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After Lesen katarlover's Artikel I made this long Kommentar about it. I asked him if he minded if I gepostet the response as a separate article--he sagte yes, so here we go. I tried to be respectful about it, feel free to agree oder disagree, just be respectful about it.

I can agree to some extent that she's a hypocrite, but not for that reason. I feel like that is Mehr so denial and a twisted sense of justice. At that point she was totally (by some faltered mental state) convinced she was in the right, and that she really wasn't evil. In the most Kürzlich season she admits that she's wrong many times; like when she ripped out that Lost boy's herz and Snow was accusing Emma of going dark and she kind of stepped in remarking how that's her job. So in this sense she's not really hypocritical so much as in denial. And in the end she stopped denying it. And then there's the fact that she's not the only hypocritical one on the Zeigen (I'll repost one of my old comments); But she's not the only hypocritical one on the show; Tamara and her hating magic and then using it to destroy a town and kidnap a kid. Charming and sleeping with Kathryn while under the curse than punching wal for sleeping with Snow while under the curse. Snow and lecturing Regina for killing people then killing George's guards and Cora.Gold and holding Robin haube captive (and torturing him) just for stealing a wand and then yelling at Gina for capturing Belle. Emma and yelling at Gina for claiming Henry was hers alone and then informing Gina that "he's my son". I can go on. Everyone on this Zeigen seems to have had a hypercritical moment it's not just Gina.

I also agree but disagree with this one. While I do think her hatred of Snow as a young child is far fetched but come on, Snow was about 13 at that time. 13 very well can keep a secret, I was able to, my Friends were able too. And for the Liebe of God she is an adult and she still can't keep a secret. So yes I won't justify Regina's hate for a young girl (because that is a clear sign that something isn't right with her head) but people need to quit justifying Snow not being able to keep a secret, she was old enough to do so, she just didn't care to. While yes I think the fact that she didn't want Gina to loose her mom was a factor, 1. Gina made it very clear that she did not want to her mom to know. 2. To some degree I think she was doing it out of selfishness, because she wanted a new mom and she didn't really think of how that would impact Regina. Yes she was little, but that's all the Mehr reason to believe that she could have kept the secret--at around that age most kids are all about hiding things from their parents. I don't find her to be a 'whiny little idiot' I'd be pissed too if my lover was killed in front of me. If anything Snow is the idiot for sharing a secret that wasn't her own.

Alright this one I made a whole Artikel about; link I do not think that the whole 50% thing is 'a load of garbage' as they hated her even after she risked her life for them. They see what they want to see, and they only saw the Evil Queen. And then there's the fact that Cora isn't exactly trust worthy. Here's an excerpt from the Artikel To start off I'd like to point out that was all alone until her mother came to Storybrook, she literally had no one, no one at all. And then finally someone comes and decides to care for her, of course she's going to jump on the offer. Sure her mother's confession might have gotten Emma and Henry back on her side but that's a 50/50 chance, where as her mother's Liebe and help was already there, she knew her mom was on her side. If Du were all alone would Du take a friendship offer Du knew was there oder blow that change Von going for something that was 50/50? It's only natural for someone who has been ostracized from society, for someone who has been give no Liebe at all, to quickly accept an opportunity to be loved. And the offer is especially good if it comes from someone like a parent. A good number of people (weather they know it oder not) would do almost anything to gain the approval and Liebe of their mother oder father. And Gina finally got that, after such a long time. And I don't think that she has no excuse for trusting her mom. The sheer fact that Cora is her mom is reason enough--another chunk of the article; On oben, nach oben of that it's completely natural for a daughter to Liebe her own mother unconditionally and do anything to receive the same Liebe in return. It's really hard to hate your own parent even if they are horrible to you. There were times when I tried to hate my father for something he did to me; I couldn't and I don't know why. Probably because he is family, because he raised me and loved me. And I can imagine Regina feels the same. Despite it all Cora had wanted what was best for Regina (in her own twisted way). After everything that happened with Henry, Regina understood this. As for mourning her mom; honestly if your mom died, would Du celebrate? Yeah Cora killed Gina's lover but she's still her mom, she's still the one that fed and clothed Regina, and for that reason Regina wasn't dancing on Cora's grave--not to mention people probably would call Gina sick and twisted if she did do so. Guess it's a lose lose, if she takes joy in her mom's death she's sick, if she cries about it she's stupid. Which leads into the Weiter point; Regina is alone again, of course this is painful to her. I would cry to if I finally found someone to care for me and then that person died in my arms. It was only a kick to Gina while she was already on the ground that the person to die was not just someone to keep her company, but also her mom. I don't feel like it's stupid at all for Regina to be upset that she's all alone again.

