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posted by Mistyflower
"We want to hear a story! We want to hear a story!"
The bouncing kits chanted at Mistystar.
"Alright, alright!" Mistystar waved her tail to silence the kits. "What would Du like to hear about?"
"The NightClan battle!" Mintkit cried.
"How the foxes attacked!" Willowkit mewed.
"When the tides flooded the camp!" Lightkit meowed in excitement.
"No!" Orangekit yowled, silencing the rest. "We've heard about all THAT! I wanna hear something new!"
"Then what?" Lightkit faced her brother.
Mintkit bounced up and down. "I know! Tell us about you, Mistystar! We wanna know your story!"
"Yeah!" The rest of the kits...
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posted by Mistyflower
Hello, Clan cats! I have
decided that we should count up every single Clan in Fanpop history!
All of them, even the
abandoned ones. I don’t
even know every Clan, but now
is the time
we will ALL know.
Copy down every Clan
Du know of in the comments.
I’m sure there’s Mehr
Clans then we think. T
ribes do count, but packs,
like wolf oder dog packs, do not.
(they’re dogs;
this is about cats.)
Thanks a lot if you’ll help and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

posted by Foxyface
 Foxes await their Weiter prey, silverpelt & dawnblaze
Foxes await their next prey, silverpelt & dawnblaze
Dawnblaze padded through the forest with the footsteps of Silverpelt behind her. "Silverpelt, do Du think we'll ever find SpiritClan?" Dawnblaze asked. Silverpelt solemly shook her head. She hadn't talked much since they set off to find a Moon of the Ocean. Their clan, SpiritClan, did not want to hear of them until they found it.

. . . . . . . . . . .
Back at camp, Thorntail horribly missed his mate, Dawnblaze, and since thier kit died, they had been sadder than ever.
Three kits tumbled around the nursery as Thorntail passed. "Thorntail! Jaykit bit me!" Firekit complained. "Did not!" Jaykit...
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This is my peace treaty to the fighting Clans:

Katzen of the Clans;

I must say that everything is falling apart in the Clan world. There are too many conflicts and battles *eyes NightClan, BoneClan, and her Clan for a half Sekunde and looks away* between the forty-something Clans. Most of the Clans *looks at StormClan and OceanClan* are very eager for the conflict to end. We want peace and freedom beyond StarClan. I now admit that the battle between SolarClan and NightClan was not truly won Von SolarClan; but there was no victory over either Clan. We want no further discussion of it; just peace and harmony. This is very important to my Clans, and I hope Du consider our offer.

Mistystar, Shadestar, and Honeystar.
posted by Mistyflower
NightClan had attacked too many Clans. Mistystar wanted to do something about it.
She decided that OceanClan would attack NightClan, so they could give them an idea of what they're doing. She told her friend from MidnightClan, Angelstar, what she had planned.
"Wait," Angelstar said. "Can MidnightClan Mitmachen you? They've attacked us too."
Mistystar nodded. "Yes, we will need as much help as we can get."
Angelstar purred. "SummitClan can help too, and CloudClan and GrassClan."
"Thank you," Mistystar said. "Maybe Froststar and Honeystar will help me too."
"And WoodClan."
Suddenly Mistystar got an...
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posted by Mistyflower
All the other leaders have blogs, so i thought it'd be cool to have my own.

September 28
There's a big clump of clover and comfrey near the warriors den, and they keep using it for bedding. They have no idea its the only place i can find that stuff. Also the mohn seeds turned bad and i have to restock them tomorrow.

September 30
The annoying dog in the nearby Twolegplace gave us a little trouble but nothing else happened.

