naley
Season 5: Naley
Season 6: Naley
Season 7: Naley
Season 8: Naley (From what I've seen on Youtube)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kristine95 said…
Season 1: Naley
Season 2: Jeyton
Season 3: Naley/Jeyton
Season 4: Naley
Season 5: Browen.. I guess. Naley sucked
Season 6: Naley/Brulian
Season 7: Brulian
Season 8: Brulian
Though, the last 4 seasons haven't been very good. I just named my favorite couples on those, lol.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr melandjim4eva said…
Season 1: Naley/Leyton
Season 2: Naley
Season 3: Naley/Leyton
Season 4: Leyton
Season 5: Naley
Season 6: Leyton
Season 7: Brulian
Season 8: Brulian/Naley
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BeccyBear said…
Season 1: Naley and Leyton
Season 2: Naley and Jeyton
Season 3: Naley and Brucas
Season 4: BRASE and Leyton
Season 5: Browen, Naley and Brase(i know they had like no scenes, but i really love them)
Season 6: Leyton and Naley
Season 7: Quay, Julex and Chalex
Season 8: Quay and Chalex

p.s. Brase is my fave out of all of these!!!!!
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 Season 1: Naley and Leyton Season 2: Naley and Jeyton Season 3: Naley and Brucas Season 4: BRASE and
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Twilight_fan89 said…
Season 1- Naley and Brucas
Season 2- Leyton
Season 3- Naley and Brucas
Season 4- Naley and Brucas
Season 5- Naley and Leyton
Season 6- Naley and Leyton and Brulian
Season 7- Clay&Quinn and Naley and Brulian
Season 8-Clay&Quinn and Naley and Brulian