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jstar18 posted on Oct 20, 2010 at 08:11PM
The title explains itself. This is a place where you can make your own Devil Fruit. As we all know there are three types of Devil Fruit: Paramecia, Logia and Zoan. You can choose which ever one you want to make.

Here is an example for how you should make them.

Name of the fruit

Appearance (If the eater's appearance would change)


Those are the main guidelines. Now we know the weakness of Zoan Types, but Paramecia and Logia are different so if you make those ones then remember to put the weaknesses of their DF abilities. Like how Crocodile can be hit if doused with water or how Enel's lightning does nothing to rubber!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Solidaire said…
name: hodo hodo no mi (mod mod fruit) [hodo means degree, extent, limit; hodohodo means moderately]

abilities: an attempt at incineration becomes a tanning, a laser beam becomes a flashlight, a laceration is a paper cut, blunt force trauma is a love tap, lethal piercings are reduced to pin pricks, a bullet barrage is a spitballing, crushing mass is a paperweight, electrocution becomes a mild static shock

weakness: user's own efforts are moderated

name: pachi pachi no mi (clap clap fruit) [pachi is a snapping sound; pachipachi is the sound of clapping hands]

sonic boom - supersonic pressure wave at four times the speed of sound
afterclap - delayed sonic boom
claptrap - opponent is immobilized by rebounding sonic boom
ultrasonic boom - a sonic boom above the range of human hearing
slapjack - boom conditions are met with one hand by using opponents face for the clap
thunderclap - hypersonic pressure wave at ten times sonic speed

weakness: user is also hurt by the attacks

name: ichi ichi no mi (one by one fruit)

appearance: user is a serial human, an item in a series of himself, that can orient back and forward, side-by-side, or above and below

one-way trip - any punch or kick is given one after another
one hit k.o. - user is allowed to oneshot one opponent once a month

weakness: only works in a straight line

name: ippo ippo no mi (step step fruit)

appearance: user's footprints appear ahead of him to guide his actions

daiippo [first step] first attack always hits the hardest; a footprint appears on what is to be stepped on
ippozenshin [a step forward] distances are covered in one step
ryoukenchigai [false step] advancing footprints belie the user's following actions
dance dance revolution - user literally dances up a storm

weakness: iunno

Vor mehr als einem Jahr Tailedfox66 said…
Name: Mizu Mizu no mi (Water Water Devil Fruit)
Type: Logia

Abilities: The user of this devil fruit can transform into and control water, this fruit is one of the strongest as it can weaken every devil fruit user in the world by encasing them within a ball of water and can also allow safe traveling from island to island by controlling the sea whenever it gets to rough.

The only down side is that unless you've mastered how to pressurize the water so that it can cause more damage (either physically or trapping them) the attacks is going to be weak unless you use large amounts of water which is going to tire you out a lot quicker.

Another weakness is to anything that easily effects water like electricity (this will feel like being struck by lightning 10 times in a row), ice (especially during a blizzard or on a winter island where the user will be unable to become water or they'll end up freezing) and extreme heat (the user will evaporate if they become water) so it would be best for the user of this fruit to avoid Punk hazard at all costs.

As a side note the user is still effect by sea prisom stone and also the sea, but with the sea the user has to be at least 70% submerged to take effect, which is about up to your arm pits.
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Libz145 commented…
even if ur still adding those restrictions. it's still a df that can geschirr, kabelbaum the power of their weakness. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
blackpanther666 commented…
This one is impossible. Du can't become water, as it is the one thing that DF-users are weak to and it would be a contradiction to become the thing that makes Du become weak to the point of collapse. Simply put, this Obst wouldn't work. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Tailedfox66 said…
Name: Tora Tora no mi (Tiger Tiger Devil Fruit)
Type: Zoan

Abilities: this devil fruit lets the user change into a tiger and also a hybrid mode, which looks like Rob lucci's hybrid mode except they have more hair on the sides of their face and instead of spots they will have stripes.

There are three different versions of this fruit which are completely different which will effect the way their hybrid mode looks, these modes are...

Siberian: this mode is 10½ft tall and the strongest of the tiger devil fruit.
Bengal: this mode is 9ft tall and slimmer than the other fruits
Indochina: this mode is 8½ft tall with a lighter coloured fur to the others.

Name: Tetsu Tetsu no mi (Iron Iron Devil Fruit)
Type: Logia

Abilities: the user can turn either his entire body or part of it into iron which can cause a lot of damage if the user is extremely strong, the user can also produce and create iron objects from his body e.g. swords, shields, more shurikens than a ninja army but can also change his limbs into weapons. One other advantage is that the user (when fully made of iron) candy melt him/herself to move a lot quicker and access areas that are extremely small to fit though.

There are three major disadvantages with this fruit,

First: the amount of iron they can produce is equal to the users size and weight, so when they have used most of their iron they will have to use iron which is making the users body.
Second: when in full iron mode or creating iron the user can be hardened and unable to change when wet, meaning if the user fell into the ocean they will stay in the position that they fell into the ocean as and won't be able to move for until s/he's dried out, the same applies when it rains except the user will become sluggish.
Third: if the user come into an area of extreme heat e.g. the burning side of punk hazard or alabasta. Then they will melt and will only be able to create objects or change back for a couple of second for until it falls apart, the same will happen if they battled against ace or Samadhi (Akainu).
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Tailedfox66 said…
Name: Uzu Uzi no mi (Vortex Vortex devil fruit)
Type: Paramecia

Abilities: the user of this devil fruit can create a vortex from his body or within a certain area from where he is standing that can either suck objects and people into an unknown dimension or blow people away and out of the unknown dimension. This can be useful when carrying lots of cargo safe and sound E.G. Food, Water, Pirates with bounties, and much more.

Attack 1: Fulfilling Vortex: the user creates a powerful vortex inside of their mouth which they then suck up all of what they are facing into the unknown dimension ( From the opponents P.O.V it looks like the user is eating everything in sight).

Attack 2: Vortex Walk: similar to SkyWalk and MoonWalk except that the user uses the vortex as platforms to stand on making it look like they can walk on air.

Attack 3: Vortex Shuriken: throws a vortex around the size of a shrunken multiple times that will last 6 seconds after being thrown that can cause a lot of damage for being so small.

Weakness: the vortex can store so much within the unknown dimension (about 2 Marine Warships full) for until everything that has been stored is forcefully released out of the recently opened vortex and if the vortex is active for longer than half an hour then it will grow out of control and destroy everything and everyone within a 50 mile radius including the user.

The vortex can be stopped by the dark dark fruit user stopping the vortex form being active and also someone who can control the wind or tornadoes to cancel out the vortex as it's being created.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bubbers_god said…
Name: Overclock Overclock Fruit

Type: Paramecia

This user gains the ability to Overclock one or more person with certain effects.


~Strength Overclock~ Increases a persons strength by double. this effect can be used on three people at the same time but for only five minutes before having to wait fifteen minutes to use the overclock again. Instead of using it on three people he could alternatively use it on one person and have it last three times as long but with the same wait period. Also instead of using it on one person at normal strength buff, he could stack meaning the effect is multiplied by however many people he could have used the overclock on, making it possible for him to increase the strength of one person by six times for five minutes with a fifteen minute wait before using it this way again or by four times for ten minutes with a ten minute wait to be used this way again. Most other overclocks have similar stacking rules to this.

