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It was July mid Tag I was walking Home from school when I bumped into my ex his names dax he cheated on me with my friend her names Madison well she didn't want to but they were both drunk but when he wouldn't stop texting her I broke up with him anyways he would bully me everyday before I broke 4 of his ribs 1 of his legs and both of his arms so now he thinks I'm freaky so he tries to avoid me and any of my Friends and most defenitly stays away from my brother Zayn he is awesome but a little over protected he took me to the hospital when I skinned my knee because he thought I was going to...
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Hi directionerz! I thought to myself, if your a real directioner, how about Du say something to prove it!
So if Du are a directioner make this your Motto and your offically a directioner! And Du can say it in a Kommentar below ok, repeat after me,
I (say your username) truly promise that I am a real directioner and promise to respect and support
One Direction to the end even if they become unpopular, I Liebe Du One Direction!
Please either choose to Kommentar saying that below oder make that your motto. P.S Du don't have to do one, Du can do both if Du want to!
Here's me saying it
I Huge_Styles_fan, truly promise that I am a real directioner and promise to respect and support One Direction to the end even if they become unpopular, I Liebe Du
One Direction!
Well, perhaps Emma Ostilly isn’t Harry Styles proper girlfriend (yet), but Eleanor and Louis are certainly an item, and only yesterday naughty Fans sent her pictures of Louis with his ex Hannah Walker.

Louis didn’t react kindly to the news and tweeted: “Truth of the matter is its actually not funny in the slightest. I’m Lesen through some horrible tweets very p*ssed off!”
Showing how much he cares for his current beau, Louis tweeted Eleanor: “Love Du ! xxxx. I couldn’t be happier right now, so let it be Thank youuuuu x.”

Miss Calder received some nasty messages, and a group...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Lindsey walked into her house after school Monday evening and dropped her car keys on the küche counter.
"Lindsey!" Her dad, Mr. Gilburg, came into the kitchen. He looked pissed. He held out his Galaxy 2, he may be old, but he has a Galaxy. On the screen was a picture of her and Niall Küssen on Alana's street. "Who is this boy? And Lindsey, be honest!"
Lindsey looked away from the phone and poured a cup of tea, "He's just a friend.." She mumbled.
"Well, he seems like a pretty good friend. Back in my day.." Oh lord, "We didn't make out with friends." Lindsey went to take a sip from her spongbob...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Shapires P.O.V

I was being rushed to the hospital with Louis driving.. Eleanor and Danniell were calming down with breathing techniecs. Harry was panicking Niall was eating and cracking jokes. Liam was soothing my back. Louis was driving and making me laugh. "AHHHHH HURRY OH MY GOD IT HURTS" I say crying it feels like somebody is slamming you're stomache with a ax. We finally arrived at the hospital they rushed me in with Harry Weiter to me during the delivery. "alright 1.2.3 PUSH" I push.

_________________3 hours later________________________

I gave birth to baby Darcy Ann styles. Harry was crying so was I. She had curly hair. Dimples. Tan. Blue green eyes.
posted by mehparty3
After my datum with Niall I walked to my room, humming happily. It just feels nice to know that someone cares about you. I opened the door to my room and fell onto my bed. Sekunden later, I heard rapid knocking on my door. I got up and looked through the peep hole. It was Ruby! I opened the door. "Hey Ruby, how are--" She tripped in and immediately closed the door. "" Ruby grabbed my shoulders and shook me. "HE TOTALLY LIKES YOU!!" she sagte loudly. I smiled and pulled her hands off. "You think so?" She rapidly nodded like, "Ohhh yes he does."

