I'm curious as to what it would've been like. However I don't think it would be better if they did it this way. I mean there would be a HUGE plot hole about Emma not noticing everyone else not aging, except her. But I thought I'd make my own version of what I think the first episode would've been like. I'm not going to be doing this with every episode because it would just be a big mess and it's not worth it. This is just for fun. It's only going to be Wird angezeigt things from the real world, not the fairy-tale world. Please let me know what Du think and don't take anything about this too seriously, it's just for fun.

It was a cold night in a small town in Maine called Storybrooke where the Mayor, Regina Mills, was waiting in her house impatiently. She had been lonely and wished to have a child to keep her company, a baby boy is what she desired. The Mayor had everything that a woman would want; beauty, intelligence, power, and was very wealthy. Well, almost everything, even with all of those things she had not a friend in the world, except for Sheriff Graham, and no one to keep her company on her lonely days.

Finally she heard a knock at the door, she rushed to answer it, and there was Mr. Gold, the owner of the town. He was the only one who was wealthier, Mehr powerful, and Mehr feared than Regina. In his arms he held a small baby, only two weeks old. However she could tell from the blanket she was rapped in, which sagte Emma, it was a girl, much to her dismay.

"What the hell is this?" asked the frustrated Regina.

"It's Godzilla. What does it look like? It's a baby" answered Mr. Gold.

"I can see that! But it's a girl, I sagte very clearly that I wanted a boy" sagte Regina firmly.

"Well the orphanage Du adopted her from didn't have any baby boys, it was either her oder nothing" sagte Mr. Gold.

"Then take her back and lets get a boy from a different one" sagte Regina.

"That's not how I do things. Du asked for a favor, to bring Du a baby, and I brought her to you" sagte Mr. Gold.

"I sagte I wanted a boy!" reminded Regina.

"I know that but I never promised I would bring Du a boy, I promised Du I'd bring Du a baby" sagte Mr. Gold.

"Now listen here I..." started Regina.

She paused for moment when she noticed the little baby grab her finger. She stared at the little baby girl, she smiled, and thought that this little baby was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Mr. Gold handed the child to Regina and walked away without even a word. Regina continued to smile as she brought this beautiful miracle into her home, she rocked it, sang a little lullaby until she fell asleep, placed her in her crib, kissed her on her forehead, and whispered "Welcome to Storybrooke, Emma."

As the years went Von Emma and Regina's relationship has been quite mixed. They were quite close when Emma was a little girl but when she became a teenager they were really strained, she even ran away from Home when she was sixteen. Regina was always strict, controlling, critical, and didn't quite understand her daughter. However she kept trying to bring them closer but they always backfired on her. Emma wanted to live her own life, to be herself, for her mother to stop criticizing everything she did, and just like every adopted child, to know who her real parents were and why they gave her up.

Now at twenty-eight years old she's a deputy to Sheriff Graham, her only friend. She lived in an apartment, it was quite small but Emma considered it good enough. Tonight was her birthday and was spending it watching TV eating a bag of chips. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and when she went to answer it the person at the door was her mother, with Graham along with her.

"Mom, Graham, hi! What are Du guys doing here?" asked Emma.

"It's your birthday honey and we're here to help Du celebrate" answered Regina.

"Mom, I told Du I don't wanna celebrate my birthday. Birthdays are for kids, I'm a little too old for this" sagte Emma.

"Oh don't be ridiculous" sagte Regina as she just walked on in with Graham.

"Mom, are Du even listening to me?" asked the annoyed Emma.

"Oh sue me, I wanna celebrated with my daughter on her birthday. Come on, I got Du a present and a small cake and it's your favorite, chocolate" sagte Regina as she handed Emma her present.

She up-rapped the paper and opened the box to find a red leather jacket.

"Mom, this is the jacke I wanted from the store. Du really shouldn't have" sagte Emma.

"Don't be ridiculous, it's your birthday and I knew you'd Liebe it" sagte Regina. "Now go ahead and try it on." Emma did as so and Regina just smiled and looked at her. "You truly are the fairest of them all."

"Mom, don't Du think I'm too old for Du to still be saying that?" asked Emma.

"I'll stop saying it when Du stop being the most beautiful girl in the world" answered Regina

Regina then set up a cake and lit the candles for her daughter to make a wish.

"Really mom?" questioned the snarky Emma.