~Speed Overclock~ Exactly the same effects as strength but with speed instead. He can use this on one person with strength as well but this cost two of the three maximum overclock limit for statistical buffs. Meaning it would be better to use a stack of two overclocks on speed and one on strength if the opponent was fast. Especially if the person being overclocked is a powerhouse like Luffy or Zorro.

~Defense Overclock~ Decreases the impact of incoming attacks by half. Does not raise elemental defenses however. Stacked three times means practical invincibility for five minutes not even factoring in armament.

~Devils Overclock~ This one is unique. If he uses Devils Overclock it amplifies the powers of a devil fruit user making the effects different for all devil fruits. He can only use it on one person at a time and if he does he can not activate other overclocks. Only lasts for two minutes. Has a day cool down but other overclocks can be used fifteen minutes after the effect wares off besides this one.

~Gods Eye Overclock~ Allows a person of choice to see ten times better. This one was basically made for a sniper. Stacks normal with normal wait time.

~Kings Overclock~ Allows the person of choice to communicate verbally with any person on the planet they have met in person before. All they have to do is speak their name and the person who you called for will hear you. And you will hear them when they respond to this. Interestingly even a deaf person can hear you through this power. Does not stack and can be used freely for long periods of time.

~Martial Overclock~ Makes a person far more skilled in hand to hand combat. Does not work as well on the already powerful and brawl savvy. This one stacks like normal. Would be best used on weaker members of a crew as it doesn't seem to enhance a good fighters abilities noticeably enough to take up a spot for strength or speed. Normal stack and wait time.

~OVERCLOCKED OUT~ The ultimate last resort overclock. Makes a person of choice six times faster and stronger as well as granting healing powers. Decreases impact of incoming blows by eighty percent. Allows the person of choice to deactivate devil fruit powers at will by touching them (like the dark dark fruit only the effect lasts for a few seconds after the person has been touched as well as when touch is being maintained) but using that ability will also turn off the users devil fruit power the same. Increases devil fruit powers. Blocked attacks are deflected with twice as much force reflected upon the assailant. And last but not least grants ultimate immunity to all the elements. Fire, lightning, wind, ice, light, dark, water (except sea water), rock, metal, and even lava. this effect lasts ten minutes but can only be used once a week. Also no other overclocks can be activated for the week of cool down after this attack. The person of choice will become very week for a while after this effect wares off. The penalties make this technique a last resort. The person under this effect has a partially see through ring around their waste resembling a clock.

~Vital Overclock~ Makes a person of choice heal extremely fast. Can be stacked like normal. Using this stacked three times on the nearly dead could instantly have them up ready to fight at full power once again. Normal wait time and stack.

~Weight Overclock~ Makes a person of choice weigh ten times their normal weight greatly hindering movement. Normal stacking and wait times.

~Carnal Overclock~ Makes a person go insane attacking allies and opponents alike. Normal stacking but can only be used 1 per person as stacking it on one person consecutive times does nothing and wait times are normal.

~Drunken Overclock~ Makes a person lose balance terribly. Does not actually make them drunk so if they are a drunken fighter this still works. Stacks like Carnal Overclock.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Tailedfox66 said…
Name: Kyojin Kyojin no mi (Giant Giant Devil Fruit)
Type: Zoan

Abilities: allows the user to grow to the size of a giant along with what they are wearing and also into a semi-giant. When in the semi-giant form they are roughly 12ft tall compared to the average height of a giant is about 50 or 60ft tall the users strength, resistance, speed and stamina are the same as a giants except in the semi form which is halved. When in giant form, the user isn't effected by the sea as quickly due to the extra stamina they have and won't be effected for at least two minutes when stepping into the ocean or being fully submerged.

Although the user will look the same when as a giant, but in semi-final mode they look like the incredible hulk (without being green).
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Nemo009 commented…
I thought Zoan type devil fruits were based off Tiere only... Vor mehr als einem Jahr
blackpanther666 commented…
^ Well, yes, generally. I think this could be labelled as 'Mythical Zoan', if it wasn't for the fact that giants already exist in One Piece, so it wouldn't make sense. You'd just have to make this a Paramecia, for it to make some sense. Not a bad fruit, though. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DJoe said…
Name: Holi Holi no Mi (Holy Holy Fruit)
Type: Rare Logia
Appearance: First thing that changes is that the user's hair becomes a silver-ish white (like elder hair). When the power is active, the user emits a white smoke-like substance (like Black Beard's devil fruit power).
The opposite of Yami Yami no Mi. User gains the power to purify all evil. Like the Yami Yami no Mi, the power has a unique property of gravity, but instead of pulling, the user can push things away from him/her. The user can push him/herself away from things as well. Also unlike the Yami Yami no Mi, the user can ratify other devil fruit powers by touching the other user and enhancing their powers for a certain amount of time.
Just like the Yami Yami no Mi the user still can be hurt by anything if he/she fails to repel the attack on time.
If this fruit actual gets to be in the manga, I wish the user to be a Priest who will help Luffy fight against Blackbeard and eventually join his crew. It is obvious that there are Christian references in the One Piece universe and that Christianity was a big thing in our history during the pirate era. So the Priest joins the crew as a missionary to spread the words of God.
Solidaire commented…
Man, that Christian stuff is uncomfortable. I'm sold! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Solidaire commented…
This has nothing to do with it, but watching Mugen vids lately made me call up Holy Ken. 1,000 points for picking a word that matches Japanese phonetics. 2,000 points for creating the antithesis of the dark dark fruit. 4,000 points for Wird angezeigt enough creativity to cause me to imagine its unwritten story. "eef any1 doesnot luuuv da lord jeezus christ let him be accused o lord cum ayyymen" 16,000 pinball wizard points if Du know this Anime reference. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
DJoe commented…
Glad Du like it! :) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr xStarFire said…
Rinku-Rinku no mi (Link-Link Fruit)
Paramecia (Two larger, linked cherries, that are dark purple)
User becomes a link man.

The user can link objects, space, OR people together (even the user themselves) at will, as long as both were seen at one point by the user. This make the subjects glow a deep purple color. Once linked, the user can do many things, such as swap places. This can be useful if the user links their self to a distant area, in order to teleport. Once two things are linked, the user can also use the link like a physical chain that appears purple, and transparent. The linked objects' weight is redundant to the link man, who could possibly pick up two linked metal balls, and use them as nun chucks. Lastly, the link can be altered by the user, to where if one thing happens to one linked object, the same thing happens to the other. If the link man is fighting two people, and connects them with an invisible link, a punch to the face of one can also hurt the other.

Thanks for reading :D
Libz145 commented…
seems pretty unique and unexpected Vor mehr als einem Jahr
florpflorp commented…
Du could use this to do some sort of teleportation if Du linked yourself to an object in a certin place and Du swapped with it Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr xStarFire said…
Suta-Suta no mi (Star-Star Fruit)
Logia (A white, star shaped fruit)
User becomes a star man

Much similar to Kizaru's Pika Pika no mi power, the element glows brightly if the user is harmed. The star man can change any part of their body into stars, or even their whole body. This allows for much faster mobility, including a much higher take off or jump, but not necessarily flying. Falling stars can be summoned from thin air or the users body, which have great destructive power, but go down no matter what. The user can also shoot homing (follow the user's will) stardust projectiles from their body, but fade away eventually.

