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One Piece Who do Du think is the best girl for Sanji?

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 madrigaelle posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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LordRyuma picked pudding:
Still waiting to see how things will turn out with Pudding and Sanji (Pudding being a bit unpredictable), but as far as I can see, they are a very good match. They are so similar. She cooks too, she likes his compliments and completely smitten with him. It's kinda funny because when we first met her she looked perfect for him, then we all thought she was the biggest bitch ever and hoped Sanji would kick her in the face, then she truly falls for him and now she's back to the girl from the beginning except now it's not an act. lol She's a bit unstable prehaps but she's getting better.
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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Soraji9 picked pudding:
Is there any doubt now?
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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definitely nami...........

the best pairing from the start for straw hats are:

luffy x hancock
sanji x nami
zoro x tashigi(bcz of kuina)
brook will live on to tell the adventurous tails of legendary straw hats in future.........heh eh eh e (this one just my estimation)
here in puddings case its just temporary they will part ways pudding will cry and erase sanjis memories........he he he

she will love him but sanji will forget about their marriage stuffs.......he he he

nami will end up with him in future..........

even in non filler arcs u can see that nami is always with sanji

luffy will marry hancock.....bcz he will become the pirate king and hancock is already a princess..........

well thats my theory....he he he
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.