Justin Bieber Fans are called "Biebs", Glee Fans "Gleeks", Lady Gaga Fans "Monsters" but we are "WildeWarriors"

Von the way, it´s not invented Von myself ;-P
Another Fan first sagte this magical word during this "Twitter mission : #ObsessedWithOliviaWilde as Twitter-Topic for her B-day"
( link ) Since then for 2 people a Fan-name existed and in the course of time other Fans began to use it, too!!! At this point, after the "Twitter-Mission", some Fans from the USA, Kanada, Brasil, French, Germany, Ireland, other countrys and I guess somewhere in Asia too, know these name. Maybe Olivia also knows it. If she read her @ mentions on twitter, and I think she does, she knows it. And Maybe, people like the [H]ouse Cast and other persons Olivia worked with, know it too!!! (if they read the @ mentions)

Well, this is the story of the Fan-name "WildeWarrior".

It´s not only a word!! It´s a word which also representate the impulsively Team work of ppl from different countrys, who doesn´t realy know each other, working on one thing for one thing they all love!!!

ALWAYS & FOREVER #ObsessedWithOliviaWilde ;-P