Again, thanks for reading :D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Libz145 said…
name: Shīto Shīto no mi (Sheet Sheet fruit)

Class: Logia

Ability: allows the user to control, become and create paper at will. the ability seems weak at first but if skilled enough, the user can slice buildings down with their paper (think of it as a super powered paper cut). they can fly through the air using their powers. they can enhance their punches by turning their fist into paper from the strongest bark. or become resistant to fire by using paper from a flame resistant can create things out of paper in a sort of origami way. ( e.g create wings on ur back, or paper darts, etc.). you can turn yourself into many small pieces of paper to avoid attacks, or a gigantic monster made out of the strongest paper to crush ur opponents.

weaknesses: water and kairosekai.

idk if this would even qualify as a logia type but oh well, it's the only logia i could think of an i would absolutely die if someone already thought of it.

p.s. those of u who think paper is weak look up konan from naruto

florpflorp commented…
wow good idea seems pretty strong Vor mehr als einem Jahr
blackpanther666 commented…
To be honest, I think it would Mehr likely be a Paramecia than a Logia, but I could be wrong. However, I do like this idea - it's pretty interesting :D Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr florpflorp said…
name: oiru-oiru no mi (oil-oil fruit)
type: logia
allows the user to create, control, and become oil of any type. Very powerful as you can set the oil on fire for flaming attacks
blackpanther666 commented…
This has already made on here, twice, and both with Mehr detail than this. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
florpflorp commented…
ok Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr FlareBlue said…
Fruit Name: Ondo Ondo No Mi (Temp Temp Fruit)
Abilities: This paramecia type devil fruit would give the user the ability to control the temperature of their body, as well as control whatever products they produce from it. They are also immune to all temperatures. This can work externally and internally. They could use their ability to do the following:

Heat up their external part of their body to extreme heats, this would speed reactions of particles within skin, causing friction. With this friction they could make portions of their body produce a flame, at the start of their use as a beginner they would have access to small amounts of orange fire. They could then shoot this fire, or use it to strengthen and speed up their fighting style. Eventually after enough training with this devil fruit they could adjust to new hotter/intense flames and produce blue fire, which blue fire can produce flames of much higher temperatures in comparison to orange fire. They could also melt metal and other materials with this intense heat, which could come in handy during a fight in defense against a sword. Another way they could make the heat increase of the exterior of their body be effective is by having two new forms. One being Incomplete Combustion, (surrounds the user’s body completely in intense orange flames, increasing strength and speed, then Complete Combustion, (blue flames surround the user’s body, the blue flames would be a stronger alternative to the orange incomplete combustion, as they would become faster and stronger). The final and one of the more obvious uses for the external areas would be they could burn their foes by touching them; this could be blocked by armament haki.

Heating up the internal part of their body, with this they could target the heat into their blood, they could increase the temperatures to extreme heat. This is due to the particles being unable to be denatured, where this could mean the particles could rush at extreme speeds, meaning they could ultimately extreme their speed insanely, due to the blood pumping their heart faster. This would be called Steampunk mode, where it is basically the same as Luffy’s Gear Second, with steam blowing out and a similar pink tinge on the skin but more red. Also they would become insanely faster and stronger. This would also intensify their flames, in this mode the only type of flame they could use would be blue because the heat would be too powerful for an orange flame. This would be very draining on the body/heart so they would be set to a time limit of two minutes until they have completely mastered this form and their heart/organs have adjusted to the blood speed/pressure. Also by heating their interior/exterior at the same time, they could find a balance at a certain temperature which would be the limit to their speed in their base form, with it increasing after they learn to master the devil fruit even further. With this they could use the CP9 techniques. They could go fast enough for an afterimage, as well as kicks that propel a beam slash, either by the normal one, air or fire. They could use most of the other techniques too with this boost, which would make them a very powerful opponent. They could also punch and propel air/gusts at enemies that way too. Another use of the air could be that they could combine it with the heat from the flame to intensify it or make it bigger. This is because oxygen fuels fire. They could also use heating in their blood to make their blood boil, creating thousands of air bubbles in their blood, giving them the ability to float/fly around due to them being filled with air from the bubbles. It would help against bigger enemies, making them be able to fly to where they need to strike, having a longer time to attack, instead of if they jumped because they would be limited to their time up in the air. Or just for the easier access to high places. They could also heat up their stomach, igniting a fire in it, making them able to blow out smokescreens or fire.

The second half of the power would be going into the extremely cold temperatures. They could become so cold on the exterior/skin of their body that they would be able to make their touch have similar qualities to that of dry ice, due to the majorly cold temperatures. One thing they could do to utilize these cold temperatures would be the ability to freeze water. This would be very excessive for them to carry around water with them though, so they would come up with the alternative of freezing the water vapor in the air around them, creating ice they can hurl at enemies, or use it as a weapon like making swords or powering up their punches.

They could create a very powerful transformation by utilizing this power. This being Sub-Zero Mode. The user would freeze their nerves inside their body to the extent that they don’t feel 90% pain inflicted on them. The reason for this is that it would numb their nerves, making them lose feeling. They could use this power in fights to battle really powerful enemies. They would also emit mist off of their body, due to how cold it would have to be in their interior. They would also gain a tinge like that of Luffy’s gear second, but it being blue due to the ice cold conditions, with a lot of ice inside of them. They would have to stop using this mode after 1 minute, this is because freezing their nerves could inflict mass damage on them, ruining them even, if they are strained for too long. Also after the sub-zero mode wore off, they would suddenly feel a giant flux of pain, knocking them out for at least 3 hours. By freezing the acids in their stomach, they could create a mist emitting out of their stomach, which they could blow around, surrounding them and their opponent in mist. After excessive use, their eyes would have adjusted to the mist and they would be able to see through easily. Aside from a transformation, they could freeze the entire interior of their arms while throwing a punch at someone, right before impact. This would increase their strength a lot due to more weight. They would have to go through intense training to be able to lift their arms though when doing this for that small period, as it would be really heavy. They would unfreeze their arms right after the blow by increasing their body temperature internally.

They could also use a combination of both heat and cold, they could use the cold to freeze the water vapor like when using ice, then melt that ice, creating water. They could use this to use something similar to the fish man karate technique, where they put water in their palm and throw it at the enemy with it, cutting them. They could create a form called Hydro Pump, where they continuously continue the process of creating water around their arms, making water surrounding their arms, making their arm width and length increasing for further reach, only to about 30cm away from their arms though, this would be able to power up punches a lot, although they would lose speed due to the heavy water.
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Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
The boss of the bounty hunters, Don Atchino had this Obst - the Atsu Atsu No Mi, which pretty much did the same thing yours does, however, yours is a bit Mehr detailed. Pretty good, to be honest. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Raven1337 said…
This devil fruit is a little bit absurd. And sorry for my grammar, my nationalaty isn't english

Name : Tiani-Tiani no mi
Type : Mythical Zoan

Tiangou ( 天狗 ) is a mythical Chinese creature. He's pretty popular in Chinese literature. In some literary works
he's a good little white fox, and in some other literary works he's a bad black dog .

Abilities : Tiani-Tiani no mi user will be able to transform into Tiangou. Tiangou has two forms, which means that fruit user will have two transformations.

1st TRANSFORMATION : Fruit user will become a muscular white and black spotted fox. He's white ( godly ) form will increase his basic skills, like SPEED, POWER etc... He will also get some great techniques.

2nd TRANSFORMATION : Fruit user will become a muscular black dog with red glowing eyes. This form ( demon form ) will increase his HAKI power, he will master HAKI. And he will also get some great techniques.


