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"How are you?" He asked me
"Good. You?"
"I'm terrible" He said
I stared into his green eyes and remembered how i had fallen for them.
"Me too" I admitted
He took my hand and traced the outline of the ring I was wearing. He looked at me and smiled.
"Your wearing it?" He was pleased i could tell
"Yeah, Havent taken it off"
"So are we cool?" He asked me
"Harry, I Liebe you! Of course we are cool"
He went to hug me and jumped into my arms, I Lost balance and fell backwards, Right into the fountain!
"Why is it Im always wet when we make up?"
He sniggered, I realised that it sounded dirty.
"Harry, Du idiot!" He pulled me out of the water and we walked over to starbucks
"hey, theres amy!"
"Yeah i know! I came with her!"
Me and Harry walked hand in hand over to starbucks. He was looking at me and i looked up.
"lets not fight again?" He asked me
"Definatly not!" I told him firmly
We went over and sat beside amy again.
"Hello Harry!" Amy didnt seem surprised to see him......
Hmmmmm what was going on here? Do Du think she knew? Ah well. All that matters to me was that i have Harry back and hes here to stay!
"So what have Du guys been up to?" He asked as he munched on my Schokolade chip cookie
"Crying, eating, Mehr crying"Amy said
"Umm lemmie see? Nothing"
Harry laughed and gave me a cheeky pat on the bum. I giggled and amy went up to get Mehr cookies!when we were done, we walked down the straße and Niall was coming towards us.
"Hey Niall!" Harry yelled
He looked up and ran over, he was wearing his blue jack wills hoodie, jeans and sneakers.
"Whats the Craic?" he asked us
"Umm, Du guys wanna come to my house?" I asked
"I cant, I have to go Home mum is being strict with me now" Amy said
"uh, me and Niall have to go back to the house. Big star, sterne wars light saber fight with louis! We're so gonna whoop his ass!" Harry said, He smiled and his cute little dimples were showing
"Yeah, hes a dead lad" Niall agreed
"Well i suppose we gotta get going?" Harry asked Niall. Niall nodded and looked at the floor awkwardly. Harry slapped him across the head and turned to me and sagte "I'll call Du later baby" He looked at me with affection and gave me light KISS on the cheek
Him and Niall set off and Me and Amy began walking to my house.
"I just want louis" She moaned......
"Okay, I have to go i'll text Du later and tell Du what my mums "big news" was!!"

*4 hours later*

I was sat in front of mum at the table, pushing my potatoes and carrots around my plate.
"Carly" Mum said....Very seriously
"Mum" I said
"Oh come on, stop that!" I sniggered
"Well Du know how i have big news for you?" Mum told me
"Yes mum?" I said
"Now, Du may be quite shocked and i dont know if Du will like this very much but its happening and Du have to accept it!"
The suppense was killing me....
"You cousin, Michelle?"
"Yes mum???"
"...Let me finish! Is moving in with us!"
My herz was ready to jump out of my chest, My cheeks hurt with smiling, MICHELLE!!!
"REALLY!" I shreiked
"Yes! Shes coming over tonight!"
There was only one thing in my mind.........
SLEEPOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........................................................................................To be continued :)
One Direction hit the road together ahead of gig, konzert (but poor Niall's alone on a plane!)
X Factor boyband One Direction are performing for the first time since the final in Glasgow tonight. Eeeek!
Posted: Monday 27 Dec 2010

One Direction are reuniting tonight for their first gig, konzert since The X Factor 2010 final!
The One Direction boys may have spent Weihnachten apart but they are back together tonight for their first gig, konzert since the X Factor 2010 final!

The One Direction boys have been spending some much-needed time with their families since finishing third in the X Factor 2010 final two weeks ago.
But Harry,...
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I checked my watch. It was 7:15pm. I better go! “bye holly. I have to go now.” I sagte as i jumped off the bed. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed and she grabbed onto my leg. I tripped and fell over. “holly why did Du do that?” i asked. “i don’t want Du to go.” She said, giving me the welpe dog eyes. “ill be back soon.” I smiled. “ok, but remember to get that hot guys number!” she told me. im just going to pretend i didn’t hear that. I got up and went out the door. When i got to niall’s house i knocked on the door. I waited ages until someone finally answered the...
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Kirsty then came on stage, dragging a angry looking Niall.

I was in such a good mood that i couldn't care less what kirsty had to say.
I could see Niall trying to pull away from Kirsty but she had a good grip.
Everyone gave out a gasp.
"Yes me" Kirsty grinned, leaning in for a kiss.
"NO NOT YOU!" Niall shouted.
"WHOS THE LUCKY LADY?"The dj said.
"Jess" Niall beamed.
Everyone in my group cheered.
"Come om up Jess" the DJ announced.
Oh my god i really didnt want to go onto the stage but Eloise+Tracy were pushing me onto it.
They finally got me onto the stage and i felt...
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I walked to the principals office with kate, clutching my head. We knocked on the door. “come in!” a voice called from inside. We walked in. The principal was sitting down with a kreuz look on his face.

Vicky was sitting down to, looking very happy with herself. “sit down girls.” He sagte in a stern voice. There was only one sitz so i had to stand.
“now girls, i heard that Du have been at my daughter lately.” He wasn’t pleased.

“are Du sure its not the other way around, sir?” kate asked, angrily. He looked shocked. “excuse me? are Du say my daughter would dare to lay a...
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