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jstar18 posted on Oct 20, 2010 at 08:11PM
The title explains itself. This is a place where you can make your own Devil Fruit. As we all know there are three types of Devil Fruit: Paramecia, Logia and Zoan. You can choose which ever one you want to make.

Here is an example for how you should make them.

Name of the fruit

Appearance (If the eater's appearance would change)


Those are the main guidelines. Now we know the weakness of Zoan Types, but Paramecia and Logia are different so if you make those ones then remember to put the weaknesses of their DF abilities. Like how Crocodile can be hit if doused with water or how Enel's lightning does nothing to rubber!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
@BP i'm concerned about the whole switching your mind with another person & being able to read's a winning fruit no matter what. Block off your mind you get your head switched or put to some one else's body. how do you combat that ?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr whiteflame55 said…
Name: Hozon Hozon No Mai (Storage Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Ability: The user can store up a number of attributes in different kinds of metal. Only one attribute can be stored per type of metal. Examples include: iron, which stores weight; steel, which stores speed; tin, which stores senses; pewter, which stores strength; copper, which stores memories; gold, which stores health; and zinc, which stores mental speed. They are stored and used at a 1:1 ratio, which means that, say, if someone wanted to store speed, every second of time they spend slowed down is stored as an equal amount of time spent that much faster. The slower the person to start, the more time they can spend at that faster speed. The stored energy can be used in larger bursts, though they last a shorter time as a result.

Weaknesses: The amount of a given metal limits the amount of a given attribute that can be stored. The smaller the amount of metal, the less it can hold. The user must be touching that metal at all times in order to store attributes and in order to remove them. This can be difficult with the more precious metals, as they become targets for thieves. If the metal object is shattered or it’s mass otherwise reduced, the amount of stored attributes it holds is similarly reduced. Storage often requires difficult conditions, i.e. slowing the wielder down, making them feel sick, reducing their ability to think, etc. The metals with which this Devil Fruit can be used have to be discovered by the wielder, which can be difficult if the use isn’t obvious.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
huh that's a really interesting fuirt flame makes my Metal metal fuirt look like garbage xD
Vor mehr als einem Jahr whiteflame55 said…
Well, I'd say they're about as different as night and day, so I wouldn't feel like that if I were you, though I do appreciate the compliment.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
well you honestly do have a talent making really awesome abilities.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr whiteflame55 said…
Well, don't get too excited about this one. It's ripped almost entirely from one of my favorite book series, love it so much that I wanted to make use of it in a different environment.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NateBind said…
Name: Houseki-Houseki No Mi (Gem-Gem Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Abilities: The user can create magical gemstone objects, spears, walls, swords, armor etc. and use them as he/she wants to as in projectiles, defensive or supplementary purposes. Normally, gemstones would be mostly useless in combat but "Gem-Gem Fruit's" gemstones have their own unique effects. There are four type of gemstones, each having their own abiliy. Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. Diamond for defense, this type of gemstone is rather heavy and very durable. Ruby for vigor, this type of gemstone is capable of increasing user's strength, the number of increase is affected by the amount of Ruby that is covering user's body. Emerald for insight, this gem improves user's senses. The gem itself is extremely sharp, making it also a deadly gem (Sight, hearing... etc.). Sapphire for velocity, this gem reduces the user's weight and makes him/her rather faster than used to be, it is very light and cannot be used for defensive purposes, same goes for Emerald.

Weaknesses: Like all other Devil Fruits, the user is affected by water but there are also few weaknesses of its own such as the gemstones usage. The user cannot use Diamond and Ruby with Emerald and Sapphire, which leaves him/her several choices. Durability and Strength or Insight and Speed but nothing stops him/her from using only one type of gemstone, reciving more boost from its ability. It is most unlikely possible to move when being fully covered by Diamond unless the user has a large amount of Ruby, increasing his vigor in order to move around with such heavy gemstones.

ULTIMATE PASSIVE: The unlimited wealth. Nothing stops the user from using the gemstones for selling purposes as he/she is also capable of removing their unique energy, turning them into normal gemstones that are... yeah valuable.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Eki Eki No mi Mohan Komodo Dragon

Apperance : Naturally in the human form there is no real change to the user. if any at all.

Hybrid : in the hybrid form the user sprouts a tail the eyes of the user turn yellow and reptillain. The skin of the user becomes scaly and a dark brown with the scale pattern of a Komodo dragon. The user's face also extends to that of a Komodo dragon. Also in hybrid fourm the users spit becomes rather Venomous. The users nails become long and curved like the Komodo dragons as well.