3rd TRANSFORMATION : His 3rd transformation will combine his 1st and 2nd transformations. His speed and power will increase appallingly as well as his HAKI. And power of his techniques will also increase.
He will be half-black and half-white fox.

P.S Wanted to say some words about his techniques. I imagine, he will use thunder or electricity. And he will be able to obtain energy from sun.

last edited Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 This devil Obst is a little bit absurd. And sorry for my grammar, my nationalaty isn't english
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nemo009 said…
Here is mine btw I'm new to the group nice to meet everyone
But here's mine

Name: Hebi Hebi no Mi
Type : mystical zoan type (model snake)

Abilities: The Hebi Hebi fruit gives the user the ability
To change into a anaconda and also the user of this fruit
Has the sense that are 10x greater than any human
and a keen eyes which allows them to see in the dark
the user also has no backbone after eating this devil fruit
there body gains the ability of a full fledge anaconda
The user becomes immortal due to having two different bodies
and two different hearts .

Forms the first form the user gets a slender body and fangs
like a anaconda

2. In the second state of this devil fruit the users body becomes
a actual anaconda and loses his / her actual regular body

3. In the third and final state of this devil fruit the user
grows in length and height and has massive amount of
poison and strength stored in his /her body that can cause
fatalities in and instance

1. How lengthy the user becomes
2. Water
3. How easy it is to see coming because due to his/her size
the devil fruit user is super slow .
I hope y'all like it :) .
blackpanther666 commented…
Anacondas aren't poisonous - they wickeln, wickeln sie their body around their prey and crush them, just like how a boa verengung, constrictor does. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nemo009 said…
My second one

Name : Piero Piero no Mi (clown clown fruit)
Type: paramcia type

Ability : the ability of the piero piero no mi fruit
gives the user the ability to make everyone and anyone
laugh no matter what that user is doing, saying, or wearing
the user can also turn his body parts into toys or clown like objects

.constant getting laughed at
. having no sense of humor
. can't take a joke
blackpanther666 commented…
XD Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AlexYU24242 said…
Name : Kuron Kuron No Mi
Type : Rare Paramecia

Abilities :
Kuron Kuron No Mi lets the user clone himself,and other just by touching the person he/she want to clone

Weakness :
The User cant control the clone he/she produces
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BunnySenpai said…
Gamble Gamble Fruit


The user can force someone to bet stuff when they fight (ex. If the user was fighting someone then they could make that person bet their weapons, or crew, even their life, or even the ability to use their powers)

Weaknesses: 1:if the loser loses the bet they have to do or give the other person whatever they were betting on

2: if the bet isn't completed within 24 hours then both people have to give up something

3:obvious water weakness

The user can also bet appearances
blackpanther666 commented…
This is different - interesting, though :) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr FDSAnime said…
Name: Smith-Smith Fruit
Type: Logia
Shape: Shiny, steel gray cube

Abilities: Smith-Smith Fruit Users have the ability to turn any part of their body into steel, molten or solid. The state of the metal can be changed at any time, allowing the user to encase objects in metal in seconds. The user can also manipulate other metals, natural or manmade, bending or melting them.

Smith-Smith Whip
The user's arm engulfs the opponent's legs in molten steel before hardening around them. The opponent is then whipped around at other opponents before being slammed to the floor or flung at another group of enemies.

Smith-Smith Revolver
The user bites off their fingers, proceeding to spit them at opponents at the velocity of a revolver bullet.

Smith-Smith Blade
The user smelts his arm to become a razor sharp blade. There are several variants to this attack
Smith-Smith Dagger- The User's finger(s) become blades and can be tossed at opponents
Smith-Smith Cutlass- The user's forearm becomes a blade.
Smith-Smith Broadsword- The user's entire arm becomes a large blade. The blade can be removed and wielded by the other arm.

Smith-Smith Juggernaut
The users body becomes a spiky ball which the user maneuvers to attack opponents. This is a risky move as the users eyes are at a fixed point on the ball, possibly making it hard for the user to see or making the user dizzy. Better if used in combination with other fighters' moves.

Smith-Smith Colossus
The user melts other metal around him to add on to his mass. Depending on the amount of metal melded to the user, they can vary in size from a few feet taller to the half the size of a battleship. The user can move this larger body to attack others. However, the more metal the user has absorbed, the slower they move.
last edited Vor mehr als einem Jahr
blackpanther666 commented…
Not a Logia. Logia fruits are elemental, usually, and, with the exception of the Yami Yami No Mi, must be something that can become intangible. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr worldeater1999 said…
Name: chimera mera fruit
Type: zoan mythical creature

Aperance: after eating the chimera mera fruit the users height increases and there hair grows to shoulder length sort like a mane from a lion there eyes stay the same color. the users muscles becomes lean and trimmed. all there teeth become sharp like a lions

Transformation 1: the user can turn into ether a lion or giant scorpion at will and vice-versa

transformation 2: the user becomes covered in fur except along there spine where they get the black chitin from the scorpion and they grow a scorpions tail. and they grow claws on there fingers and toes replacing there nails.

Transformation 3: they turn into a chimera completely they are around 11 feet tall while on all fours but when they stand they are 17 feet tall. they still retain the ability to speak

first time doing one of these sorry if its bad
Vor mehr als einem Jahr worldeater1999 said…
Name: cannon cannon fruit
Type: paramecia

abilities: the user can create functioning cannons out of any part of there body and control cannons and there cannon ball to divert fire from there self and other people. they can also turn into a giant cannon themselves and have unlimited ammo as long as that have any source of iron. the user consumes metal to make the cannon ball. it doesnt matter how much even if its just a sword they can create 100 cannon balls
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Red_Source said…
Name:Blood Blood Fruit.


Ablities:The user can control blood and mix blood into other liquids too control those as well.(Keep in mind that the user only controls the blood that's mixed.)The user can solidify blood as well. The user can create or erase blood at will, no matter the source of the blood in question. The user can Regenerate by Absorbing blood regardless of its source. If enough blood is absorbed, The user can enter a state whereas the users strength is enhanced 10x (base) if the user trains this ablity then the user can increase their boost. If the Fruit were to awaken then you could turn any liquid into blood. absorbing blood from other species would give you different effects.(ex.A Cheetahs Blood Would Multiply Speed.)the obvious weakness is anything that would drain blood a example is a sponge. A trade off with this fruit is that if the user tried to absorb too much blood then that user would gain a 100x boost in all ablities.

blackpanther666 commented…
Been made before. OP as. Like, seriously OP. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TobiNewgate said…
Name: Kōpi-kōpi no mi
Type: One and only logia fruit


To enable the eater to copy every move the eater see
But the damage or the power of the technique is only a half
And the user could also modify the move


Unable to copy anything besides devil fruit technique or

Appearance:, apple fruit but colloured
Black and white

After eating the fruit the eater will
Lose consciousness for two days

One of the strongest devil fruits

And owned by TobiNewgate
last edited Vor mehr als einem Jahr
blackpanther666 commented…
It's not a Logia. It would be a Paramecia. Also, it's basically the mirror image of Bon Kurei's DF. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Endless_Malice said…
Buzz Buzz Fruit: Sound based devil fruit. Can vibrate the air around the user to attack with sound. Check out my video on this fruit on my YT channel. I explain it better there
Vor mehr als einem Jahr The_Advert_Guy said…
I have an idea for one:

Luck-Luck fruit
Fruit type : Paramecia

This fruit gives the user power over luck with good luck being controlled with the left hand and bad being controlled on the right however unless they have almost fully mastered the fruit, to take effect the user must touch the person with the hand they wish to use.