"Come on Emma, it's your birthday, make a wish" sagte Graham.

Emma rolled her eyes, leaned down, closed her eyes, and in her mind wished that something extraordinary would happen in her life. At that moment there was a knock at the door, Emma went to answer it and to her surprise it was a little boy, about ten years old.

"Um... can I help you?" asked the confused Emma.

"Are Du Emma Mills?" asked the boy.

"Yeah, who are you?" asked Emma.

"My name is Henry Swan, I'm your son" answered the boy.

"Your what?" questioned Regina.

Henry just came in while Regina just stared at Emma with disapproval and Emma just groaned.

"Kid, kid, kid! I don't have a son. Where are your parents?" sagte Emma.

"I don't have any, well, technically I found my mom" sagte Henry.

"What makes Du so sure that she's your mother?" asked Regina.

"Ten years Vor did Du give up a baby for adoption?" asked Henry. Emma didn't respond but Du could tell that the answer was yes. "That was me."

"Emma, can I talk to Du alone for a minute?" asked Regina as her and Emma left the room. "What the hell is going on? When were Du going to tell me I'm a grandmother?"

"Never because I didn't think I'd see this kid again" answered Emma.

"When did this happen?" asked Regina.

"Remember when I ran away when I was sixteen? Well I was with this guy for a while, we did it, and later he got me arrested" answered Emma.

"You got arrested?" questioned Regina.

"Just thought I'd let Du know since apparently keeping secrets from Du has gone down the drain" sagte Emma.

"Great, so my daughter went to jail and is the mother of a ten Jahr old" criticized Regina. "Who's the father?"

"No one we have to worry about, he doesn't even know that the kid exists and I don't plan on telling him, in fact I don't plan on seeing him period" answered Emma.

"So now what are Du going to do?" asked Regina.

"I don't know" answered Emma.

"Well I suggest Du get in there and deal with this" sagte Regina.

"Mom will Du get off my ass?" asked Emma.

"No, I won't. Now get your arsch in there and deal with this!" demanded Regina.

"Just give me a Minute to catch my breath" sagte Emma.

"Fine! While Du do that I'm going to get that little boy something to eat and drink. The poor think must be starving and dying of thirst" sagte Regina as she walked back into the room. "Hello sweetheart. Would Du like some cake?"

"Sure!" answered Henry.

"Would Du like some apfel, apple saft with it?" asked Regina.

"NO! I'm... uh... allergic to apples" sagte Henry.

"Oh, okay. How about some traube juice?" asked Regina.

"Okay. Where's my mom?" asked Henry.

"Right here. We need to talk. How did Du find me?" sagte Emma.

"I went through my records at the orphanage" answered Henry.

"Well where do Du live?" asked Emma.

"I live at the orphanage on 44th not telling ya street" answered Henry.

"Look kid..." started Emma.

"Emma, it's too late to get him home. Just let him stay here for the night and we'll figure out what to do with him in the morning" sagte Regina

"Alright" groaned Emma.

As the evening went Von everyone just remained awkwardly silent. There would be the occasional conversation, which was still quite awkward. When Regina and Graham finally left Emma was both relieved and scared.

"Finally, I thought they'd never leave. Now we can talk" sagte Henry as he went through his bag.

"What are Du talking about about kid?" asked Emma.

"You know I have a name? It's Henry, Du should know, I heard Du gave me that name" sagte Henry.

"What are Du looking for anyway ki... I mean... Henry?" asked Emma.

"My book, I want Du to look at it" sagte Henry.

"Aren't Du a little old to need someone to read Du a bedtime story?" asked Emma.

"Their not bedtime stories" sagte Henry.

"They're fairy-tales" sagte Emma.

"No, every story in this book actually happened" sagte Henry.

"Sure they did kid" Emma humored him.

"They did! Du should know better than anyone" sagte Henry.

"Why's that?" asked Emma.

"Because you're in this book" answered Henry.

"Oh kid Du have problems" sagte Emma.

"No, this town has the problems and you're gonna fix them. Every fairy-tale character from the Verzaubert Forest was sent here, the Evil Queen did it with a curse" sagte Henry.

"Hang on, the Evil Queen sent a bunch of fairy-tale characters here?" questioned Emma.

"Yeah and now they're trapped" answered Henry.

"Frozen in time, stuck in Storybrooke Maine, that's what you're going with?" questioned Emma.

