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 1D at Sony Musik Sweden!
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sony Musik sweden
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This One Direction foto might contain zeichen, plakat, text, tafel, schilder, and poster.

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Hes so cute ♥
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Thanks to any one who read the first chapter this may be a little shorter but i don't know i don't pay attention i just get Lost in a world of creativity.

I wake up on the floor with a blistering headache.

I moan in pain as Harry grabs and my and helps me sit up.

"Jen I'm so sorry, are Du okay" Harry apologizes his hand around my neck.

"I don't know" I say rubbing my aching temples.

I looked around and noticed Louis sitting in the corner his head buried in his knees.

Harry followed my gaze to Louis who i just figured out might have fallen asleep.

"Jen..what were Du and Louis doing?" Harry asked....
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Part 2: Stormy night.

Bella’s POV:

The wind was blowing very heavily outside. The storm was becoming stronger and stronger. But Hannah was sleeping soundly on the bett Weiter to mine. I felt rather cold so I couldn’t sleep. In fact I had so many things to think about. Who gave me the Christian Louboutin heels? Why did I see “Handsome” when Zayn saved me? How could Zayn save me while he couldn’t swim? I kept asking myself all suck questions. When I was about to put the earphones on to prevent my ears from the noise of the storm, there was a strange sound near the door. I sagte scaredly:
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