Full tranformaton : in the full transformation the users leg's become more like the Komodo dragons causing the user to have to walk on all fours. The users teeth become more sharp like it's given animal. torso of the person also extends slightly. The users reptile face also turns full into that of the lizard.

Weakness : The user has the weakness all devil fruit users do as he or she cannot swim. Also the Venom of the user for the Venom to be injected the user has to be close enough to bite down on the opponent causing the user to need to get close in combat. other than those blades, bullets also effect the user.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr silverexorcist said…
Name- “Ira Ira no Mi” a.k.a “spine spine fruit”

Type: Mythical Zoan-Manticore

Appearance: The user’s body grows in size and takes the shape of an upright lion, except the claws are permanently drawn. The fur of the lion body is a deep crimson red, similar to blood. The user’s face reminds as a human’s, but becomes rowed with rows of shark teeth. The user begins to speak with a trumpet-like voice, a side effect of the transformation, and a long, spiny tail sprouts from the user’s tailbone, fully functional and possibly more dexterous than the user’s hands and fingers. A single horn appears on the user’s forehead, pointing directly forward.

Abilities: The user of the “Ira Ira no Mi” has all of the physical prowess that one would expect of a zoan fruit, with a crushing grip, deadly claws, insane speed, and heightened senses (though this is to a smaller extent). The user’s sharp orifice is just like a shark’s; it can rip iron to pieces and grows back almost instantly in rows if any teeth are broken. But the unique part of this creature that had clearly been made after a few animals were tossed in a blender is the deadly scorpion tail. The tail is covered in spines, so it lashes out with deadly accuracy to cut and slash, much like a sword when up close. However, it also serves as a midrange weapon, able to fire deadly spines with stunning accuracy. When doing this, the user cannot move, but has nearly 370 degrees of range. These spines secrete a poison that causes a minor numbing paralysis made to cripple weaker and slower foes.

Main weakness: The user cannot fire spines and user their speed/strength at the same time. They must be idle, giving the user a disadvantage against speedy/mid-ranged opponents.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
Name: San San No Mi (Acid-Acid fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: The user can transform their whole body, if they wish, into acid.

Special ability: The user can manipulate the movement of acid, from their body, along a straight, or curved, vector. Basically, the user can create an unlimited amount of acid, which can be used in many different ways. This acid is as strong as the acid inside a human's stomach - hydrochloric acid and can melt through steel, if given enough time. The user can also create an even stronger acid, but at the cost of his their own life-force and energy.

Weakness: Inefficient against fast enemies. Ice can freeze the acid, while extreme heat can cause the acid to explode vehemently. This fruit often causes the user to expend large amounts of energy, which is a weakness in itself.
thecoolguy95 commented…
Great idea for a Obst but should'nt this be a logia y'know since acid is considered an element? Vor mehr als einem Jahr
blackpanther666 commented…
No, because they aren't controlling acid... They are making it from their body and transform their own body... Paramecia types typically involve changing your body, using a part of your body to cause one specific effect, like Whitebeard's fruit. Logia types control everything of that particular element, oder thing, around them in a certain radius. I mean, take Caribou's fruit, for instance, it is a Logia, but for swamp-type, which is not an element. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
Name: Fuzei Fuzei No Mi (Air-Air fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: Can switch from normal human look, to becoming almost invisible to the naked eye - becomes air. When becoming a part of air itself, the user will become almost transparent and their body will consist of air, while their head is transparent.

Special ability: Because of the fact that this fruit is a logia type, that means that this fruit is very versatile and has a large variety of abilities/attacks that can be used. The user can 'become' air, whenever they choose to do so and can force air forwards, causing air-currents, plus they can also cause mirages by transferring cold air into hot air - in fact, the transference of cold and hot air is major piece of the fruit's powers, as this can cause small changes in micro-climates and such. Finally, the most horrifying ability of this fruit is the factor of friction - this can be manipulated, even at close-range to an opponent.

Weakness: The user of this fruit is weak against ice, light and lightning.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
^ Bp that's pretty well the kaze kaze no mi my wind wind fuirt =/ .......................we need to find a way to make our fuirt diffrent :O if you plan on using the Fuzei Fuzei no mi in your RP
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
okay this fruit is going to be a confusing one but here it goes.

