They should do another episode with Maddie Tyler in it. I think the beginning of the episode should be police in another state arresting a female driver about 30 for unpaid parking tickets, and theres a dead body in her kofferraum, stamm that she doesnt know about. They run her prints and it pops up on a military database as Kelly Gibbs. Come to find out someone who Lost there Daughter days before the car accident Shannon and Kelly were in replaced their Daughters body who looked eerily similar to Kelly and took Kelly to raise for their own, and she is under the assumption that she was adopted legally and that bother her biological parents are dead. They call Navy CIS director Vance to give him the news and he of course after being completely shocked gives the news to Gibbs. Kelly and Gibbs have an awkward reuniting and shes angry at him that he never knew she was still alive. Maddie finds out and comes and visits. An investigation as to why kelly had a dead guy in her kofferraum, stamm reveals one of Gibbs mortal enemies placed the body there because he tracked his Daughter down. He wanted Gibbs to reunite with his Daughter so it would hurt Mehr when he killed her and he has to lose her a Sekunde time. However Navy CIS figures out the plan and Kelly stays safe, sicher but Maddie is hurt. In the end everyone ends up fine and a story line gets to begin with Gibbs getting to know his Daughter.