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Ohmygosh...5 parts left. Haha..then i'm going to work on Cheating True Love!<3 Read Another World Von MadisonFontenot! Thanks,buh-bye

Hanna's P.O.V
"I can't believe he proposed to my sister!" I squealed,jumping on the couch,trying to get Niall's snapback off the fan's blades
Niall groaned,"I know,I know! Now get my snapback,please!"
"I'm trying,Ni!" I whined
"PLEAAAAAAAAAASE!" Niall screamed
I groaned this time,"Fine,Ni. Just 'cause you're sexy"
Niall clapped,"Yeaaahh,buddy"
I jumped up,snatching the snapback,and falling down onto the couch,"There Du go,you smart boy"
Niall hugged me tightly,"Thank you,Hanna boo"
"You're welcome,Niall boo" I giggled
Harry came in,along with Zayn,"Going tuxedo shopping,Hanna boo"
"Kay,Hazza boo. Bye,Zaynie boo" I smiled
Zayn smirked,"Okay...Hanna boo,the weirdo"
Ruby burst through the door,running upstairs. I exchanged a look with Harry,who looked worried like I was.
"Louis,what happened to her?" I asked
"I don't know...I asked her what went wrong...and she sagte she wasn't going to tell me." Louis stared at the ground,hurt in his eyes
I groaned,"Haz,let's go talk to her"
"Ruby?" Harry knocked on the restroom door
"C-come in" Ruby stuttered
"Rubz?" I asked as well
"Come in.." Ruby sagte again
Harry twist the knob,walking into the loo. Ruby was sitting down against the wall. Harry layed down,looking at Ruby. I layed besides Hazza,taking a picture of him before laying besides him.
"Hey,can Du look up,babe?" I asked Ruby
She shook her head,her long wavy hair shadowing her face,"No."
"Why?" Haz asked
"You're beautiful,just look up" I whispered as Hazza wrapped an arm around me
Ruby looked up,blood trailing down her cheek,a purple bruise under her eye.
Harry winced besides me,seeing Louis' sister like this,"Ruby,who did this to you?"
"She..said she'd hurt me..if I told" Ruby sagte between sobs
I shook my head,"We'll make sure she's gone,Rubz"
"Her in the police.." Ruby sobbed
Haz stood up,"Go get Lou,babe" He kissed my lips lightly as I left
I sighed,going downstairs,"Lou...come over here. Please,Louis boo"
"Sure,Hanna boo" Louis threw an arm around me as we walked upstairs
We approached the restroom.I took another deep breath,opening the door.
Ruby glanced up,"I'm sorry,Louis"
"WHO DID THIS TO YOU?! I'm going to handle this,Ruby. I promise" Louis screamed
Haz wrapped an arm around me,pulling me close into his warmness. I closed my eyes,holding onto Harry.
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These are the songs that will be on 1D's debut album; Up All Night (Which Du can now pre-order). Yay!

1. What Makes Du Beautiful

2. Gotta Be Du

3. One Thing

4. Mehr Than This

5. Up All Night

6. I Wish

7. Tell Me A Lie

8. Taken

9. I Want

10. Everything About Du

11. Same Mistakes

12. Save Du Tonight

13. stahl, stola My Heart

It was also confirmed that there will be a deluxe version of the album with..
Bonus Tracks;

14. Stand Up

15. Moments

Out on November 21st 2011! :D
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