"It's true!" claimed Henry.

"Then why doesn't everyone just leave?" asked Emma.

"They can't, if they do bad things happen" answered Henry.

"Kid, I've lived here my whole life and when I was sixteen I ran away from home. I managed to leave Storybrooke and nothing happened to me when I tried to leave" sagte Emma.

"You're different, you're special. You're the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. You're the only one who can break the Evil Queen's curse" sagte Henry.

"Alrighty, I'll play along. Who are Snow White and Prince Charming suppose to be?" asked Emma.

"I don't know, I just got into town. But I know who the Evil Queen is" answered Henry.

"Okay, who's she?" asked Emma.

"You're mom, well you're adopted mom" answered Henry.

"My mom? Okay me and her don't really get along so well but evil is a bit of an extreme." sagte Emma.

"It's true!" sagte Henry.

"Look, it's been a long night and it's almost..." started Emma.

"Time's Frozen here! Haven't Du noticed that no one else here has aged? All the kids Du went to school with haven't aged?" asked Henry.

"I never went to school. I was Home schooled as a kid" sagte Emma.

"See, you're mom was trying to keep it from Du Von keeping Du away from everyone" sagte Henry.

"Kid, it's late and Du really should be getting to bed. Du can sleep in my bett and I'll sleep on the coach" sagte Emma.

They both went to bed, Henry went right to sleep but Emma kept tossing and turning on the coach. She went into the küche to get something to help her sleep. However just as she was going back to bett something convinced her to go look in on Henry. She gazed at the small child as he slept. As she scared she grew a smile on her face. She got up the nerve to stoke his hair as he slept. She was tempted to KISS him but backed away because she was afraid of becoming too attached to this child.

The Weiter morning Emma awoke, went to fix breakfast, and went to wake up Henry. However to her surprise he was gone. She questioned if it was all just a dream but the bett was unmade so he must have been there. She ran to the phone to call Graham.

"Hello" answered Graham.

"Graham, Du know that little boy who was here last night and claimed to be my son? He's gone!" sagte Emma.

"Calm down Emma! He couldn't have gone too far" reasoned Graham.

"Are Du joking? This kid came here from who knows where. Who knows how far he could have gone?" freaked out Emma.

"Emma, he came a long way to see Du so I don't think he'd leave just after one night with you. He's gotta be somewhere in Storybrooke. Ask around and see if anyone's seen him" sagte Graham.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Emma quickly rushed to the door and it was Henry but with him was the Elementary school teacher, Mary-Margret Blanchard. She was a very kind, sweet, caring, and beautiful woman. Emma had seen her in town and occasionally passed her in the hallway because they both lived in the same apartment building.

"Never mind Graham, someone found them" sagte Emma as she hanged up. "Where the hell have Du did Du go kid? Du almost gave me a herz attack."

"I found him walking around town asking people questions. I've never seen him before, he claims that he knows you" sagte Mary-Margret.

"Yeah he's my... uh..." sagte the awkward Emma.

"She's my mom" sagte Henry.

"Oh... well... congratulations Emma" sagte Mary-Margret.

"Well, thanks for your help Ms. Blanchard, I can take care of it from here. Thank Du so much for finding him" sagte Emma.

"No problem" sagte Mary-Margret as she walked away.

Emma pulled Henry inside and closed the door.

"What the hell were Du doing kid? Du can't just run off and walk around a strange town all alone" criticized Emma.

"I was gathering information for Operation Cobra" answered Henry.

"What's Operation Cobra?" asked Emma.

"It's the name of our mission for ending the curse. I found out who some of the people here are. Dr. Hopper is Jimminy Cricket, The owner of Granny's bett and Breakfast and her granddaughter are Little Red-Riding haube and her granny, and Ms. Blanchard is your mom, Snow White" sagte Henry.

"Kid are Du still on that book thing?" asked Emma.

"Yeah, because it's true. Haven't Du noticed that when Du turned twenty-eight that the old clock started working. I've asked around and before yesterday everyone sagte it never worked. The battle will begin soon" sagte Henry.

"I'm not fighting any battles kid" sagte Emma.

"Yes Du are, it's you're destiny, you're going to bring back the happy endings" sagte Henry.

"Kid will Du quit it with the book crap?" asked the hostile Emma.

