(Okay not much for a Titel I know, I know I'm trying to find a better one. lets get on with the story)

Dani Jan Jo was playing out side her house. She was a very pretty little 6 Jahr old girl. She had bright baby blue eyes and midnight black hair. She had her hair in pig-tails. She had pants on to match her eyes and green shirt.

"Dani remember do NOT talk to strangers!" yelled her mom form the pouch

"I know mommy!" Dani said.

Her mom went inside to make lunch. Gust then a man dressed in all black came over and sagte "Hi little girl,"

"Hi," Dani said. Then remembered she should not be talking to strangers and this man was strange to her.

"My name is David what's yours?" he asked.

Dani thought about it for a Sekunde before replying "Dani,"

The man touched her shoulder and sagte "That's a pretty name for a pretty little girl '

"Thanks," she turned towed her house, a choice she would regret for the rest of her life.

"Come here!" David glowed. He snatched Dani up and through her in his van. Dani screaming the whole way.

Dani's mom and dad heard her scream. Her dad, Mark, run in the but didn't make it in time but did get the liens plat number NB1786M

(And not much of a start ether. In the Weiter chapter all of the carters in Navy CIS will be in here. Sorry my hand is hurting bad. Spoiler: Tony and Zeva will datum in later parts and the case will go cold.)