Name : chi chi no mi ( blood blood fruit )

Type : Mythical Zoan

apperance : in the users human form there is no change. However the user who has consumed this fruit has to of died. Thus making the user a "undead" human. There is no hybrid or full transformation. Just a singular transformation. when the user of the fruit transform the user's skin becomes very pale almost gray there ears become pointed like that of an elves. The canine teeth of the user enlarge to a point becoming fangs. The nails of the user become long and pointed extending to be about 3-4 inches long.

power : The power of this fruit is three in a sense the user become immortal things like age and disease no longer bug the user. The user can regenerate there body to an extent anything from a small cut to a large gash or a bullet wound if a limb is severed the user can reattach it. if the severed limb is completely destroyed the user is out of luck. The most terrifing thing about this fuirt is it's ability to control blood how this works is the user can mainpulate his blood and other peoples. however the blood has to exposed on other people if he wishes to manipulation it. for instance if the opponent has a small cut the user can only extract blood from that small cut. if the user wishes to manipulate his or her own blood the user must first inflict or have an injury on them selves. how the user manipulates blood is up to him / her the user can make weapons . prisons torture tools.

weakness : i've already stated most of the weaknesses however there are a few as the user is "immortal" due to vamprisim the user can die from Decpation being stabbed in the heart. Also the user has to have a high blood rate to be able to manipulation large amounts of blood. other wise the user can die or pass out from blood loss.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
big smile
@Wolf. I'm not planning to use it on my RP and air is different from wind, hence why the names are different.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr silverexorcist said…
Name: Kuiki Kuiki no Mi a.k.a. “Boundary Boundary Fruit”

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: There is no difference in appearance for the user.

Abilities: “kuiki” also means ‘zone’, ‘domain’, or ‘territory’. As such, the Kuiki Kuiki no Mi grants the user access to virtually anywhere without a key, able to open any door, vault, or variation with a motion of their hands. On a more powerful level, the user can open fissures in the ground, rifts in the sky, and create their own entrances in the side of walls. The vice-versa is true as well. The user can close any door, vault, fissure, or rift at their will, locking it firmly to disallow entrance by others. Even without anything around them, the user can erect invisible walls to enclose themselves or others in a matter of several seconds that are not penetrable by any means. If the user focuses, they can also drop the mental boundaries of those around them, letting people feel more trusting and emotional, saying things that they normally never would, or viewing someone who would normally be an enemy as a friend.

Weakness: When erecting invisible boundaries, it created deep impressions in the ground that can be evaded or let the enemy time their attacks according. The boundaries do not appear instantly; the ‘close’ like doors at a rapid pace. If the user opens any physical door or vault, these can, of course, be promptly closed right after opening. If a door is shut and locked by a user, if one has a key, they can unlock and open these doors (obvious stuff here :/). As for the mental barriers: If someone has a strong mental guard, they can combat the effects of the Kuiki Kuiki no Mi, keeping their guard up if they focus and prevent themselves from falling for the feeling of deep sentimentalty that attempts overwhelm them.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr silverexorcist said…
Name: Hitode Hitode no Mi a.k.a. "Starfish Starfish fruit"

Type: Paramecia

Abilities: The user has the ability to sever their own body parts (ANY body parts, including vital areas, like the head) and regrow a new part within moments, minutes for the vital organs and the head. The severed parts grow new bodies as well. In other words, if the user cuts of their arm, the arm with have a new body and the body will grow a new arm. This allows to user to multiply endlessly. Each of the duplicates is linked to a single conscious, so they all share one thought, like a single person. Each of the duplicates can multiple as well when severing their body parts. Even if the severed body part is not self-inflicted, the new body still grows.

Weakness: With each new copy, another body is added to the single conscious, making it harder for the user to concentrate. After reaching a certain point, the user is unable to react quickly or properly (basically, they begin to lag) making them sitting ducks. When hit by haki infused attacks or heat based attacks, they take damage, regardless of the amount. All the duplicates must drink water regularly to keep themselves from drying up, and consume at least four pints a day. The only way the user can get rid of the duplicates is to let them dry up. Strangely, only the original body is completely affected by sea water. While the other duplicates cannot swim (due to the original user not knowing how), they can all go in shall water to keep themselves hydrated. However, if the original user was drowning under water, or was encased by kairouseki, every single duplicate would be instantly incapacitated.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Interesting idea, dude. XD
Vor mehr als einem Jahr silverexorcist said…
For the starfish man, my initial thought was, "How can I make a fruit that gives the user several copies of itself without being over-powered?" My first thought was to use mirror, but you know I've done that before. Then I remembered the latest chapters of the Soul Eater manga, modified to concept to sea stars, and voila!

