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POV Niall
Next Day
zayn do Du want to go with me to milena and sofija.
yes thats ok harry do wanna go to.
wait i want to go their to sagte liam.
louis do Du wanna go to
yes of course

at milena's house.
hi sagte we all at the same time
hi guys sagte sofija.
how are Du sofija asks harry.
yes i am good and you.
yes i am good to i have to say something.
ok tell me.
we have to go for 6 weeks
o where.
yea to Germany and to portugal and spain.
ok much fun when do Du go.
o ok i gonna miss Du
yea guys i gonna mis Du to.
and after that week we have two days off and than we are go for 2 months
o do guys...
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do harry and niall KISS on the video look what your thinking?
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Milena POV

It was a very normal Tag for Me
at school it was boring
so i was happy when i was home
my mother made my Favorit food
and after an Stunde oder two I went to bed
the following day,she was super happy
because she knew it would be her perfect day
i went to the cinema with her best friend that day,
and they went looking at twilight saga
they went to the row,
and for their in the row are two cute boys,
one with blond hair and one with curly brown hair
the one with curly hair sagte hi and he asked to what movie...
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POV Zayn
the Weiter Tag after the birthday from sofija
I went with the boys to the shop.
we went looking for nice clothes.
and search.
hey zayn this is perfect for Du sagte louis.
o yea I'm going to fitting it
niall look here sagte liam.
this is a nice one for harry sagte niall
o thought Mehr for you.
o no harry should wear this.
harry come look here niall thinks this is something for you.
i like it sagte harry.
ok and zayn is it good asked louis.
yea it is good.
so we buy one t-shirt for harry and one t-shirt and pants for zayn.
who haves the money.
i have the money sagte louis.
and about 3 mins wheir outside the...
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Sofija POV
i sagte Yeah sure, I want to help you
wat What is the problem.
naill sagte i had a quarrel with harry.
i sagte o no not Du two
i want to help but I'm going to call Milena
and ask oder she also wants to help
naill sagte okey That is good
milena POV
I heard my phone
and sagte hallo sof
sofija sagte Hey mil.
naill and harry had
an quarrel do want to help to.
i sagte yes Of course
sofija sagte okey meet me at my house

so i was at sofija´s house and i saw
sofija naill and a few other guys.
hey milena boys i want to meet Du to
milena and the boys sagte Hey milena
naill sagte this...
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song Hey Juliet
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harry POV
niall what are Du doing sagte liam
niall sagte o nothing
but i know that he was thinking
naill do wand to play a game with me asked liam and niall sagte yes ok
so they play a game
where is louis i asked
ho he is with his girlfriend sagte liam who was working to win the game
ok he guys i go to Sofija milena
ok sagte niall and liam

2 Stunde later i was there
hi harry how are Du sagte milena
i sagte o i am good
sofija was busy with something
so where are the others asked milena
and i sagte naill and liam are play a game
and louis is with his grilfriend and zayn is with his mother
ok and Du had nothing...
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