Appearance: The users eyes only change making their left eye become fully Light green and their right eye become fully black

Advantages: Low probability strategies now become a lot more effective in the middle of a battle such as clumsy swings against an opponent happening to hit them in their weak points and through large amounts of training user n control luck of people near them instead of through touch not to mention the use being able to survive hits with low chances of Survivability.

Weaknesses: Aside from the obvious (being water) the user has to physically touch people until trained to advance their skills and even then they still have to physically touch other devil fruit users in order to affect them meaning they have very few options dealing with range and few options to deal with logia users . Also no amount of good luck can save you from guaranteed certainty.

for e.g. the user is stuck on the ground with no way to jump up and kuzan the ice fruit user uses ice age on the ground the user has no chance of dodging it and the good luck he could give himself can only go to helping him survive the attack or be less affected by it than usual.

Also overuse of the fruit weakens the user leaving them out of breath and very tired almost as if they had been in water.
(I suppose one more weakness would be as soon as people know you have it you re instantly banned from making bets of any type of currency)

Good Luck infuse: allow the user to infuse items or people with good luck

Bad Luck infuse: same as above

Self infuse: allows the user to self infuse themselves with any given side this is about twice as potent as Good/Bad luck infuse seeing as how they are placing it in themselves, the user does not get tired out from this ability.

Earth Luck: The user puts whatever type of luck they need into the land they are currently on making the island (or whatever they are on) and its inhabitants suffer what ever type of luck they used however this ability makes the user very worn out to the point they cant even stand on their own

Advanced training ability's :
Ranged Luck infuse: Think conquerors haki but with luck instead of making people pass out.

Self Godly Luck infusion: The user pumps themselves up (similar to luffy's second gear) except it temporarily makes them the luckiest thing in existence... for the next few minutes afterwords they are left in weakened state roughly about half as bad as earth luck

Godly Bad Luck Transmission: The user uses their body to transmit the worst luck in existence to an opponent making said opponent fail in almost anything they tried however no mount of luck can make this ranged it can only be passed through physical contact and the user not only feels weakened but also suffers a small amount of bad luck from having it go through them

welp that's it tell me what you think, if someone else has come up with it then feel free to let me know
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Toront said…

Name of the fruit: wolto wolto no mi ( Alpha wolf)

Type: Zaon type (rare)
Side effect of this devil fruit: the user developes a monogamous heart, so the user can only have one lover in their lives

Appearance (If the eater's appearance would change)

1. the user retains his human form but with heighten senses equal to that of a wolf, and strength/speed are doubled that of the users normal state. the bonus trait of the fruit: allows user to bond with wolves as there leader and with great concentration can morph on or more parts of their body to that of their second state.

2.the user enters a semi-human/ wolf state. the effect of the change increases the users height by eight inches, grows claws extending to 3-4 inches, face contorts to wolf like appearance. the users strength/speed increases to 40 times the doubled human strength/speed. all the users senses increase to allow up to 30 feet away to be sensed or seen. the bonus of this form allows any that the users bitten (wolf or human) on the shoulder to be able to take the same appearance as his second state but have half the increase of their strength and speed, side effect is that fatigue and hunger after they have returned to there normal state, the copied state of the bitten ones only last for ne hour the side effect depends on their strength.(stronger beings have weaker side effect)

3.allows the user to take the form of a wolf but at three times its size. all the users senses are increased to allow up to 400 feet to be sensed or seen. the users strength and speed is 80 times that of the users second state.

effect if rumble ball is eaten:
when the user eats a rumble ball all of his devil fruits powers are tripled for an hour. there is a side effect if the user eats to rumble balls consecutively, the side effect is that user turns into a demonic wolf like state twice the size and power of the users third state.

moon step: the user moves in such a way that the seems like the user is only shifting their body a inch or two, but is actually moving at full speed instantly. this can be used to clear large distances in seconds or attacks of high precision. depending on the users state this ability will increase greatly.

force paw: the user can move any part of their body to create a shockwave that can hit their opponent ten feet away with the force equal to a canon ball, A bonus of this is that with great concentration and training is that they shockwave type bubble around them up to ten away when they move all of their muscles instantly. this ability can double depending on the users state, this move cant be used in the users third state.

intimidation: the user can insert their intent of their ability into whom ever they decide, this does not only apply to combat but also in letting others not what they will be using their power for, be it to protect or destroy. this ability can be used in multiple ways in and out of combat.

howling (calling or driving away): this ability allows the user to howl like a wolf at high intense sound waves, thus allowing the user to call for help or drive away/stun the danger they are faced with.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Toront said…
Name of the fruit: mold mold fruit

type: paramecia

gives the user the ability to mold anything they desire into anything they can think of. sadly they cannot make ships cause then it would undo the users power when it hits water. they cannot change the color of an object. must be touching the thing they are changing. they cannot change a human or a animal or any living thing, for it to full under the users power it must be non living. if any of the users molded creations touch sea water it undo the users power over it. the biggest benefit is that after the user has molded an object they have complete control over its shape, density, and size, actions (if its molded into a creature or being)


the user is capable of changing their own appearance in anyway they wish, thus allowing them to be hidden anywhere with or without beings


mold world: can change their environment to what they desire. the user cannot mold water.

weapo mold: can change a non living being or object into a weapon of the users choosing.

armo mold: can change a non living being or object into armor of the users choosing.

living mold: the user can mold a non living or object into a creature or being to do the users bidding, but requires concentration, if broken the living mold falls back to its state before it was molded. molds can be used as living mold even if the mold was made awhile back, only requires concentration to move the mold.

thorn mold: this allows the user to produce thorns on their molds as a defensive ability.

winged mold: this is a combination of living mold and the users body, this can only last for as long the users concentration on the wings last, after that they are gone.

flex mold: this is the user stops a mold half way thus making a mold half way and making it similar to rubber. the user could use this to deflect round objects.


the users molds cannot touch sea water or it comes undone.

cannot mold water of any kind, must be a solid to be moldable.

living mold requires great concentration to be of use

if the users imagination is limited so is the users molds, meaning if the user can imagination a weapon then they cant make one


the users imagination, the more then user can imagine the more the user can make.

living mold as a strength cause the user can make minions (creatures and beings) to do the users bidding.

unexpected strength: if the users molds are covered with something the users did not mold with their ability then it can touch water.

example: if the user makes a ship then paints it with regular paint, the entire ship must be painted in all of its entirety before it can touch the water cause if even one centimeter touches the water then the power is undone.

after the molds have been finished the user can change its shape, density, and size at will.

this is a work in progress as are all my posts, please let me know what you truly think
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Toront said…
Name of the fruit: cro cro no mi (crow crow fruit)
type: (rare) zaon fruit
this zoan typ only has two forms

1. the user retains their human state with increased eyesight and senses of the wind, the user can also bond with crows.