And is it just me or have I read people making more zoan fruits than logias? People usually go for the logias O.O
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
well sliver my chi chi no mi was orginally going to be a Paramcain type. however for me it's hard to think of an element that one piece hasn't done yet or thinking something that can still function as an element I would of done a posion fuirt however some guy in one piece hast that -_- though I am working on a new logia fuirt it'll be up soon :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
Name: Atomu Atomu No Mi (Atom Atom fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: The user can become as small as an atom for as long as they wish (they cannot attack while in Atom form).

Ability: The Atom fruit is a powerful logia, one that allows the user to become as small as an atom for as long as they wish, however, they cannot attack while in this form. This fruit allows the user to take control of the atoms of any element, meaning they can essentially control anything that consists of atoms, which is basically all carbon-based forms; because this could essentially be very cruel and powerful, the powers are limited enough that animals and humans cannot be manipulated by this ability (it can be activated, but at the cost of the user's life-force, and would generally only be used against pirates, providing it is used by a Marine). Also, this means that attacks can be stopped before they begin, simply by manipulating the opponent's metabolic system (this does not 'harm' the opponent, but changes their metabolics, so that their attack runs out of energy before they can hit the user). That part of the Atom fruit is also very costly and requires huge amounts of energy and focus to use properly.

Weakness: The user is a hammer, and cannot swim, or float in the ocean, which is a trait of all Devil's Fruit users; however, this fruit is different in that respect - if the user falls into the ocean, their lungs will also stop working automatically and they will die of asphyxiation. The user of this fruit is also very weak against light (Piko Piko No Mi) and against any attack that utilises gravity, or nullifies Devil's Fruit powers and also, powers that play with the mind. This fruit is, however, strong against Haki.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr silverexorcist said…
Name: Mori Mori no Mi a.k.a. “Forest Forest Fruit”

Type: Logias

Appearance: When in use, the user’s body can take one of two forms, or both. The reason it is classified as a logias is because the user can scatter into a cluster of countless leaves. The second possibility is take the form of wood and bark

Abilities: The user of the Mori Mori no Mi has a multitude of abilities. First and primary, they can become an enormous whirlwind of leaves that essentially cannot be attacked, blinding foes. These leaves can spin or fly straight with cutting force like an infinite amount of blades, slashing apart victims from all directions. These leaves can be used to cushion the fall of others by creating a high pile to break someone’s fall. The second ability offers more versatility. The user can sprout trees from the ground around them and make entire forests grow instantly. These trees are, of course, real and can be cut down for lumber or firewood. The user can also become a tree or melt into one, becoming a part of the forest, though they must manifest as a solid being in order to attack. (i.e. a solid fist of wood comes out of a nearby tree to punch someone) The user can also utilize the wood and manipulate it into many forms, though it has to be a physical shape possible by the wood, such as wood carvings, canoes, bows and arrows, and so on. If the user is somehow injured, they can plant roots from the bottom of their feet in order to absorb nutrients in the soil beneath their feet (or wooden floors, such as a ship’s deck) and heal their wounds slowly. The user becomes immobile due to the roots during this, however.

Weakness: Haki and sea water are standard, but the third weakness for this logias type is obvious. Fire, lava, and flames. Any of these elements scorch and burn the user’s attacks and the user’s body instantly, spreading like a wild fire. When laying down roots, if there is nothing natural beneath them, such as solid concrete or a frozen glacier (without permafrost), the user cannot absorb nutrients and thus cannot heal. They also cannot sprout forests from places they cannot grow.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
Bp: Bastard! I was just about make another called the Nature Nature fruit. Lol. You sneaky bastard. I guess that's what I get for being too slow on the uptake and now I lose, because I have to figure out another kind of fruit and its really annoying, because I really can't think of one, but I really want to. Look at the dilemma you have now placed me in. It seems that I'll have to put my Thinking Cap on and try and come up with something.

(Notice anything in particular, my exorcismy, young friend?)

Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
Name: Yumi Yumi No Mi (Bow Bow fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: No change in appearance, unless the user is making their arms into bows.

Special ability: The user gains the ability of creating bows wherever they please, whether it be on their body, or from a tree, or out of a building, it can and will be done. Creating bows from the person's body gives them the advantage of being able to fire, without having to use hands, and can allow the user to have two bows, that are created out of their limbs (the limbs go back to normal, when the user stops creating bows and says: Teiryuu ['Halt' in English], which stops and dissipates all bows created by the user). The user can also create arrows, by using another special ability.

Isshi ('An arrow'): This creates an arrow, of the user's choice. They have several to choose from:

Yajirushi ('Directing arrow') This gives the arrow a Haki-like aura, that directs it to the heart of the opponent. They have to be very fast to avoid this, however, because of the weight of the arrow, it travels at a slower speed than most of the user's arrows.