"You don't have to be hostile, I know Du like me, I can tell. I know you're just pushing me away because I make Du feel guilty. It's alright, I know why Du gave me away... Du wanted to give me my best chance" sagte Henry.

Emma paused for a moment as she gathered her thoughts. "How do Du know that?"

"Because it's the same reason why Snow White gave Du away" answered Henry.

"Listen to me kid, I'm not in any book. I'm a real person and I'm no savior. Du were right about one thing though, I wanted Du to have your best chance but it's not with me. Now it's time to tell me where you're from so I can take Du back" sagte Emma.

"You can't! Please don't!" pleaded Henry.

"Kid, I have to, I'm sure you're parents are worried sick about you" sagte Emma.

"I don't have parents, I don't even have a family! I had one once when I was five but when I was six they were finally able to have their own kids and they sent me back. My life sucks! I'm not making this up, just use you're superpower. Everyone told me that as the deputy you're able to tell when people are lying" sagte Henry.

Emma could see that he was telling the truth. "Kid, I'm not parent material. If Du need a Home it's not with me" sagte Emma.

"I don't need to stay with you, just don't send me back there, please!" pleaded Henry.

"I know it must hurt having a family get rid of you, I know the pain of abandonment. My parents left me on the side of a freeway when I was just a baby, they didn't even bother to send me to a hospitable" sagte Emma.

"You're parents didn't abandon you, that's just where Du came out. When Du came through the wardrobe that's just where Du came out. Ms. Blanchard is you're real mom, the mom Du have is evil" sagte Henry.

"Kid, look, my mom isn't evil. She gets on my nerves, doesn't listen to me, criticizes me, is difficult, and as a kid I didn't think she even loved me. But she raised me and she loves me. She's the only parent I ever had and part of the reason we're not close is my fault too, I'm very difficult. Another reason Du don't want to have me as a mom" sagte Emma.

"Yes I do. I'd give anything to get away from that place. The other kids bully me, the adults call me stupid and beat me. I don't care if I have to live in the woods, I just want to be away from there. Besides Du need someone to help Du break the curse" sagte Henry.

"Kid where did Du even get this book?" asked Emma.

"From a man named August Booth" answered Henry.

August Booth? Really?" questioned Emma.

"It's true!" proclaimed Henry.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was Regina, who seemed very upbeat.

"Mom! What are Du doing here?" asked Emma.

"I'm here to help you. I found out where this child was from and Du can take him back tonight" sagte Regina.

"Uh... Henry, go into the other room while I talk with my mom" sagte Emma. Henry left and had a disappointed look on his face.

"Henry?" questioned Regina.

"Yes, I gave him that name when he was born. I thought it was the least I could do" sagte Emma.

"Well, either way he's from Boston and is in a Foster Home on 29th Street. No need to thank me for getting Du out of this mess" sagte Regina.

"Actually I'm not sure if I'm going to take him back. I'm thinking about keeping him" sagte Emma.

Regina's face at that moment had a critical expression. "I'm not so sure that's a good idea. A child needs a lot of attention, help, and are a big responsibility. I just don't think you're ready to become a mother. You're not exactly very responsible and you're someone who likes to just look out for yourself" sagte Regina.

"Well maybe I am ready to be a mom and take on responsibility" sagte Emma.

"Oh honey, I Liebe Du but I know you're not ready yet. Du don't even have any room for him here in your apartment. You're really not ready for responsibility, especially like this. Take my Guter Rat Emma only one of us knows what's best for this child" sagte Regina.

"Why do Du always have to criticize me?" asked Emma.

"I'm not criticizing you, I'm helping you" answered Regina.

"Well, I don't need you're help and I don't want it either. I just wish for once Du could try to be supportive. Du never believe in me unless it's something Du want me to do. Well, I want to do this. This kid needs his best chance and I think that's with me" sagte Emma.

"Emma, I'm only thinking of what's best for Du and my grandson. I called the Foster Home and they're expecting him there tonight, try not to be there too late" sagte Regina as she left.

Hours went Von and Emma couldn't help but feel like her mother was right. She's not responsible and maybe she isn't ready for this. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, it was Mary-Margret.

"Ms. Blanchard, can I help you?" asked Emma.

"I found Henry's book at the park and I thought he'd want it back" sagte Mary-Margret.

"Oh thanks" sagte Emma.

"Is there something wrong?" asked Mary-Margret.

