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Captain schwan Shippers, why do Du ship Captain Swan?

For the longest time I've been a hater of Captain schwan but for some reason, looking back, I'm finding myself warming up to them. I still have problems with them! There are things about them that do make them good for each other, but also things that make them poorly written as a couple. I'm already aware of why the haters hate this couple, especially since I was one of them for a LONG TIME! So I wanna use this Frage to be Mehr open-minded and find out why the Fans of this ship like it so much. Please be as specific as possible and explain as much as Du can. They can be long responses if Du want. I want to be able to understand better, so I can decide whether oder not I agree and might actually become a possible Captain schwan shipper.

P.S. Killian is right, Emma does look FETCHING in that dress.
 Captain schwan Shippers, why do Du ship Captain Swan?
 KataraLover posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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misse1000 said:
I was in your boat. I could not stand Hook as a character for a while. And I did NOT want Emma and Hook together.

I've definitely warmed up to the idea, though. I realized part of the reason that I didn't want Emma/Hook was because I wanted Emma with Neal. And although I miss Neal, I realized that ship has sailed. No pun intended. So it was time for Emma to Bewegen on with her life.

I think I finally have decided I like Hook. I used to wish he would be the one to bite the bullet, and I no longer wish for that. I was sad when he got left behind in the Underworld, and I was beyond relieved when he arrived back in Storybrooke. So...I guess he won me over.

I guess now the reason why I seem to be a Captain schwan convert is because I like both characters, and they compliment one another and seem to make each other happy. As long as they (mostly Emma) are happy, I'm happy.

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
AaronHaley4ever said:
Thanks for being open-minded about Captain Swan, even if Du don't decide to ship them :) I try not to talk about Captain schwan on here because I know a lot of people hate it, and I don't want to be ostracized for having an unpopular opinion but here are some of my reasons:

1.I started watching OUAT in season 4A when Captain schwan was already a thing. At the time, I didn't know about Hook's past bad choices oder Emma's relationship with Neal, so I guess knowing what was going to happen later on made it a lot easier to look past these things when I eventually went back and watched the earlier seasons.

2. I Liebe both of the characters. Emma is my Favorit on the Zeigen and Hook is somewhere in my oben, nach oben 5. I know it's probably biased, but I tend to ship my Favorit characters, unless there's no possible way they could be compatible. Usually on the shows I watch, my Favorit gets paired with my least favorite, so having Hook and Emma together is a nice change of pace for me.

3. I like how their identities aren't completely tied to each other. They don't just exist to be each other's Liebe interest. They each have their own parts in the plot, independent of each other. Emma has her responsibilities as savior, Hook has to deal with the ramifications of his past actions, etc.

4. I like how they're able to grow and learn from each other. Emma's starting to let her guard down, and I won't say Hook has reformed because I know there are a lot of people here who don't think he has, but I do think he's starting to feel remorse for his choices and at least that's something.

5. Even the darker aspects of Captain schwan are entertaining. I don't see Captain schwan as an ideal relationship oder something to aspire for. I know there are problems, but I think that just makes a Mehr interesting relationship dynamic.

Hope that helps (and sorry it was so long!) :)
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
ultraunique16 said:
I don't really know why I like them together. Maybe it's because they look good together. I think my reason is because they've both Lost so much that they loved and both had such thick armor protecting their hearts that when they finally opened up to each other it is so sweet that it would be almost cruel to separate them. I don't know, it just seems right for them to be together.
I used to ship Belle and Rumple but Rumple has hurt Belle emotionally so many times he just didn't deserve her anymore.
Hook has grown as a hero so much since we first met him and it seems like he is really trying to be worthy of Emma. Regina did say she was too good for Hook. And during Isaac's book, Heros and Villains, Hook seems like such a little Lost puppy, and then when he is reunited with Emma, even though he doesn't know her, he still senses that they are close. And when Charming killed him, Emma seemed so heartbroken. Hook had just accepted that he was a part of her life in the original reality and then he was killed Von her father. And then when everything went back to the way it was supposed to be and it seemed that Hook was really gone, Emma was so relieved to see him. I was too because whether oder not Du think Hook and Emma should be together, I think he should still be a part of the show. Them being together is, for me, an added bonus.
And Emma is the Savior for Pete's Sake! After all the happy endings she has gegeben so many people, she deserves to have one too, even if it is with a grungy pirate (even though he bathes quite frequently thank Du very much).
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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