I smiled and sat on my bed. She immediately...
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posted by DiamondYJ
Niall's P.O.V:

I set Rosie on the counter and walked over to the sink. "That was some fall." I called over my shoulder, wetting a cloth and grabbing a cookie. "My face noticed." she answered. She sounded like she was forcing her voice to sound calm. "You're in a lot of pain right now." I reply, walking back and gently pressing the cloth to her wound. She winces and bites her lip, and I hesitate. "Maybe Du should go to the hospital." I suggest, looking at the partially exposed wound. "No... sorry it's just." She fumbles for the right word. "It just hurts." I offer her a smile and gently press...
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Deniesse's POV
My mom gave me my phone. I smiled.
Deniesse: Thanks, mom.
Alvira: i changed your phone number.

My smile faded. What?! No freakin' way!
Deniesse: Mom, why?! That's unfair!
Alvira: Just understand me, dear. You're only eighteen.

I just ignored what mom said. I laid to my bett not facing her. My mom gets out of my room and closes the door. She left my phone beside me so I'm relieved that she didn't confiscate my gadgets but when i sat down, my iPad isn't there. Dammit! My mom got my iPad and i didn't signed out! I bet she reads what Zayn tweeted me. Such a horrible day!

Zayn's POV
She's not...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Me and Louis order lunch from room service. We got tea, coke, mac-n-cheese, carrots, carrots, and carrots! We laid on the bett wondering what to do while eating.

"Well let's think of this as... a adventure!" Louis sagte taking a bit of a carrot.
"Yeah like....." I had to think. "Like the land before time animals!!" I sagte laughing.
"Yeah like them! But how are we suppose to get a car?" I shrugged my shoulder and put my head on his lap. He pushed some of my hair out of my face.
"Let's make the best out of this 'adventure'...if Du know what I mean...." I laughed and he smiled. "Are Du ready to...
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Anna's POV:
I woke up to a kiss.
"I missed doing that."Zayn smiled.
I was in his arms.
"I Liebe you."I told him.
"I Liebe Du too,Im happy I have Du back."
I kissed him.I started to cry.
"I don't deserve a guy like you."
"I made vows to Liebe you,and stay Von you."
"Unconditional love?"
"Very unconditional."he smiled.
I went downstairs in the kitchen,Liam was cooking.
"Mmm,I like my bacon."
"That's why I made some."he smiled.
I took a piece and I ate it.I hugged him.
"Someone likes hugs today."He laughed.
"Yup,Im happy.I gott bacon."
Amber walked down stairs.
"Good morning."I smiled.
"Give her hug."Liam told her....
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Two weeks after Annas Birthday..
Anna's POV:
Zayn helped me pack.I never knew how much stuff I had.
It didnt take long.I was going miss this house through.I had great times there,I had heartbreak there,but I learned from it.
And when I looked back I smiled.I looked at my empty room.The only thing that remained was that broken bed.This room was the herz of why I'd miss that building.I felt Lost there but after awhile I was found Von the ones I love.And the bed...I'd cry myself to sleep there sometimes and other times dad would hold me and tell me story's about my mom,In that bett learned how to love....
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Hi, I'm Katrina, and I'm here to get Du up and out with some Harry Styles and Liam Payne gossip.

Directioners have made Videos on Youtube saying that Harry's worst habit is: Getting naked all the time. ''I once stripped on a plane,'' he sagte on The Late Late Show. ''I used to and still do get naked all the time.'' Alan from The Chatty Man was surprised to hear this.

Directioners, Liam Payne's strange fear is SPOONS. I was shocked to hear this, and I heard him say this on The Late Late Zeigen as well: ''I have a strange fear of spoons. I eat my cereal with a fork.''

posted by ZoeyMalik28
I threw myself onto the boys' couch as we all crashed onto it. My head ended up on Harry's lap. I glanced into his eyes,blushing. He poked my cheek and chuckled. Somehow,my legs ended up on Louis' laps. They were stretched on his lap.
"You have long legs" Louis commented
I almost choked,"Uh,thanks?"
"It's a compliment,believe me" Louis said,winking
I squeaked,"Oh gosh..." My cheeks flushed with red when I saw him smile at me
Harry pat my cheeks,"I see that.." He winked,sending me his dimples at me
I squeaked and then blushed once again,"Harry!!"
"I know Du like Louis" Harry whispered in my ear
I squeaked,"Fuck...
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posted by LexisFaith
Alexandra Williams and Liam Payne were best Friends growing up. But when Alex turns 9 she is forced to Bewegen to New York with her parents and leave 10 Jahr old Liam behind. Loosing touch like distant Friends do, now 19 Jahr old Alex is in Uni while 20 Jahr old Liam is in a world wide known boy band. One day, Alex gets a call that just might change her life. Two old Friends get to know each other all over again.


