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posted by jayk_lover
*Charlotte P.O.V* *Saturday*

The doorbell rang and I went downstairs to answer the door. I was surprised to se Niall standing there

"Hey Niall come in" I said
"Thanks" Niall mumbled
"So what are Du doing here? Not that I mind"
"Everyone is going out today and I was thinking maybe that we could"
" yeah, what do Du wanna do?"
"Whatever Du want"
"Well I was getting ready to go shopping do Du wanna come with me?"

Niall's eyes lit up like a little kid in a Süßigkeiten story

"For food?" Niall asked
"No to the mall for clothes and shoes" I sagte giggling

He got a sad look on his face. I started laughing. Oh Niall and his Liebe for food. Niall slightly smiled. I put my shoes on then we left.

*Ella P.O.V*

I woke-up around 11 o'clock in the morning. I went downstairs to eat breakfast then went back upstairs when I was done to take a shower. I dryed myself off and put on a pair of cute shorts a plain purple hemd, shirt and my black vans. I let my hair dry out then straightened it. After I did my hair I did my make-up. Right when I got done the door glocke rang

"I got it!" I shouted

I ran downstairs and answered the door. It was Zayn. A smile formed on his face

"You look great" Zayn said
"Thanks Du do to" I said
"Are Du ready to go?"
"Yeah lets go"

We walked out to his car. Zayn opened the passenger door for me and closed it when I got in. So sweet!

"So where are we going?" I asked
"A place" Zayn sagte with a smile
"Oh I see how it is"

We pulled into a parking lot about 25 Minuten later. Zayn got out of the car and opened the door for me. Oh this boy!<3. When I got out of the car Zayn grabbed my hand. It surprised me. We walked hand in hand towards a table. When we got the I gasped. It was beautiful! There was plates and cups set up. In the center on the tabelle was a vase full of rosa and yellow roses. I liked the how there was candles lit and it was still light outside. I felt like crying. No Guy has ever done anything like this for me

"Are Du okay?" Zayn asked
"Yeah its just this is so beautiful " I said
"Not as beautiful as you" Zayn said

I blushed. We sat down across from each other. Zayn kept staring at me. I couldn't stop blushing.

"Are Du hungry? " Zayn asked
"A little" I said

Zayn reached into the picnic basket at the end of the tabelle and pulled out two sandwiches

"I hope erdnuss butter and gelee is okay " Zayn said
"Yeah that's fine" I sagte trying not to laugh

*Mira P.O.V*

"MIRA!" Kayla screamed

My bedroom door slammed open. Kayla started jumping on my bed.

"Get up! Get up!" Kayla sang
"I am, I am Du little monkey!" I said

I looked to see her with her bathing suit already on. I got out of bed. She grabbed my hand and started pulling me. We went downstairs. I heard laughing Coming from the kitchen. When I walked into the küche I seen Liam sitting at the counter talking to my mom. My eyes widened, not because they were talk, because I had no make-up on, I have bett head and morning breath. I let go of Kayla's hand and turned around. I tryed to run upstairs before they saw me but it was to late.

"Mira where are Du going?" My mom asked


"Nowhere " I sagte walking back into the kitchen

Liam got a shocked look on his face

"Oh my God! Mira is that you?" Liam sagte pretending to be shocked

I laughed

"Scary huh?" I asked
"No Du look good" Liam said
"Mmmhmmm sure"
"Mira just jury up and go get ready" my mom said
"Okay!" I said

I ran upstairs and took a quick shower. When I got done I put my bikini on and a sun dress over it. I put on my flip flops on.
I grabbed my phone, sunglasses, and my strand towel then went downstairs

"You ready?" My mom asked
"Yes" I said
"Lets go"

Me and my mom sat up front and Kalya and Liam sat in the back. It took us an Stunde and a half to get to the beach. As soon as Kayla got out of the car she ran towards the beach

"Kayla!" Me, Liam and my mom shouted

My mom ran after her. Me and Liam both laughed. We found a good spot to sit. When Liam took off his hemd, shirt my jaw dropped! W-O-W! he has a nice body! He started towards the water I watched after him. He turned around.

"Are Du coming oder what?" Liam asked
"Huh? Oh yeah" I said

I quickly took off my sun dress and followed him to the water. As soon as I felt the water on my feet I didn't want to get in. I turned around and started to walk back. All of a sudden a pair of arms wrapped around my waist...Liam

"Where do Du think your going?" Liam asked in my ear
"Back to where we were sitting" I said
"Oh no your not"

Liam let me go. Before I could react to anything Liam picked me up. He started carrying me towards the water.

"Liam no! Put me down!" I shouted

I struggled to get out of his arms. He had a tight hold on me. Before I knew it I was underneath the freezing cold water. I quickly got up. Liam was laughing. I could hear Kayla's little laugh as well as a few others.

"Oh Du think that's funny?" I asked Liam

Liam nodded his head still laughing. I rolled my eyes
Then I noticed Liam still hasn't go in the water. I went to ufer and got one of Kayla's sand buckets and went back to the water. I filled up the bucket with water and threw it at Liam now that was funny!
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