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Michael Weatherly Got Recognized in Serbia

Navy CIS | Tiva | i found

NCIS- Season 13 Premiere- Promo

Tony the Dog

McGee under Kate's rock

The world needs both of us|| Ziva & Tony

Navy CIS || World On feuer

Navy CIS || Bittersweet Life

Navy CIS II Soldier

Navy CIS | Run This Town

Navy CIS - Ep. 11x01 "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" - Ziva's Farewell

Navy CIS || Seven Nation Army

Navy CIS - Tony DiNozzo - Du Know My Name

Navy CIS | On oben, nach oben Of The World [Funny]

jennifer & jethro | what hurts the most, is being so close..

Navy CIS {team Gibbs} | it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah...

Navy CIS Season 10 Finale || It's about my family

Navy CIS | Season 11 Trailer | 10 Seasons Tribute

Navy CIS || Comes And Goes

What makes Navy CIS the #1 Zeigen on Television? - Promo

Navy CIS // with a little help from D.I.S.N.E.Y

Navy CIS Ziva David - Becoming Saleem

Navy CIS || Let It Burn

Navy CIS || I'm feeling 22... (funny)

Navy CIS Gibbs & Jenny's national anthem

Navy CIS Fathers - Your Hand In Mine


Tony DiNozzo - Better Off Now

10x23 promo Double Blind

D.N.A 10x21

Navy CIS || I'll Be Your Soldier

Navy CIS - Trailer Tony/Ziva

tiva (final hope) // season 6-7 epic

Tony Ziva (Tiva ) Berlin 10x21 - I Will Wait For Du

10x22 promo

Tony Ziva (Tiva) 10x21 Navy CIS Berlin - Slow Dancing

Navy CIS 10x20 Promo -Chasing Ghosts- (HD)

NCIS_Tony/Ziva: Crush, Crush, Crush

NCIS- White and Nerdy!

(tony/mcgee) who let the Hunde out

Navy CIS 10×19 Squall – Promo

Navy CIS 10×18 Seek /Promo/

Navy CIS - Bete Noire movie trailer

Ziva David - Radioactive

Navy CIS | Light em Up

Navy CIS team || "Not Alone"

Navy CIS | Shattered

Navy CIS || Tears Of An Angel – Jäger der Finsternis

Tony & Ziva - Navy CIS (Tiva) || "All I Need" .

Navy CIS 10x17 Promo "Prime Suspect" (HD)

(jackie/vance) not over Du

Navy CIS 10×16 Detour – Promo

Cote de Pablo - Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2013 18/02/2013

Navy CIS 10×15 Hereafter – Promo

Navy CIS star, sterne on Dorner: 'Tragic All The Way Around'

Navy CIS - Shabbat Shalom, Shiva recap [fanvid]

Pauley Perrette at Live! With Kelly and Michael - 2013, Feb. 4.

Navy CIS - Gibbs and Abby - COLORBLIND

Navy CIS | Abby / McGee || I only miss Du when I'm breathing.

Gone (Tony/Abby, NCIS)

NCIS-Abby Sciuto (girlfriend)

(NCIS) Abby/McGee | ..When I'm With You..

Tony & Ziva - Us Against The World

Tony & Ziva - Navy CIS (Tiva) || "May I" [10x11,10x12]

Navy CIS gibbs loves his crazy girl abby

Navy CIS || We can do this all night

Didn't know I loved Du so much || Eli & Ziva

ET – NCIS: Rocsi Diaz Interviews the Cast on Set

Cote de Pablo at : Late Late Zeigen with Craig Ferguson 7/12/0

Navy CIS : Pauley Perrette Chat

abby sciuto || stardust |10x13|

Navy CIS - 10×14: Canary (Promo)

Abby's Halloween

Psychic Vampire Abby Scuito

"I'm done crying..." || Navy CIS (ShabbatShalom/Shiva)

Ziva & Eli David | Blown Away

(ziva/eli) never let me go

Navy CIS Ziva/Vance - "Why does it seem so hard?" [10x11,10x12]

I'm only a crack in this schloss of glass [10x11&10x12]

Shoot me down; but I won't fall || 10x12

Navy CIS | Not Alone [10x12]

Tony&Ziva | 10x12 | Zeigen Me A Sign | SPOILERS

Cote de Pablo - Interview

Cote de Pablo - TV Guide Magazine Interview

Cote de Pablo on the Rachael strahl, ray Zeigen

Navy CIS (Eli/Ziva/Vance/Jackie) Forged in Blood

Ziva & Eli David | Turn Your Face

Ziva/Eli - What do Du need [10x11]

ziva david (10x11) | breathing Weltraum *SPOILERS*

[NCIS] Stay

Navy CIS - Calls me Home [Spoilers 10x11]

"He Would Leave Du Alone" || R.I.P

(( Your Sins Are Too Great ))

Navy CIS | 10x11 | (MAJOR SPOILERS) So Cold

Navy CIS | 10x11 | Ziva Mourns (spoilers)

Navy CIS 10x12 Promo "Shiva" (HD)

Navy CIS 10×11 Shabbat Shalom – Sneak Peek

Cote de Pablo Interview CBS This Morning 01/08/2013

Navy CIS 10x11 Shabbat Shalom 30 Sekunde promo - CBS

.NCIS 10.11 Shabbat Shalom 20 Sekunde promo - CBS