2. the user can take a semi human/crow state with black feathered wings jutted from the users back with feather going up and around the users neck and abdomen and with long slender crow like legs

effect of rumble ball:

when the user eats a rumble ball, the user takes the form of a giant crow tree times the users normal size


wind step: this allows the user to move with the wind as if they were gliding.

feathered needles: allows the user to throw their feathers at their opponents to stab or impale the enemies.

crows wrath: the user can feed their intent into crows that are around them to attack the enemy or defend the user.

wind pulse: the user can flap their wings at such speed that the wind hits the enemy like a cannonball.

weakness: water, bright light
Vor mehr als einem Jahr KingAnthony said…
Fruit name: Time Time Fruit

Appearance: Light blue spherical fruit with stripes and S swirls, with a yellow stem.

Type: Paramecia

Ability: It will stop and slow down time, which is a huge advantage in battles and everyday life. It is one of the most strongest paramecia along with Float Float and Tremor Tremor fruit. This devil fruit also grants super strength and speed during stopped/slow down time, and will stop the movement of every object
and space.

Weakness: Since time is slowed and stopped, it means that every movement, even the molecules such as oxygen will stop, so time will be crontrolled for a brief moment as long as the user has oxygen and energy to use.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ChooChooCocoa said…
Oniksu-Oniksu No Mi


Allows User to unleash a series of moves with darkness
Vor mehr als einem Jahr spark34 said…
Boost Boost fruit

A pink rectangular fruit that gives a 20 minute boost of stamina.
last edited Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr 1piecefanatic32 said…
Name: Hook-Hook Fruit
Type paramecia

Gives the user the ability to turn and give there body and other objects the properties of hooks ( for objects the stronger the object the stronger the hook) they are able to make giant to tiny hooks and will return to normal if the user forgets about them.

Hook fighting: The user can ether fight with hooks or give there body hook like properties
EX: Hook swords, Hook claws, body becomes as sharp as a hook

Hook shot: able to throw hooks and bring them back to the user and even pin things to walls but the strength of the hook depends on the users own strength

Hook change: can change the number of points on the hooks from 1 point to 4

Grapple hook: lets the user climb walls with a hook shot

Hook saw: the user gathers hooks and puts them in a disc form and launches it toward enemies

Hook shield: user gathers hooks on there arms to create spiked shield to protect themselves

Hook bombs: gathers hooks and then can stick to things and the explode and send shrapnel hooks in a 5 foot radius but the bigger the bomb the longer it takes to make it and uses more energy

2ND gear(ish)

user focuses completely on the battle giving them increased speed, attack, haki attacks at the price of defense and energy but all moves are stronger

Megaton hook bomb: same as normal hook bomb but can destroy anything in a mile radius

Giga hook saw: the saw can grow to the size of a ship but only lasts 3 minutes before falling apart

Hook shot rail gun: hook shots fire at the speed of sound and the shots fire at 6 shots at a time

PS: if anyone knows if this has already been created than please tell me
1piecefanatic32 commented…
for the Sekunde gear i was thinking of calling it mega hook mode Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Sorarisu said…
Kyōryū-Kyōryū Fruit Model Raptor
Ancient Zoan Type

A lot like X Drake's dinosaur fruit, but with more speed and elemental power.
The first form is that of a human, but with enhanced super speed and strength, as well as the ability to process speedy situations faster, like dodging a bullet or blade. The stamina of a real raptor also comes with the human form.

The second form is a half human half feathered raptor person, superhuman strength, speed and stamina that can outrun a small marine army. In this form, leg strength is nearly unmatchable as the user specializes this form with sharp clawed kicks that can slice a human's stomach in seconds.

The third form, (Remember Jurassic park, one through four?) is a raptor, fangs, claws and all the things that make a dinosaur lover's spine shiver. This form makes the top speed belonging to the top predator had as well as the speed to outrun a motorbike, the raptor's senses process situations faster than the human brain can, making the user nearly impossible to shoot or slash at. The raptor form is that of a feathered Utah Raptor. This form is also capable of manifesting body heat into the claws and fangs of the user, nearly over 200 degrees of the normal tempature of a living being. This heat is capable of burning flesh, metal, stone when bitten, the slashing power of this fire can cut through magma, steel even waves of marine soldiers.

If faced, opponents should do the following: Run, hide or die, because the user is on the same terrifying level as the raptors in Jurassic park. (Writer Shivers in fear.)
Sorarisu commented…
Oh and I also forgot that the appearance of the Obst is round with several bulging orange circles coming out the skin, like amber, the fruit's glass like "beads" have prehistoric DNA of pure heat and radiation, it is the first mutated Devil Obst that has ever exsisted. And it also explains how the user, Jura can control heat and radiation Von will. Not because of a copycat Flame-Flame fruit. Sabo already has that. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ChooChooCocoa said…
Fruit Name: Tatakai Tatakai No Mi/Battle-Battle Fruit
Fruit Type:Paramecia
User Apperance: The Users Appearance will be small but mighty,Giving the user a PERFECT tan and Extremely Attractive Abs and Pecs.
Fruit Apperance:The Fruit feels like tough fabric and is based off of Pitaya.
Fruit Abilitys:

[Buff:The Aura of this ability is white and the power does alot of damage]
Vor mehr als einem Jahr MsNyctereutes said…
There will be 3 devil-fruits.

Name: Sozo Sozo no Mi
Type: Logia/Paramecia/Zoan (I don't know)
Ability: This fruit only has one ability. That is, whatever the user were to imagine, it will be teleported to the user. If it is not real or is not existing, it will be created. The user will first imagine it's abilities and appearance. After, the user must either think in your mind, "Create!" or "Teleport!" (This devil fruit can't create a person but the user can teleport one)
1. Potions
2. Weapons
3. People
4. Items
5. Food
6. Powers
Weakness: Although the user have the ability to create and/or teleport whatever the user desires, the user may not imagine that same thing again. Also, this ability would not work if the user were to be moving around while imagining it. The user would need to imagine it beforehand. This weakness could be an advantage to the user's enemy.
Eaten By: My OC Popoira Atsray (a.k.a. Ms. Popo, a half-pirate with a bounty of 539,000,000 before timeskip - part of the PLutos) Other than that, no one.

Name: Kami Kami no Mi
Type: Logia
Appearance: The user can become a piece of paper which can be a difficult target.
1)Papercut- Hundreds of paper that are sharp as swords are created to charge at their enemy and give them severe papercuts.
2)Sandpaper- The user creates a huge sheet of sandpaper and covers the enemy with it, suffocating the enemy while shifting back and forth giving discomfort and possibly cuts. But this is very exhausting.
3)Kami Teshita- The user summons paper minions, or paper clones, with the same characteristics as the user. The user can summon as many as she wants, and can also give orders which the minions have to obey. Paper minions can cause cuts, make paper structures, or confuse the enemy.
4)Kami-Te- Taking all the paper in the nearest location, the user creates a hand and can control it as the user wishes. The user can duplicate it, but this is exhausting, too.
5)Harden- Hardens/strengthening/enhancing the paper the user creates or uses.
6)Kami Torappu- The user lands down many paper traps, then makes it transparent-ish. Using 'Harden', the traps can be painful.
7)Kami-ju- Creates a beast made entirely with paper, and the user can control it as the user wishes.
8)Kamikozo- Makes or steals paper to construct anything that paper can construct. No tape is needed.
Weakness: If the user were to use their abilities for too long or too many times, they will be as fragile as paper.
Eaten By: My OC Farina Obskolap (a.k.a Feather, also a half-pirate with a bounty of 250,000,000 before timeskip - also part of the PLutos) Otherwise, no one.