“Don’t worry, Alex. When I’m old enough to come get you, I’ll get on an airplane and bring Du back here.” Liam was pushing me on the swing...
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posted by jayk_lover
*Charlotte P.O.V* *Saturday*

The doorbell rang and I went downstairs to answer the door. I was surprised to se Niall standing there

"Hey Niall come in" I said
"Thanks" Niall mumbled
"So what are Du doing here? Not that I mind"
"Everyone is going out today and I was thinking maybe that we could"
" yeah, what do Du wanna do?"
"Whatever Du want"
"Well I was getting ready to go shopping do Du wanna come with me?"

Niall's eyes lit up like a little kid in a Süßigkeiten story

"For food?" Niall asked
"No to the mall for clothes and shoes" I sagte giggling

He got a sad look on his face. I started laughing. Oh Niall...
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We had finished our Starbucks and Louis took Amy back to The X Factor house (TXFH) and Niall brought Rebecca back too. Harry invited me round but i knew i had to get home. The bands friends, Holly, Leah and Juweria (Or as Louis calls her, Ju) came along and Liam reluctantly went to sainsburys with the girls and Zayn. It was 7:30 and still raining. Harry was walking me home. He had his arm round me and was talking to me about the bands name, One Direction, and how he had came up with it. He changed the subject " Carly" He stopped in the middle of the road and looked at me. " Harry" I sagte as...
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posted by Irish-Snowflake
Full Name: Zain Javadd Malik
Nick Names: Dj Malik, Zaynster, Bradford Bad Boi
Date and Time Of Birth: January 12, 1993, 10:00 AM
Place Of Birth: West Lane, Baildon, Bradford, England.
Age: 20 (2013)
Hometown: Bradford, England
Blood Type: O
Favourite Movie: Freedom Writers
Favourite T.V Shows: Family Guy
Favourite Restaurant: Nandos
Favourite Colour: Red
Fear: Heights
Favourite Food: Chicken
Favourite Drink: Red stier, bull (yeah buddy)
Pet: Dog named Boris & Katzen called Rolo and Tom
Shoe Size: 8 1/2
Fun Facts: He is known for stealing the boys clothes.

More Facts:
He says a bit romantic Really....
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posted by SilhoueteZombi
1:My Own Personal Hell.

Infamous Niall Horan escaped earlier today from HMP Pentonville prison. Authorities warn the public to stay safe, and refrain from leaving Home tonight. He has been charged with domestic violence, grand theft, 1st degree murder along with many other felonies. Please be on high alert.

Sirens blared as I stepped out of the heavy wooden doors of the library. I watched multiple London guard heavy armoured vehicles wiz past, lights and sirens going. Mrs Porter waved me over from her small blume shop.
“Hello Adeline, did Du hear about what happened at the prison?”...
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Okay.. This Artikel is straight from my herz on my sixteenth birthday.

it's been nearly am Jahr since I joined this fandom.

Now, I'm proud to call myself a Directioner.

I would Liebe to thank @sayou for recommending me to read a One Direction Fan fiction which was written Von Isabella Salvatore.

Only after I read that Fan fiction, I came to know that there are five crazy, hot, sexy guys on Earth.

And I'm so thankful to Fanpop because only through that I was able to feel connected to this fandom.

I started Schreiben stories and Fan fiction after Lesen so many special Fan fictions written Von the Directioners....
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