October 2nd
today i went outside to check on my herb store, and it was a complete mess. I kept the herbs in plastic bags filled with water to keep them alive, but it was a horrible...
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posted by Mistyflower
Mistystar blinked and struggled in surprise.
She wrestled with her attacker and
threw him off.
Her eyes widened.
The "cat" was not a cat,
But she watched as the snarling face
of a fuchs grew closer.
before she was able to act, the fuchs lunged vorwärts-, nach vorn and grabbed her tail.
Mistystar ripped her tail free and raced for the border, the fuchs hard on her paws.
she burst into the camp and shreiked,
A patrol of warriors came and fought the
fuchs as fiercly as LionClan.
It didn't take long to drive it off, but Mistystar couldn't help but notice
the moon, with nothing but a small chip
clipped off. She had an idea of which Clan
Zing tried to tell her about.
Not a Clan of cats, a Clan of foxes.
Her blood turned to ice. The
strange phrase swirled faintly in her head,
"The night of the fuchs will rise, on the night of the full moon."
What terrors approached OceanClan?
posted by Mistyflower
Mistystar walked solemnly through the forest,
letting her white paws drag along the ground.
She hadn't talked to any cat in days, and she
spent most of her time walking through the forest,
in spite of the lack of prey. She would wonder aimlessy around, checking scents evry few minutes.
Whenever she did smell prey, she would drop into the hunters crouch and prowl toward it, but she wouldn't give any care and the prey would run off.
"I can't walk here forever," she mewed silently to herself.
"I've been in the forest for three days."
She continued to talk to herself until sunhigh.
When she got to the scent...
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posted by Mistyflower
Mistystar tried to convince herself that Swiftfeather was wrong, but she could think of nothing.
Still nothing.
She sighed and decided the only thing she could do was visit the Moonstream to share toungues with StarClan.
As she made her way up the steep hill, she began to think somehow...
Swiftfeather was right.
"No," She thought.
"Swiftfeather has bees in her brain."
She lay down on the soft riverbed, lapped twice from the stream, and fell asleep.
Mistystar awoke in the hollow of Fourwillows, with her mother, Zing, who wasn't part of the Clan.
"Zing, is Swiftfeather right?"
The words spilled out of...
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posted by Mistyflower
Mistystar walked through the forest, the foul smell of fuchs surrounding her from all directions. She flicked her head from side to side, ready to fight if any of the foxes emerged.
Then she heard the foxes barking, an endless chorus of the high-pitched barks. Then all the barks formed into a single phrase she could understand completely:
"The night of the fuchs will rise, on the night of the full moon."
The foxes speaking as one, repeated the prophecy over and over, louder and louder, until it was absulutely deafening. The foxes stopped barking at once when an enormous wave of scarlet blood crashed...
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Mistykit sat and watched as Moonkit and Rainkit climbed the Highstone, pretending to be leader.
"All those Katzen old enough to..." Moonkit started,
but Rainkit jumped up Weiter to her and nudged her off the rock.
Mistykit watched in wonder, asking herself if they actually would someday be leaders.
As she was wondering, Moonkit and Rainkit had started to playfight.
She didn't want to miss out, so she climbed up on the Highstone and joined the fight.
"Out of my way, Mistystar!" Moonkit laughed.
"Rainstar owes me some prey!"
Moonkit lunged at Rainkit and toppled her over.
"This prey is rightfully my...
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posted by Mistyflower
Mistystar was in desperate need of warriors, but she had gone everywhere, and all the rouges and loners seemed to be happy as they could be. Forlornly, Miststar padded into the woods for a hunt. She ran into a reddish tabby she-cat with glowing yellow eyes. "I am Flamingweb," the cat said. "I have come to OceanClan to be a warrior." Mistystar smiled at the cat. A perfect warrior, she knew. She led Flamingweb to the OceanClan camp with a herz as light as a feather.
She didn't mind at all that she had come from nowhere.
posted by Mistyflower
So i like to pretend i'm a warrior cat sometimes, so i was playing outside, and heres what happened-

So i was making a nest first, and it wasn't easy, because my dad hadn't mowed the gras, grass in a long time, so all i could find was dry heu, hay of what used to be lush, green grass. I added that to my nest and ripped up Mehr grass, adding shamrocks and leafs and soft twigs. Weiter i sarted to gather herbs. It took nearly an hour.(because with a Clan of one, gathering trödel, schrott, junk-e- takes forever.) I had some Clover...
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posted by Mistyflower
Mistystar knew she needed Mehr Clan members, and fast. The thing she needed most was a medicine cat. She walked into the forest for a hunt, And she ran into a beautiful she-cat. "I am Swiftshadow," the cat said. "I came to your Clan to be a Medicine cat." Mistystar's whiskers twitched with delight. just what she asked for. Mistystar looked up into the night sky, StarClan looked down on her. The stars seemed to be glowing brighter than ever before. "Thank you, StarClan," she thought as she lead Swiftshadow to the OceanClan camp. "For the best medicine cat Du could give us."