Kasen ('Fire arrow') This creates fire arrows, ones that burst into flames, the moment they touch the opponent's skin. These are easy to avoid, but travel at faster speeds than normal arrows.

Tooya ('Long-distance arrow') These arrows are only used when the user is far away from a target and wishes to hit that target. These arrows are light, strong and extremely aero-dynamic.

Dokuya ('Poisonous arrow') These arrows are coated in a poison, that acts like a transquiliser, putting the opponent to sleep, and causing their limbs to become much weaker than normal.

Etapa Segundo ('2nd Level') The user begins to create crossbows, rather than normal bows. Only buildings and structures, as well as natural objects, like rocks and trees, can be used to create crossbows; the user can still only turn their limbs into bows, not crossbows. The arrows created in this level are the same as with the first level of transformation, but somewhat more advanced/stronger than in first level. Also, long-distance arrows become extremely long-distanced and Targeted Arrows no longer work, and are combined with long-distance arrows.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr silverexorcist said…
.......Mine has a better name O: Besides, I needed this fruit for my CPA, since her character concept is, well, a tree XD

I was wondering, though. One Piece has a very obvious habit to model all their significant characters after animals. Has anyone here actually done that for their characters? I've only done it for two of mine >.<
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
I did it for one - Long John, who is modelled after a dragon. He has the Tsume Tsume No Mi (Claw Claw fruit: Model Dragon). XD
Vor mehr als einem Jahr silverexorcist said…
Wow....this is creepy. I had always had a concept of a bow fruit just like that in my head in case I ever brought a certain premade character into the OP universe. Well scrapping that idea. Now we're even >.<
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
Heh, lol, that is rather a coincidence. Yes, I guess we are even. XDD
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
Have you not seen how Karasu looks and acts xD karasu means Crow or Raven he's dressed in all black & has purple eyes and his eye's are also bird like. he wears a feathered cloak xD and he's calm and collected much like a crow or raven
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
@Wolf. Huh? what do you mean?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr frosttakahashi said…
All the ideas for Devil Fruits I had have already been made. ._.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
I was wondering, though. One Piece has a very obvious habit to model all their significant characters after animals. Has anyone here actually done that for their characters? I've only done it for two of mine >.<

^ I was responding to that you know Karasu is based off of the crow & Raven
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
@Frost. I'll help you come up with a fruit, if you want. XD

@Wolf. Oh, I see. Lol. I forgot about that.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
Name: Kabe Kabe No Mi (Wall Wall fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: No change.

Special ability: This fruit can be very devastating, in the right conditions; it causes any ground around the user (doesn't work for water) to make an ascent and push upwards, forming a wall in the desired position. The user of this fruit can choose the thickness, material and speed of the walls, giving them an advantage over most other Paramecia users. The walls can surround the opponent, cover the opponent and completely shut them off from the world. There are several variants of common attacks that will be apparent for the user of the fruit:

Cage: Surrounds opponent with one several small walls, twisting them to cage the opponent off.

Single Wall: Summons one wall.

Double Wall: Summons two walls at the same time.

Triple Wall: Summons three walls at the same time.

House: Completely seals the opponent off from the world.

Speed Wall: Brings up a wall, but at ten times the speed of usual.

Weakness: The user of this fruit becomes a Hammer, like with all fruits, but also is weak against Haki and fruits that revolve around moving swiftly. Also, weak against most Logia-type fruits.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
well I'm really shocked no one did this

Name : Kumo Kumo no mi ( cloud cloud fruit )

Type : Logia

Apperance : the user gains a body made of cloud thus the user is a weather human.

power : The power of this fruit allows the user to create cloud through the control and function of hot and cold air. esstainly the user could make mist, thunder clouds and rain clouds with this. The user can also store hot & cold air within their body as they themselves are a cloud. Making them and allowing the user to unleash devastating attacks. Not only that but the user could also create artificial storms and other natural disasters. this is one of few Logia types to be classified as "Invincible"

weakness : Haki, Dry areas, fire, Magma.

I plan to use this in age of the pirates at some point :P
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : chiri chiri no mi ( Dirt dirt fruit )

Type : Logia

Apperance : the user gains a body made of earth thus making them a Ground human

Power : this fruit allows the user to construct and manipulate the earth in area. such as Rock , mud or soil. Above that this fruit let's the user control Magnitude of the ground allowing the user to make Violent tremors or land changing earth quakes. This is one of few Logia types that are considered to be "invincible"

Weakness : Too moist areas, Flames, Lava, Haki,

Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
this one I think goes kind of along the lines of the nature nature fuirt you posted exorcist.

