The Clash Of Nyan Cat

The Clash Of Nyan Cat Begins.

Nyan Cat's history and childhood will finally be uncovered.


"Amazing." -The Daily Nyan Newsletter

"People will never look at Nyan Cat the same." -New Yolk Times

"Blood-pounding. An exciting novel that all Fanpoppers will love." -A Zufällig hobo that goes on Fanpop

Nyan Cat used to be a regular cat. He lived in a small house with an old man named Earl. But one day, Earl made a Poptart.
Now this was not a regular poptart, and Earl was not a regular man. Earl was an inventor, and he had just created the largest poptart known to man.
"It's about big enough for old Nyanie to crawl inside!" Earl said, as he calls Nyan Cat "Nyanie".
Nyan Cat had a smarter brain than the average cat. Part of the reason because Earl shared with him all of the things he discovers.
Including Earl's mastering of Travel Through Time And Space.
And then, while Earl walked away from his poptart masterpiece to go to the bathroom, Nyan Cat did something bizarre. He jumped onto the poptart pan and climbed inside it.
He scratched out small holes for his tail, paws and head to go through, and then....
Nyanie became Nyan cat.
Upon meowing a loud "Nyan!", Nyan Cat suddenly jumped through the window and flew into the air, using his magical Space-Travel-Rainbow-Butt-O'matic that Earl had invented so that Nyanie could Time Travel.
To this day, Nyan Cat has become a cat superhero, and travels through time at the speed of light.
And The Clash Of Nyan Cat is the story of his rise to victory.