Name: Hassha Hassha No Mi
Type: Logia/Paramecia
Abilities: There's only one ability that this devil fruit provides. Like its name, it allows the user to be able to fire, or shoot, out ANYTHING from their fingertips, similar to the rumored "finger guns". The forms of these "finger guns" take after real-life guns depending on its function. For example, the user would have to use all five fingers to shoot out multiple items or group all five fingers together to fire canon balls. The tips of the user's fingers represent the size of a gun's nozzle.
1) The bigger the item, the bigger the damage inflicted onto the user's internal body will be.
2) Repetition or constant use of the devil fruit's ability will also cause damage on the user's body but externally.
3) Without hands, the user will not be able to use the devil fruit's ability.
Eaten by: My OC Vyru Jarri (a.k.a Flatbread, also a half-pirate with a bounty of 169,000,000 before timeskip - also part of the PLutos) If not, no one.

(This was like, SUPER long!!)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Grimoire said…
Name : Kami Kami No Mi - God God Devil Fruit

Type : Paramecia

Appearence : Black Grapes with Blue stem

Abilities : This is the strongest devil fruit that exists. Its basically Trafalgar Laws Op-Op fruit but 10x stronger. Also it has the properties of all other paramecia devil fruits that exist.

Weak against : Nothing

Strong against : Everything

Worth : Too much to be counted.

Place : Raftel

Notes : Sea stone and water dont affect the user of the devil fruit. User can do anything he wants. User loses stamina which means the users powers have no limits. Can travel instantly. This fruit is nickname the " Hacker Fruit ".
Vor mehr als einem Jahr doug-the-dog said…
Name of the fruit: Aka Aka No Mi(Red Red No Mi)
Type: Logia

Appearance: red glowing around the user makes the user untouchable by sword or guns except haki weapons

Abilities make lasers and weapons and can slip into small places and dangerous attacks with AKA AKA NO MI, the power makes you can teleport in seconds in far distance, can heal with 15 seconds or less

Multi Cannon(Maruchikyanon):user make multiple cannons and fire at difference directions the him/her want to hit

Shield(Shīrudo):use makes a shield to protect him/her almost everything can't break the shield
rapid fire(Sokusha): user fires rapidly red form of fists and hitting the opponent rapidly

sword of red storm(Akai arashi no ken):the user makes forms a very sharp sword out of red and solidifies it

Red Storm Cannon(Reddosutōmukyanon):user makes a big blast that makes big beam that takes out large amount of enemies in front of them

Stone pillar(Sekichū):user makes red colored stone pillar appears around them

uprising beam(Hōki bīmu):makes a beam glow on the ground and beam goes off the ground hitting the opponents except the user

flash grenade(Furasshu shuryūdan):user makes a flash grenade that blinds the opponent to only see red for 20 seconds

Bullet shower(Dangan shawā): user turns into a red glowing form and then random beams goes at random places on the current area(user can't aim with the Technique)

kick flare(Kikkufurea):user make red glowing on which leg their using and make a flare blast when they finished charging the Technique

last edited Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 Name of the fruit: Aka Aka No Mi(Red Red No Mi) Type: Logia Appearance: red glowing around the us
Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
This isn't a Logia, it'd be a Paramecia. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kilofiercevids said…
Name: Jishin jishin No Mi (Earthquake Fruit)


Appearance: The user gains Huge amount of Size Like (WhiteBeard) and Strength.

Ability: Jishin jishin No Mi

Passive=When ever the user fights their is always little earthquake near him/her that will help in little bit but it can be control.

Shōkan jishin (Summon Earthquake)-This Devil Fruit User Can Summon Earthquake where or when he/she wants.

Kyodaina pawā (Huge power)-This Ability Will Stop All Current Earthquake in its location and give the power of it to the user so that the user can have More Earthquake impacts on its abilities like punch and kicks that can send the opponent away.

Jishin panchi (Earthquake punch)-This Punch is Deadly as it would send the opponent flying you can use it with Kyodaina pawā Which Adds more impact and knockback and you can coat it with haki for more destruction punch and you can use it without Kyodaina pawā.

katamukemasu (Tilting the Ground)-This Is the strongest ability in Jishin Jishin No Mi It Can Tilt The Ground Sending The People out of balance and the place even the Sea is Tilting.

Jishin kikku (Earthquake kick)-This ability needs Kyodaina pawā so that you can use its fullest impact tho u can still use it even no Kyodaina pawā.

Weakness:The Only Weakness To This Devil Fruit If You have Some Devil Fruit That Can Counter It Like Yami Yami No Mi (Dark Dark Fruit) Or use Haki.

Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
So, basically the Gura Gura No Mi, except with a different name... don't copy Oda's ideas. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Dhato said…
Name: Karada-Karada no Mi

Abilities-Clone their self(Maximum:5,can clone more, but will get more tired and die)-Turn their arm, etc. into a face of the possessor's face,and turn it into an weapon-If they have a clone that is alive, and the possessor is dead, it can go into the clone and control the clone.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr King1218 said…
Kemono-jū furūtsu shiro usagi moderu or the beast beast fruit white rabbit model it allows one to well you see turn to 3 diff version rabbits plus a regular person. Speed, Strength and normal. my character has the abilities of the CP9.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr senkeyz_gaming said…
Name: vori vori no mi or vortex vortex fruit


Abilities: user can teleport them self where ever they like and can open portals to teleport other people and objects he can creat entrance and exit portals entrance portals take stuff in exit shot stuff out and can also be used as a Shield the user also has acsese to a pocket dimension witch is 100% controllable to the point where you can shoot fire balls out of it

Eaten by senketz he came up with gate 2nd and 3rd gate second he can teleport percific body parts like arms and legs and gate 3rd allows him to create giant portals as his normal portal size is a meter each way the portals normally resemble rips or tears in space

I have been working on a gate 4th witch is a full body portal

The fruit is a gray colour and it come from a apple ( because apples are my favourite ) the leave are a pail blue and it is a similar chape to the mera mera no mi
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Kai77 said…
Name: Fosu Fosu No Mi(force force fruit)
Type: Paramecia

Ability: The user can put force into an attack from his hands or legs.Force maybe a pull or a push, the degree of froce can be controlled. this ability allows the user to even fly by pushing himself away from the ground. user can even make the earth split by putting tremendous amount of force into a punch or a stomp on the ground , able to destroy anything. One of the simplest abilty yet can match any devil fruit depending on the user.
Eg: Gura Gura no mi can create earthquakes , fosu fosu no mi with an experienced user will have no trouble creating an earth quake with enough force
Weakness: Puts enormous stress on the body , user has to build enough strength and stamina to use it for long time in battle , or he may himself be injured by the force created.

Complimentary devil fruit; A user with fosu fosu no mi acquires pika pika no mi in the same way how Marshalll D Teach obtained Gura Gura no mi , then the abilities of pika pika no mi will be amplified making it more destructive , and making the user more evasive in battle
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Darth_Emerald said…
The ultimate devil fruit,
Ghost-Ghost fruit

Undetermined class

Upon being consumed the user can turn invisible, intangible, fly and can secrete a toxic slime that can vary in strength depending on the users whim

The user has standard weaknesses, and if they use their powers too long, the user will be stuck in that form permanently.
Darth_Emerald commented…
I referenced Ghostbusters with this Obst ;) 😜 Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Darth_Emerald said…
Name: Dragon-Dragon fruit

Type: Mythical Zoan


Hybrid form: a 10 ft tall reptilian humanoid with claws, horns and fangs is a dark green color the user also has exaggerated muscles. They also have wings and organic armor.