Name : Kawa Kawa no mi ( bark - bark fruit )

Apperance : this fuirt grants the user a body made of wood thus making them a tree human.

power : this fuirt allows the user to control or make constructs of wood (think first hokage ) the user can also create trees or wholesome forests if they so wish Not only that but the user if injured the user can sprout roots from their body and heal themselves at a factor of 2.5 seconds for small cuts , 8.9 seconds for large lacerations and 1 minute for severe stab wounds if not fatal. the user can trap or impale some one with the wood they make or even make weapons.

weakness : haki , fire
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
Name: Nami Nami No Mi (Wave fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: This fruit's power appears as a wave of energy.

Special ability: The power of this fruit imitates the massive amounts of energy that are present when a wave breaks - instead of commanding large amounts of water to cause this, instead the fruit allows the user to control waves of energy, rather than waves of water. When the energy waves strike something, they 'break' and put out even larger amounts of energy. As long as the user isn't in water, this fruit can push large amounts of water around, too, which is done by focusing the energy waves through a large body of water.

Weakness: User becomes a Hammer. The user of this fruit is also weak against Haki users and the power of ice, which can freeze the energy waves.


Tidal wave: A large amount of energy, equivalent to that of a tidal wave, or tsunami, is pushed outwards and causes a massive amount of destruction.

Storm waves: During a storm, waves often become much larger and can grow massive, sometimes reaching 50-80 feet high. This ability creates 50-80 feet high waves of energy, which actually 'break', as opposed to Tidal Waves, which do not.

Aqua Laguna: A special attack, that expends much more energy than any other... This replicates the Aqua Laguna, which strikes Water 7 each year. This is similar to Tidal Wave in strength, but similar to Storm Waves in that the waves of Aqua Laguna break, instead of just rushing forwards, like a tsunami; the energy of this attack is enormous and can cause so much damage, that even the Earth creaks with its displeasure.

Typhoon: This attack, instead of focusing on one blast of energy like the other, causes an endless barrage of energy waves. This also uses massive amounts of energy.
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blackpanther666 commented…
I guess this would be classed as a Logia, not a Paramecia. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Korside commented…
Naming a devil Obst after a character ;) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
Name: Aida Aida No Mi (Space fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: No changes.

Special ability: In effect, space is a concept of emptiness and a location being just that, an empty void and vacumn. This fruit replicates this idea, allowing the user to manipulate areas around them into an empty void, devoid of life, gravity and air. This cannot be used directly on a person, only on lifeless objects around the user and living organisms, like trees.

Weakness: Haki users, user becomes a Hammer and the Yami Yami No Mi fruit and Piko Piko No Mi.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…

Name of the fruit: Hokori Hokori No mi ( Dust-Dust fruit)

Type : Logia

Appearance The user becomes a "dust" Human upon eating this fruit

Abilities : The ability of this fruit is like the Yami Yami No mi it does give the user control over Dust however it poses a diffrent property the Hokori actually gives the user the power of Deaterialization allowing the user to destory objects and people on a Molecular level . This powers are triggered through touching a person or through Blasts that are in the shape of Spheres, Prisims, Cones and Cylinders.

Weakness : This fruit as strong as it is comes with Major weakness the first and and most obvious ones are the user cannot swim and Haki effects the user. Also the user cannot Dematerialise obects or forces of Nature such as Wind, Gravity, Pressure,Air and Water. The user can only destroy A area that is 30 feet wide. And cannot Dissolve a whole island or Continent.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
Name of the fruit: Kuchibi Kuchibi No mi (Fuse Fuse fruit )

Type : Paramecia ( just to make Black panther happy xD )

Appearance : No change to the user

Abilities : The ability of this fruit is also a unique one as it allows the user to fuse inanimate objects suchs as Guns, rocks, Metal, vehicle , Swords. and all other sorts of objects upon "Fusing" with a Weapon or something the users body gains propertyies of the object they have fused with allowing them to be very deadly in comabt. The user can also point out certain parts of the weapon(s) from parts of the user body for instance if fused with a blade the user can have the blade come out of there elbow.

