Hey i Have an interesting theory Haven't Du wondered who luffy's mother is oder maybe Grandmother.

Okay There is this one lady who i think is related to Luffy Maybe his mother oder maybe his grand mother.

If Du have seen all the episodes so far then Du know this character.

If Du know that lady in amazonas, amazon lily.
The former Queen. The old lady. I believe she is the possible mother oder grandmother of luffy!

Don't worry I do have reason.
If Du remember she sagte she had once run away with the person she loved and thus survived her illness which was Love.
And for anyone to reach amazonas, amazon lily they would have to be pretty tough.
And the marines can reach there so Monkey D. Gramps could have Gone there and he is Quite Tough.
They Still Haven't Shown Who Luffy's Grandmother Is.
And the former Queen Of amazonas, amazon lily Does seem like a liable option.

Tell Me What Du Guy's Think!