Full transformation: similar to hybrid form but on all fours and 40 times as large.

Abilities: fire breathing, flight, shape shifting.

Weaknesses: standard devil fruit weaknesses also if their wings are damaged they can't fly
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheBeach58 said…
Ora Ora no Mi: Aura Aura fruit


Appearance: a black apple with red insides and yellow markings on it

Ability: grants the user the ability to control one's
Own aura as well as others. Can manipulate to create bursts of
aura or even use aura to bolster ones own physical
capabilities. Also grants the user a deeper understanding
of Haki and makes it stronger

Weaknesses: The sea and seaprism stone
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Toront said…
Waiyā waiyā no mi : wire wire fruit

type: paramecia

appearance: shaped like a pineapple with wire like leafs, black with long thin swirls on it


1: can control wires or wire like objects as long as its a metal of some short. can change length and density of wires depending of the amount of wires in them

2: can contort or can parts/all of your body into wire

3: immune it electric powers or attack. can conduct electric attacks for you own use

4: can control weapons if they are attached to wires

5: can change any metal you touch into wires at will

6: can make puppets out of wires to use


1: salt water on you

2: salt water on you puppets

3: puppets must appear to be made of wires
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
Hey hey It's everyone's Favourite Fanpop User who needs to Burn Some Oil my next two Devil Fruits that I will be Posting are Based on the Seris Rave Master =)

Name : Riseouta Riseouta No Mi ( Restore Restore Fruit )

Type : Paramcia

Ability/ Weakness : The Ability of this Devil Fruit is the ability to Restore Objects to a Point in time before they were Broken or a Point in time when they were at there Strongest. As such the user can apply this to his or her self and Restore there body before they were injured. Or they could even restore a broken building to a point before it was destroyed. As impressive as this Fruit seems is flaws actually lie within it's own ability depending on what the user decides to restore the user can run out of Stamina and things will restore at a slower rate or not at all aside from the basic Vulnerable abilities The abilities of the fruit only apply if the user is Touching the Object in question directly ( I.e if the user restores a building he or she would have to standing on it touching it with his hand) As such this means this Devil Fruit is strictly Melee based Devil Fruit the only Rule this doesn't apply to is the Injury Restoration process as the Devil fruit is consumed by the user. IN TURN THOUGH the more the user exploits this process of restoring there body it greatly drains the power of the user and greatly drains the user's stamina and the power of the fruit resulting in total exhaustion despite the user's body being near immortal.

Awakening : With the Awakening of the this fruit the User can Restore objects to any point in time meaning they can Turn some one who was once injured back to that state of being injured again. The turn off is once again it's based on the user's own energy and will power. However the user can't just make a newly built building become ruin it would of at some point had to of had been injured, Destroyed or damaged in some way.

Moves :

Mass Restoria : This ability let's the user restore A area to the point of it's time commonly used to make Ship Repairs or even Restore one's crew to full fighting capacity

Pain Memorial : This ability is caused by the user of the Fruit touching someone and Restoring all Injuries the comb-ant in question has received through there life time. Question able yet secret ability .

Trama stasis : This is a mixed ability with one's Kenbunshoku Haki the user grabs some one or even a light poke in the forehead and enters there mind and then use's the Fruits ability to make them re-live there most horrifying moment in history.

Body Restoria : As stated above the truly most amazing feat in this fruit and the most passive ability is the ability to heal one's wounds from any point in time the user can apply this to others and heal them as well. Old or new if this ability is used the wound in question disappears completely. This ability can make wounds heal in seconds and truly a fearsome power.

Number one done =D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Yoroi Yoroi No Mi ( Armor Armor Fruit )

Type : Paramcia

Ability : The user is able to Wear anything they touch as armor and will gain a additional ability. So if the user decides to wear Wind as an Armor they won't gain protection from it but they will Gain a speed boost. However if the user decides to wear something like Diamond or Metal as Armor the user will and can loose speed or get a defense boost. This Devil fruit is rather versatility in it;s simplicity.

Weakness : Like all Armor's though ( Unless it's elemental ) the user can be Pierced or broken with enough force. The user has to be able to find enough of the Matrail to cover their body as well they can't just wear one piece of armor at a time, That being said user also can't mix and match armor meaning all Armor has to be of the same Materiel.

Attacks :

Elemental Armor : The user can Wear an Element as Armor to boost his or her Attack / Defensive power when wearing different elemental Armor the user's "Armor" Looks more like a Aura.

Lighting Armor- when the user wears this as an armor the user can create electrical surges from the armor to cause paralyzes and stun enemies. Also when the user punches and kicks the user can apply shocks to the enemy to again stun and paralyze them.

Wind Armor- When this element get's Chosen The user gain a Drastic increase in there speed almost as if they can fly the user can also let bursts of Wind go from the armor to caused a knock back like ability to the area to blow away enemies.

Earth Armor : When the user applies this Armor they gain a increase in strength and they can form spikes and other rock formation's WITHIN THE ARMOR THEY ARE WEARING. though not the most sturdy armor as it is rock's. It does give a slight increase to their defense

Fire Armor : When the user applies this Armor they Gain a mad increase to their attack power and let loose flames of fury. They can apply burning damage to their enemies and can even release flames from the armor to cause a burning effect.

Protection Armor : The user use's a type of Metal or Steel and shapes the Armor into a spherical like shape around them to protect them from harm.

Berserk Armor : Made from a an odd Matrail this Armor when used Increase's the User's Aggression and turns off the user's other emotions except for Anger this armor also gives the user a HUGE increase to there attack's Speed and Strength.

Rose Petal Armor : The user use's a collection of rose petal's if they are near or have them on there person and this Armor allow's the user to heal over time this Armor is meant for after combat or even during as the user , use's this armor if the user is injured the rose petal will surround the wounded area and give off a faint pink glow as they heal the user.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr hayleyb29 said…
Sorry if someone already had this idea, my phone wouldn't let me read all the replies.

Name of the fruit: エネルギー エネルギー fruit (energy-energy)

Appearance of the fruit: blue (the base color) and yellow (the swirls), the size of an apple.

Abilities: As in the name, the fruit would allow the user to create, shape, convert/transform, and manipulate different forms of energy (may include auras).

Weakness: The standard weaknesses of devil fruit users, needs extreme control to avoid overexertion from absorbing too much energy or wasting too much energy, sensory overload, needs a lot of practice and will power to control, can accidentally drain others energy if not careful.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr doug-the-dog said…
Do you guys this devil fruit power is overpowered?

真似る 真似る(imitate imitate no mi)

Abilities: enable to copy any devil fruit they remember and see, they also can use two fruit powers in a time and chose which devil powers they use but they can't use more than two or the results can be disastrous to the user's health, results can result in complete weak body, massive headache,drowsy,and blurry vision.

Appearance: the user's eyes turns color of the devil fruit, example:(left eye:light blue(Hie Hie no Mi)and right eye:Yellow glow(Pika Pika no Mi)

and caution never the devil fruit power more than 29 minutes or else you'll be fall unconscious for 40 minutes
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PrinceOfDragons commented…
That's an Nice devil Obst Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr PrinceOfDragons said…
Awesome devil fruits, mine is NOT ready yet its name is: Sōzō no kajitsu\Fruit of creation it is a Paramecia type, i can't wait to show it to you all XD