Weakness: if the user fuses with a weapon or Vehicle. the user is only limited to the certain amount or amo or gas and is only as stable and as sturdy as the weapon(s) the user has fused with. The user can only fuse with two-three weapons at any given time and cannot fuse with weapons larger than they are. Nor can the user fuse with the dead corpse of a person or other people.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Sumi Sumi no Mi ( Ink Ink Furit )

Type : Paramica

Apperance : no change to the user

Ability : the ability of this fruit is odd The user can produce Ink from there body and use it to "Draw" pictures of symbols thus having a corresponding action. for instance if the user draws a bird a bird the picture comes to life. if the user draws the Kanji smybol for Fire than only fire will emerge. However the user can add things for instance over lapping "Blast & Fire" would create a Blast from fire from the symbol. The weakness to this furit is the user can't use Symbols like "control" "take over" and "mind" on people. The user also can't make sentence's come to life with this power. in order for a drawing to come to life it has to be on one sheet of paper of instance the user can't draw a wolfs top half on page than his bottom half on another than connect the two.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Neko Neko no mi Mohan Tori ( Cat-Cat Fruit Model Tiger )

Type : Zoan

Apperance : the User has a Hybrid Tiger form & a full tiger form.

Hybrid form : Much like Lucci's Hybrid form the user gains fur and the striped pattern that tigers have. The user get's rather Large in this form. the users nails also become claws. As such the user gains the ears & face of a tiger but retain the human features the face holds. Like how Kaku's nose turned Sqaure and Lucci still overall looked the same. The user gains cat like eyes. The users strength, speed, endurance & agility are increased.

Full form- The user can turn into a full sized male or female tiger (depends on gender )

Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
Name: Tentou Tentou No Mi (Counter fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: The appearance of the user can be changed at will. It can resemble many different things, that is determined by the will of the user and the abilities they choose to utilise; this can also be affected, to a certain extent, by the actions of the opponent.

Special ability: The user becomes a Counter man, who can redirect, or use counter-attacks, against the opponent, from an attack they produce, or the results of said attack/ability. The Counter fruit will resist attacks from normal weapons (such as swords, maces, axes...etcetera etcetera) and abilities from other Devil's Fruits. To list an example, against someone with the ability of a fruit, like the Thunder/lightning fruit (Enel), the user would temporarily become rubber, in order to to resist the damage from any attacks that are lightning/thunder-based, or would simply re-direct the lightning back towards the opponent. Against a Rubber human (like Luffy) the user would temporarily gain their choice (limited) of a Logia-type ability (must be elemental, like fire, ice, light, magma, thunder etcetera, etcetera). Against physical attacks, the user is subject to a choice of redirecting attacks, or utilising a skill (similar to Kenbunshoku Haki, except much less absolute) that allows them to gain a swifter response to such attacks and counter with doubled force and reflexes. This power is unable to be used against Logia types, such as Tremour fruit, or Darkness fruit, as they are more complex than many other Logia types.

Weakness: Haki, and a limited number of Logia-type fruits, like Darkness fruit, Tremour fruit or Swamp fruit.

Fruit abilities:

Tentoukogeki ('Counterattack') The user performs a counterattack on the opponent, if they use a physical-based attack, or weapon-based attack. This can be used at any time.

Tentou Tentou No Hiketsu ('Counter of Rejection') The abilities of a Devil fruit's power are rejected by the user and completely nullified, sending them back at the opponent. This can only be used against opponents that have Devil's fruits.

Tentou Tentou No Kamereon ('Counter of Chameleon') The user chooses to counter the attack of a Devil fruit's user by assuming the weakness of said ability (this doesn't include any Haki whatsoever). For example, rubber against lightning; fire against ice; ice against earth-based and so on. This is a very versatile ability.

Tentou Tentou No Ishiumi ('Counter of Sea-stone') The user can form an outer shell fashioned from sea stone. Their body assumes a diamond-based layer and a layer of sea stone over the top of it (this keeps it from touching their skin). This can only be used for thirty seconds at a time and once every ten minutes, as this consumes a large amount of spirit-based energy. The layer is fairly thin and only allows a suppression rate [of Devil's fruit powers] by around 30% (Marine sea stone technology is much higher than this).

Tentou Tentou No Naiya ('Counter of Diamond') This is very resistant to physical and weapon-based attacks, but not Devil's fruit abilities. Can be used for around a minute, but also uses a fair amount of spirit-based energy to sustain. Can be used every five minutes, normally (this depends on the will of the user to a certain extent).
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Cheeseball987 said…
Name: Mirror Mirror Fruit
Type:Rare/God Paramecia

Abilities: This devil fruit allows you to copy the powers of any LIVING thing in front of you and add them on to your own abilities (this includes strength, speed, knowledge, fighting style and Devil Fruit powers). It also gives you the power to reflect attacks back at others and go into a "Mirror Dimension." Then the more useless part of the power is that it gives you the ability to create solid mirrors.

Weakness: The mirror mirror fruit makes a person extremely ego-tistical, so if you insult them or complement there looks, they will get distracted for a short period of time.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr aluri77 said…
1) name: anime-anime fruit (lol type)
abilities: turns u into any of ur favorate anime char at will like (luffy,ichigo,naruto,goku)

2) subs-subs fruit (text type)
abilities: u can change the sub titles of anime ur watching
Vor mehr als einem Jahr 0Shanks0 said…
Maybe its a bit too gore for One Piece or maybe its already in it but i doubt it lol
The Chi Chi fruit/ Blood Blood fruit
Type : Logia
It would be one of the rarest of all devil's fruit and the most fearsome. For evil purposes, the blood blood fruit would kill anything who posses blood by doing massive damage in their body blood pressure or anything you can imagine related to the effect of blood in a body. For good purposes, it would be able to heal wounds of allys. The blood blood fruit user who be consider as the greatest enemy of human kind.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Satator said…
Name: Acid-Acid fruit
Type: Rare Paramecia

Acid-Acid fruit user can turn into acid and even turn into skeleton (cuz acid melts away the body). The user is also immune to poison or other illness. The user's biggest ability is ''Acid-Acid Splash'' that the user makes huge acid splashes (waves to be more exact). The user can turn into full acid fluid and be able to melt anything.

Note: Anything the user touches will melt (not the clothes on the user ofc).

The user:

Name: Satator

Height: 5,6

Body: Slim

Weight: dunno he can turn into skeleton so idk

Bounty: 76 000 000 berries

Age: 31

Rank / occupation: Leader of the Apocalypse Pirates

Ship: The Apocalypse Ship

Weapons: Different bottles with poison/acid, a pistol that shoots bullets filled with acid

Nick name: Satator the demon

Weaknesses: Water (well duh he ate a devil fruit), getting hurted on his skull head.

Best against: anything that can be melted (metal, tree and even rubber )
blackpanther666 commented…
I already made an Acid Acid fruit... Du stahl, stola my idea. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Satator commented…
I didn't steal T.T This is maybe one of my favourite ideas I came up with (and I'm sorry for that I didn't see your post) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
blackpanther666 commented…
Nah, fair enough... It happens. I don't really mind, anyway, since they were sort of different in a way. XD Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Satator said…
OPPS forgot appearance:
Some of the thugs from another pirate crew tried to kill Satator by hidding a devil fruit on his dinner table (satator was a good swimmer back then) and satator took always a swimming round after dinner.
Ans so he ate the fruit and he knew what he ate, he froze in fear when he realised that the men who gave him the dinner was from another pirate crew. Satator pulled up a pistol and shoot both. After that day he knew he couldnt swim anymore.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Iva-Chan said…
Name: Biito-Biito no Mi.

Type: Paramecia

It would basically have the power to control any heart. The user would have to touch their enemy's chest and then they could control whether or not the heart beats faster, slower or completely stops. The fruit would also grant the ability to re-start hearts so if someone were do die from a heart-attack, the user would be able to resurrect them providing that all other organs were in working condition.
A weakness of the power is that although it works on Logia users, the user has to make contact with the persons chest in order to gain control of their heart. After the user has trained and gotten used to the fruit, they may be able to control the heart without physical contact using their mind.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blackpanther666 said…
Name: Eki Eki No Mi (Liquid fruit)

Type: Logia

Special Ability: This fruit allows control over anything in its liquid form, whether it be water from raindrops, or the liquid in blood, or the liquid contained in a plant, this fruit utilizes this use of liquids in some very intriguing ways. For example, any liquid can be absorbed by the user and this is what allows them their intangible Logia body form. The liquids can also be manipulated and used for attack too. The manipulation is the first stage, where the eater can move the liquid wherever they choose. Manipulation depends on levels of liquid.

Weakness: Areas of dryness, Haki and other powerful Logia fruits (this isn't exactly a weakness per se, however, Logia-types like the Magma, Chilly and Light fruits, as well as the Darkness and Tremour fruits.


Manipulation: As was suggested with the above Special ability, the liquid from ANY source can be used and formed into attacks, as well as allowing the movement of.

Offensive Properties: Any amount of liquid can be formed into an attack. This can also be formed collectively, by gathering liquids from many sources and combining them into one attack, however, this use a lot more concentration, energy and time to do.

Multi-tangible body: Any type of liquid can be absorbed into the user's body.

Return: Any liquid used, and still retained, can be returned back to its original source.