Oblivion features the voices of Patrick Stewart, Lynda Carter, Sean Bean, Terence Stamp, Ralph Cosham, and Wes Johnson.[49] The voice Schauspielen received mixed reviews in the gaming press. While many publications praised it as excellent,[50][51][52] others found fault with its repetitiveness.[53][54] The issue has been blamed on the small number of voice actors and the blandness of the dialogue itself.[55] Lead designer Ken Rolston found the plan to fully voice the game "less flexible, less apt for user projection of his own tone, Mehr constrained for branching, and Mehr trouble for production and disk real estate" than Morrowind's partially recorded dialogue. Rolston tempered his criticism with the suggestion that voice Schauspielen "can be a powerful expressive tool" and can contribute significantly to the charm and ambience of the game. He stated "I prefer Morrowind's partially recorded dialogue, for many reasons. But I'm told that fully-voiced dialogue is what the kids want".[56]