Oblivion's score was composed Von series mainstay Jeremy Soule, a video game composer whose past scores had earned him a BAFTA award in the "Game Musik Category" and two nominations for an AIAS award for "Original Musik Composition". Soule had worked with Bethesda and Todd Howard during the creation of Morrowind, and, in a press release announcing his return for Oblivion, Soule repeated the words he had sagte during Morrowind's press release: "The stunning, epic quality of The Elder Scrolls series is particularly compatible with the grand, orchestral style of Musik I enjoy composing the most".[57] As in his compositions for Morrowind, Soule chose to create a soft and minimalist score so as not to wear out users' ears.[58]
Soule stated that while composing the Musik he did not imagine any specific characters oder events; rather, he wanted it "to Kommentar on the human condition and the beauty of life". In a 2006 interview, he related that this desire came as a result of a car accident that occurred during his composition of the score. He said, "I ended up rolling in my car several times on an interstate while flying headlong into oncoming traffic ... I felt no fear ... I simply just acknowledged to myself that I've had a good life and I would soon have to say goodbye to all of it in a matter of seconds". Soule sustained only minor injuries, but Kommentiert that his feeling during the crash—"that life is indeed precious"—remained with him throughout the rest of the composition.[59]
The official soundtrack to Oblivion is sold exclusively via Soule's digital distributor DirectSong. It features 26 tracks spanning 58 minutes, all composed Von Soule.[60] The soundtrack was generally positively received, though Square Enix Musik Online gave it a 6/10, criticizing its "monotonous action tracks".[61]