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posted by johncenaw85oi
I actually got up in time the Weiter morning, but that was because i had got a text from niall! It said:

“hey! Call over around 6 ok?x”

That didn’t seem like niall, because he NEVER spells things correctly! But maybe he wanted to? Im not sure. I replied:

“ya dats perfect;) xx”

I put down my phone and quickly got ready. I didn’t feel like breakfast, so i just grabbed an apfel, apple to eat on my way up. I called for kate, and she came outside.

She told me that she was going out with harry on Friday and i told her that i was going over to nialls. The two of us were like jumping up and down!

We met...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
The principal looked at my head again. Von now the blood was dripping down my face. “leah go and get cleaned up. I need to deal with these two.” I forced a smile and walked out the door.

On my way there, i met up with niall. “hey baby!” he said. “oh hi!” i was never happier to see him. “what happened your head?” kate hit me with a glass bottle. Its only a small cut.” I smiled. “umm.. no it isn’t! The blood is pouring out! I think Du may need to get stitches.” Niall looked really worried.

“well i’ll go and see the nurse first and see what she says.”
“ok babe....
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He's just SOOO adorable!

When we met One Direction's Niall Horan at the Sugar magazine photoshoot, it was literally mere Sekunden before his Irish charm and cheeky grin had us well and truly hooked.

Adorable just isn't the word! So when he looked us in the eye with his sparkling baby blues, and started to talk about Küssen and crushes in that gorgeous, sexy accent, Du can surely understand why our hearts melted and we fell into a girlish giggling frenzy. Right?

Aside from just looking like an absolute sweetie though, Niall really does have a touch of sensitive deliciousness about him.

Check out...
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-I don't own any of this, all credit to Seventeen magazine.-

Niall will say he's totally carefree about dating, gossip, and being in the biggest boy band in the world. But ask the 19-year-old about a certain girl and it's clear there's a secret seriousness under his mellow Irish exterior!

17: There's so much gossip written about all the guys in the band. What's the biggest misconception about you?

Niall Horan: That I have a girlfriend - I don't have a girlfriend. People also say I'm boxy, like it looks like I haven't been to the gym. There's always something going around. It doesn't bother me....
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posted by Niall4eva1
This is Part 4 COMMENT

As i went Home i wrapped my hand in a bandage scared what made my hand bleed i check myself to see what could have made me bleed i found nothing nothing sharp,or pointy the cut is huge and will not stop bleeding no matter what i do i'm finally scared enough Von all the blood i'm loosing to go to the hospital the doctor says "you'll have to stay overnight how did Du cut yourself i don't know how to respond since i can't just say it magically appeared out of nowhere i just say "i cut myself with a messer while cooking" :on acctient.....right" the doctor says suspically what...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
Our One Direction boys have been far far away in America working on their album. We miss them. We want to see their faces again but we know it's very important for them to focus on their Musik right now.

From everything they've been tweeting it's clear to see they've been working very hard, but as usual, it also sounds like they've been up to lots of Zufällig stuff including hanging out with Perez Hilton, Chad Michael Murray and rubber chickens?

Last week Louis wrote, "My eggs benedict were BEAUT ! Anyway off to studio now, will try to tweet while I'm there. :) x"

Niall has been keeping us all...
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posted by DiamondYJ
"Hey Jazmina." Niall sagte through the phone.
"Hey. How are you?" I responded.
"Good. Hey, uh, I was wondering. Where Du are."
"I'm on my way back to Simon's house. Where are you?"
"Behind you." he answered.
I stopped and turned around. Niall smiled and hung up his phone. "What were Du doing?" I asked as he joined me.
"Truthfully I was waiting for you." I smiled. "That's sweet. Thanks."

Niall nodded. "This neighborhood can get a little rough at night." I calmly walk Weiter to the popstar as girls shoot me dirty looks. "That stuff doesn't bother you, eh?" he asked. I shrugged. "No. I kind of enjoy...
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My gram had been ecstatic when I called her telling her that I was going to be going on tour with One Direction. She made me promise not to let the fame get to my head. I swore I wouldn't. I only had one Mehr person to tell about the tour. Shelby.

I glanced up at the clock and looked to Louis. "Hey, can I go see my friend really quick?" I asked him. "Would this be a boyfriend?" I quickly shook my head. Niall's head snapped up and he watched me. "No no... I don't have a boyfriend. I never really had the time. No one really... no one really cared about me." There is an uneasy silence. "I'm sorry...
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posted by niallissocute
Hi I'm Georgia I had to Bewegen to Australia because my dad had his dream job interview I had to start a new school. When I was walking I saw a bunch of girls looking at some boys then looking at me and laughing and then I noticed 4 boys looking at me"will Du go out with me?" liam sagte "cause your pretty and stuff" louis sagte " thanks I dont want to go out with any of Du I dont know Du guys and I am new so ask me in a Monat oder something I just want one thing directions...wait have I seen Du before your.... sorry I didnt meen to be mean I'll just go" they all laughed and gave me a map I was...
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posted by randomgirl3000
Du were on the couch watching TV, when Niall suddenly lied down on your lap.

NIALL: (he yawns) "I'm so tired," he sagte poking your cheek.

YOU: (you smile looking down at him) "Go to bett then," Du sagte pushing his fingers away from your face.

NIALL: "but I don't want to," he whined like a child.
You weren't paying attention- as Du watched TV, he takes your fingers & began playing with them.

NIALL: "Guess who's birthday is coming in a week?" he sang.

YOU: "Mineeee," Du replied, eyes glued to the TV.

Minutes later Du felt him play with your fingers again, Du felt him slip a ring on your...
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posted by niallissocute
"YES!" I shouted "shh!" He whispered "sorry!" I whispered but I giggled " So I'll pick Du up at 7pm then!" he sagte "ok!" I sagte I was so excited I went to go find my friend Clover and then I told her that Niall had asked me out then she said" isnt he from one direction?" "of course it makes sence now those girls looked at me the boys OHH YES!,he is picking me up at 7pm I am so excited" I sagte Cover was comming to my house I heard the door ring I ran down the stairs to get the door and we ran up to my bedroom and talk about the dance. She told me who she was going with she said" JOSH ! he is...
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Niall Horan confirms the five-piece band were involved in an accident but are all fine.

One Direction's Niall Horan has revealed the band were involved in a minor accident earlier today (5th January).

The 'Gotta Be You' singers are scheduled to perform at the Plymouth Pavilions this evening and Niall has reassured Fans Von confirming all five members are feeling fine after the accident.

"Guys, thanks for all your messages," Niall tweeted today. "We were involved in a really minor accident.

"We are all absolutely fine!"

The 'What Makes Du Beautiful' singer also tweeted a message reiterating that tonight's Plymouth konzert will still going ahead as planned.

"Greeen army! Wana hear ya loud tonight! Its gona be fun! #1DinPlymouth."

One Direction are currently in the midst of their first headlining tour which runs throughout January before wrapping up with a performance at Belfast's Waterfront Hall on 26th January.
posted by johncenaw85oi
The doctor came in and told me i had to get stitches so he was gonna have to put me to sleep.

I wasn’t looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to being put to sleep but i didn’t mind as long as it would take away the pain. And afterwards, maybe i will be allowed to go see niall, Amanda, kate and everyone else!

I was put to sleep a few Minuten after that, so i haven’t a clue what happened! I presume that he stitched my head up, and then waited for me to wake up. When i woke up, my mom and sister were beside me.

