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posted by anetted
Something I Can Never Have (#2.17)
Keith Scott: How could Du do this to me?
Dan Scott: Everytime I thought about Du screwing my wife and the herz attack Du gave me it got easier.
Keith Scott: I can't believe you.
Dan Scott: Well maybe Du could find out in the phone book. Look under 'w' for whore. But wait she's not that smart so look under 'h'.

With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept (#3.16)
Keith Scott: I'm not gonna leave Du here son. I'm not gonna do that and i'll tell Du why. Cause I've been there. I've bought the gun, and i planned on using it ok. I've been there. And I wanna tell Du something, It gets better.
Jimmy Edwards: Not this, it can't.
Keith Scott: It does Jimmy. That pain in your stomach, that pain in your heart, it goes away. That voice in your head thats saying there's no way out, it's wrong Jimmy. Would Du please, please just believe me. It gets better.
Jimmy Edwards: It won't! Not after this! I cant take this back! I can't erase this!
[starting to cry]
Jimmy Edwards: She's gonna die.
Keith Scott: Du don't know that.
Jimmy Edwards: I just... I wanted... I wanted them to leave me alone. I just... I wanted them to like me.
Keith Scott: I understand son. It's what we all want. Thats all any of us want.
Jimmy Edwards: I'm not here... I'm not here.
Keith Scott: Jimmy please... it's gonna be ok son... it's gonna be ok.
Jimmy Edwards: [pounding on his chest] But it hurts! It hurts! It always hurts!
Keith Scott: I know... please... please...
Jimmy Edwards: I'm sorry...
[Points the gun to his chest and shoots himself]
Keith Scott: NOOOOO!

Hanging Von a Moment (#1.13)
Keith Scott: It's funny, but I feel like I'm about to start the life that I always wanted.

All Tomorrow's Parties (#3.14)
Keith Scott: Whitey, what are Du doing in our room?
Coach Whitey Durham: Don't Du mean our room? Oh, the two of Du shacked up together in sin. That's a bad example to the children. Ya oughta be ashamed of yourselves.
Karen Roe: But, uh...
Coach Whitey Durham: Oh, don't worry Karen. I'll take good care of him. Well, what have we got here? Mmmm... truffles.

Return of the Future (#3.11)
Dan Scott: Looks like Du finally grew a pair!
Keith Scott: I always had a pair Danny. Just ask your wife.
 LOL I laughed SO much of this picture! :D
Lol I laughed SO much of this picture! :D
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During the time from the 4th to the 5th season, a lot had changed for Lucas and Peyton. They not only broke up, but Lucas proposed to Peyton. The two went their seperate ways and Lucas finished his first novel. This led him to go on his first datum with Lindsey after his first signing in Los Angeles, where Peyton saw him at the book store and witness Lindsey Küssen Luke on the cheek making her think the two were dating.
Peyton started to datum Julian and Lucas with Lindsey. But Julian started to realize that Peyton still had Lucas in her herz and choose to go to the film festival alone without...
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2.01 - The Desperate Kingdom Of Love
*When Haley has a flashback of Nathan asking her to marry him, Du can hear her say, "Well maybe so," yet her mouth doesn't move.
*The cardboard box that Keith is Schreiben on changes as he writes Nathan's name. There is a bigger gap to write in at the bottom and the crease/fold is in a different spot in the word refrigerator.
*Flashbacks of Nathan & Haley's wedding are shown to be in the day, when we know they got married in the evening.

2.02 - Truth Doesn't Make A Noise
*Keith goes to Karen's house to drop off Lucas' iPod saying he left it in his car, on...
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Moira Kelly, who plays Karen Roe, visits the One baum hügel Podcast on May 19 to talk about her guest stint on the One baum hügel season six finale and she talked about returning to Wilmington and the One baum hügel set. She also shared her thoughts on the Kürzlich news that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie burton would not be returning to One baum hügel for the seventh season.

Moira Kelly’s Kommentare on Hilarie burton not returning Weiter season:

“Hilarie and I were talking about how it has to end at some point. When Du are performer Du get into your characters and Du Liebe them and Du work them...
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GREAT video <<3
One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill