One Piece Theory on why Kuma has done what he's done

Cryogenic posted on Sep 13, 2013 at 07:36PM
A thought came to my mind lately. So before the timeskip and before Kuma became a complete cyborg Ivankov was imprisoned right. So what if Kuma made a deal with the marines to become a part of Vegapunk's experiments in exchange for Ivankov's life, as a means to ensure he lived long enough for dragon to bust him out of impel down. I mean not even Kuma could have known that Ivankov was safe in level 5.5 of impel down right?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think its plausible or maybe you have another theory?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr tieno1 said…
Hmmm where to start :D

I think vegapunk isn't 100% wanting to work for the marines. This is because he also allowed kuma to protect the sunny. So I think we gonna see him more in the future and maybe even see him part with the marines. I can see him help the revolutionary. The reason vegapunk is in the marines is because he needed money and materials for his experiments. But I think now he has done so much he can't quit because he is somehow forced by the marines. (srry for grammer XD)

Now back to the reason kuma became a Cyborg. I think kuma isnt 100% gone. Maybe he is now like undercover for dragon and vegapunk is helping from inside. So my guess is that at some point he will get back to how he was before and help dragon again.

I would like to see if people agree or totally disagree with this
Cryogenic commented…
Interesting, it would be awesome it that happened. Would be like a huge F*** Du to the marines. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mangaman222 said…
I think vegapunk is gonna save the straw hats in some epic arc when they're aboyt to die and or let kuma go free and he'll return to revolutionaries cyborg advanced.