AJ Cook should guest star.
Q: For starters, Congrats on winning the December FOTM! What do Du have to say to everyone who voted for you?
A: Thanks to everyone who voted for me… There were a few Fans whom I thought should have been FOTM for December so I am truly honored for the Stimmen I received. Thanks!J

Q: So for those of us who aren't that familar with you, tell us a bit about yourself!
A: Well.. I’m a born & raised Georgia Peach, which really just means I’m a southern girl who lives in Georgia. I Liebe riding Pferde even though I haven’t ridden in a while. I am addicted to crime dramas, I have them all on my dvr. I have a BA in Business Management and work at a student loan office. I have a 5 Monat old niece and my baby sister just turned 16... Can Du say ATTITUDE? :P

Q: When and why did Du start watching NCIS?
A: In the middle of the first season… My roommate got me into watching it.. I Liebe her for it!

Q: If Du could play one character on the show, who would it be and why?
A: Abby… she is her own person.. I Liebe that about her, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks and she always has something up her sleeve that surprises you.

Q: Du get a chance to meet one cast member and ask them only one question. Who would Du choose and what would Du ask them?
A: Mark Harmon, What do Du think about how the Zeigen has changed from the beginning up ‘til now?

Q: Which character do Du think deserves the Weiter centric episode?
A: Honestly? Palmer. To me he’s one of those characters that Du want to know Mehr about but don’t really know why.

Q: If Du could pick one guest star, sterne to appear in the show, who would it be and why?
A: AJ Cook. I loved her on Criminal Minds and she just guest starred on Law & Order: SVU and was absolutely amazing. It would be interesting to see what role she would play on an episode of NCIS.

Q: Which other TV Zeigen would Du like Navy CIS to do a cross-over episode with?
A: Rizzoli & Isles.. For obvious reasons.

Q: What would Du like to see happen before this season‘s finale episode?
A: Mehr McGee & Abby. And of course Mehr Tony & Ziva.

Your Fave:
Season: 2
Character: Gibbs
Episode: Too many to name.
Storyline: Don’t have one.
Cast Member: Pauley Perrette
Couple: Abby & McGee
Friendship: Abby & Gibbs

Your Least Fave:
Season: 4
Character: Director Vance
Episode: Don’t have one.
Storyline: Don’t have one.
Cast Member: Rocky Carroll
Couple: Gibbs & Jenny
Friendship: Gibbs & Vance

Q: What would Du say to people who have never watched Navy CIS before, to persuade them to watch the show?
A: Like Abby says “It’s like pistachios. Du can’t eat just one.” Du can’t watch just one episode… I’ve tried.