New Moon – Bis(s) zur Mittagsstunde Dakota Fanning In New Moon.

breadstick posted on Mar 05, 2009 at 04:37AM
k so i dont think she should be in it , i dont think she's mature enough for it i'm sorry but thats how i feel
and i just dont think she can do the part honestly.

does anyone agree with me or am i by myself.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr breakingdawn21 said…
i agree with u all the way. i think she would be really bad at the part and i dont really like her eather. i think she might ruin the movie and janes part.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr the_bunkster said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bonnieboo said…
i think they could have chosen a better actor to play jane's part but i think dakota will do fine because i can see her playing the jane character because the book descirbes jane as being small and i picutred jane almost childlike so i think she wont ruin the movie...she might suprise everybody on how well she does
Vor mehr als einem Jahr N8VTXN62 said…
She is just not right for the part. I think they went for her because she a "name brand".
Vor mehr als einem Jahr jalicefan15 said…
I love dakota fanning's work and I think she will be perfect as jane
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BellaJane said…
I don't really watch any of her movies but the ones I have seen she acts very well. She's not how I pictured Jane but everyone pictures her different. I think we should give her a chance.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr northcarolinian said…
i think she is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too freakin preppy to play jane. i don't think she's pretty enough either. now, my friend would be perfect. but we can't all be happy.