“hi, luv. Are Du ok?” my mom looked very worried. “ya im grand. Von the way were am i?” i thought...
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He has dubbed himself "the Robbie Williams of the band". So in 2011 expect to be hearing a lot Mehr of Mullingar singer Niall Horan of boy band One Direction. His group may not have won X Factor but the 17-year-old could soon be living the lavish lifestyle of a Westlife member.
A tabloid dream gegeben Niall's onstage reaction to One Direction making X Factor's oben, nach oben three was "let's get hammered".
So heaven knows how he's going to celebrate the No 1 records and sell-out tours anticipated for his group, dubbed "the new JLS".
Remember Louis Walsh has described One Direction as the "perfect boy band".
A controversial Kommentar when Du manage Westlife.
“um, im sorry but who are you?” kinga asked politely. “hi, im niall.” He smiled at her. He had an amazing smile. “im kinga, nice to meet you.” She sagte as she crept over to me and whispered. “he’s cute!” i just nodded. “so niall, do Du want to play basketball with us after school? we’re an undefeated team!” harry laughed. “ya, but thats because we have kinga on our team!” i laughed. “ya sure, ill come. but i don’t have a clue how to play.” Niall said. kate rolled her eyes. “why does he have to come?” she moaned. Niall looked offended.

“don’t mind kate.”...
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posted by Niall4eva1
Alright this Fan fiction is about me and Niall THIS STORY IS NOT TRUE

I'm walking to find a job now that I've craguted from colledge. When I walk Von a alley and I hear a bark and then a wimper I see a German shepherd get frightened a little becuz it's an adult and I don't want to get attacked the dog does not have a halsband, kragen the dog comes up to me and sniffs me of course my animal-loving me feels sympathy for the dog I find out the dog is a girl when it rolls over for me to scratch her stomach I do. Them I go Weiter door when the dog gos back in the alley. And I head over to a pet supply store and...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
One Tag me and my friend Kate were watching TV. Suddenly, ‘forever young’ came on. It was my phone. “Crap! Where is my phone?” I roared. I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find it. I then felt my leg vibrating. My phone was in pocket. “Whoops!” I was feeling slightly stupid. “Idiot.” Kate mumbled. “What?” I asked. “Nothing!” Kate said, rolling her eyes. I had a missed call from our friend Amanda. I rang her. “It’s about time!” she laughed. “Sorry, what was it Du wanted to tell me?” I smiled. “OH MY GOD LEAH! Du ARE NEVER GONNA GUESS WHO HAS ENROLLED...
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WHO sagte they just fade into obscurity when they are off the screen?

A crowd of committed Fans showed there is still life out there for former 'X Factor' contestants yesterday.

In fact, it seems that the singers, who lit up hundreds of thousands of sitting rooms on Saturday nights before Christmas, are as beliebt as ever.

There was bedlam outside the morgan hotel in Dublin's Temple Bar yesterday when a group of screaming teenagers spotted some of their idols from the hit TV Zeigen inside.

The cream of the last show's run -- including Katie Waissel, One Direction and Paije Richardson -- will take...
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posted by niallissocute
I jumped out of the window luckily i landed on the feet I hid behind the Wand I heard someones phone ring "hello louis specking" "hi this is niall i cant find georgia anywere help me" "ok i'llbe on guard" (thump thump) ohh no it was niall he was at the window i saw him I ran ran he looked angry "behind you!" niall saiid louis turned around I couldn't get out of his arms so i just sagte "wait before Du take me to niall i wanna do something!" i pleaded "fine do it but i need to be holding you!" louis sagte (ring ring) louis looked confused i tried to calls some Fans to swoop him away didnt work...
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posted by liene11
Niall pov
I was performing every Tag and I was thinking about Rosie every second
Of the day
Day to Tag I lived and I did try to be happy but I was not so happy as I was when I was with rosie
And when the first Monat was over we had a interview and when they asked do Du have a girlfriend I sagte yes but than I had to say that I can´t see her as much as I want
And the interviewer sagte oh sadly why not
Than I sagte because she lives where in a other country and that she may not watch tv from her parents

Louis pov
Niall was not happy I can see it from every thing he does
He did not jump really high or...
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