"No, yeah, maybe, I don't know" answered Emma.

"It's about Henry isn't it? Du want to keep him but you're not sure if you're ready" sagte Mary-Margret.

"How did Du know all that?" asked Emma.

"I guess I can read between the lines, plus I heard Du and your mom talking in the hallway. I know it's not my place but I think that since Du want to keep him and someone is telling Du that Du can't do it just means Du have to keep him. Mother's never know when they're ready to take care of a child, they just learn on the job" sagte Mary-Margret.

"Why do Du feel so strongly about this?" asked Emma.

"I don't know. I guess I just Liebe kids and to see them with their mothers makes me feel like everyone should feel that kind of love. Plus I know it's weird, since we hardly know each other, I just feel like I know Du really well somehow. I know it's crazy. But I do really think that Du and Henry are exactly what Du both need. Well, I guess I'll just got now, I'll see Du in the hallway" sagte Mary-Margret as she left.

Emma felt conflicted but Mehr confident that she could do this and scared at the same time. Emma however decided to go to Boston and didn't tell Henry where they were going. Finally they arrived at the Foster Home and Henry was horrified.

"Please don't take me back there!" pleaded Henry.

"I have to..." started Emma.

"Please don't, they'll beat me and..." started Henry.

"You didn't let me finish. I have to so I can adopt Du and take Du Home with me" sagte Emma.

"Really?" Frage Henry with delight.

"Yeah, I want to keep Du kid. You're my reason for living, I hardly know Du but I feel a connection with you. I want to get to know Du and give Du a good home. I gave Du away to give Du your best chance but now I see your best chance is me" sagte Emma.

Henry gave Emma a hug and even began to cry tears of joy. "I knew Du would help me, just like you're going to help everyone."

"I don't know about helping everyone but I am here to help you, Henry" sagte Emma as she kissed the oben, nach oben of her son's head.

Back at Storybrooke Regina was looking through some old family albums of her and Emma. How she longed for the days for when her little girl needed her, she tried to fool herself into thinking she still needed her. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, it was Mr. Gold.

"Mr. Gold, what a surprise" sagte Regina in an emotionless voice. "May I help you?"

"I was just in the neighborhood and I thought I'd congratulate the lucky grandmother" answered Mr. Gold.

"No congratulations are necessary. Emma took the boy back and should be back any Minute now" sagte Regina.

"Really? Because I just saw your daughter with that boy getting ice cream, two peas in a pod they were" sagte Mr. Gold.

"What?" questioned Regina.

"It seemed Mary-Margret Blanchard really had an impact on her" sagte Mr. Gold.

"Mary-Margret Blanchard?" questioned Regina.

"Yes, I was collecting the rent and I overheard them talking. At least no Du have a grandson named Henry. I believe Du wanted a baby boy so Du could name him Henry. Such a lovely name" sagte Mr. Gold. "Whatever was so important about that name that Du wanted a boy so badly?"

"I don't believe that's any of your business" answered Regina.

"Just curious, since Du wanted a boy so much" sagte Mr. Gold.

"Yes, but they didn't have a boy and instead I got my wonderful Emma" sagte Regina.

"Glad Du feel that way because I lied, there was actually plenty of baby boys where I got Emma" confessed Mr. Gold.

"What? Du lied about this? Du broke our deal!" cried out the enraged Regina.

"No I didn't. There's only one deal in my entire life that I've broken and I can guarantee that it wasn't that deal" sagte Mr.Gold.

"Our deal was for Du to bring me a baby boy!" cried out Regina.

"No, Du requested a baby boy, I never promised I would make your request happen. Our deal was for me to bring Du a baby, which I did" Mr. Gold corrected. "Speaking of Emma have Du noticed that on her birthday that the old clock started working, then when she left with her boy it just stopped, and when she came back it just started working again? Quite interesting isn't it?"

"There's a reason Du brought me Emma isn't there? Who is she?" asked Regina.

"I would say Du know exactly who she is" answered Mr. Gold. "Now I really must be going."

Regina ran in front of Mr. Gold determined to find out what she wants to know. " Tell me what Du know about her!" she demanded.

"I'm not going to answer Du dear" answered Mr. Gold. "So I suggest Du excuse me... please..."

At that moment Regina moved out of Mr. Gold's way. The mysterious man then walked away as Regina just stared with frustration, curiosity, and fear.