As for this one; for me it's not the fact that Snow killed Cora, it's that it was a wimpy way to go about it. If the act itself wasn't a middle finger to Regina on its own, Snow tricked her into killing her own mom. At least when Regina killed people she did it Von her own hand and didn't trick Liebhaber of the person into killing him/her. I can see the eye for an eye thing, yes. But I don't think anyone deserves to lose love. As for 'she should thank Snow' I'm sorry but it just makes me kind of mad when people say that, as stated above (and I'll say it again; [i]As for mourning her mom; honestly if your mom died, would Du celebrate? Yeah Cora killed Gina's lover but she's still her mom, she's still the one that fed and clothed Regina, and for that reason Regina wasn't dancing on Cora's grave--not to mention people probably would call Gina sick and twisted if she did do so. Guess it's a lose lose, if she takes joy in her mom's death she's sick, if she cries about it she's stupid. To be honest I would have gotten a little pissed at Gina if she did thank Snow for killing her mom, that would be twisted for so many reasons. It makes no sense to me. If would find it Mehr disturbing if Regina ran up to Snow and hugged her with a quick "OMG thank Du so much for killing my mom." A parent is a parent, and as I sagte above usually the for a parent tends to be unconditional. Something in the brain usually keeps people from hating the one that raised them, that protected them. As for why would Du care for your abuser? Why does Belle care for Gold, Du ship that, kind of a double standard if Du ask me.

This is probably the one thing I can agree on (but again for different reasons). It really annoyed me in 'quite a common fairy ' when she ran from the chance. I Liebe her and I get she was afraid, but still. If you're referring to the episode where Gina was almost executed; if I remember right she didn't offer Regina a chance to start over, she offered her a chance to get exiled and start over, there is a huge difference. And if that was Snow offering her a chance, than in 'The Lost Girl' she offered Snow another chance. Again that was not out of stupidity, that was out of the natural and unconditional Liebe for the person who raised and cared for her. The Glöckchen one is the one I can strongly agree with; that bugged me as Tink didn't do anything shady oder selfish oder with a God-complex. Now what I don't get is why no one mentions the fact that when Regina wanted forgiveness and redemption she was brushed aside Von everyone (including the oh so merciful Snow). Snow was forcing the redemption on her at one point, when she wasn't ready. And then finally she chooses the path on her own (and if anything that's way Mehr noble and meaningful than if she just accepted to worm her way out of death like a coward) and Snow is just like 'lol nope'. I find that to be kind of unfair especially since she almost died. Now this is where I disagree to an extent; she was afraid. And it did not help that Rumple was breathing down her neck assuring her that rage was all she had. Again I wasn't happy with her either here, but I don't think she's pathetic for being a human being with fears. She's been miserable for so long, happiness was strange to her and out of her comfort zone. Sort of how I don't like to cry oder give/receive hugs, it's just odd to me.

Okay so it's fine if Emma and Snow tell Gina that Henry's not her son but it's not okay the other way around. That's kind of hypocritical. And I don't see this as a problem anymore as she's been saying 'our son' this whole season. It's been Emma dropping the 'help me get my son oder get out of the way'. Even when Gina was mad she still sagte 'I'm trying to find our son'. Yes the whole my son was annoying in S1 but she's improved there a lot in season 3. I feel like she doesn't hate Emma much in this season.

I agree with the Kathryn thing. I didn't think she had to be thrown under the bus. As for the sass, I Liebe it. I think it's funny and adds something to the season. I don't think it's annoying at all. And I don't think it's being whiny and negative; I see it as a coping mechanism. Something that keeps her from lashing out physically. In that way it adds depth to her character. As for the impatience; she has apologized for that. And it is mainly due in part to the fact that she is deeply worried about losing her son. Emma has been pretty snarky and moody this season too, it's not just Gina. And Charming has been pretty negative to Hook. Regina's not the only one in that jungle who has been sassy and unkind. I think Charming won that category.

I can't really Debatte this with Du much as physical beauty is all opinion based. All I can say it that I am one of the people who finds her very attractive. Like if I wasn't asexual she'd make me Frage my sexuality and I will admit so shamelessly. I think she has a really nice figure and an adorable face. I Liebe her eyes and I really Liebe the way she styles her hair (especially as the mayor). I just find myself attracted to dark and unique beauty. And to say she's gross, well that's an opinion I have a bit of trouble respecting as I feel like it disrespects my own. I don't find Ariel to be that good looking and I'm pretty sure you'd be upset if I sagte she was gross looking. In my opinion I think Emma is kind of plain and personally I'm not a Fan of any nude/near nude photoshoots.

I really don't have much to say for the last paragraphs except for I agree. It's cool that Du can pick out some positives too. Most people kind of just pick a character and totally bash everything about them and don't even try to see any positives.
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