So first off I didn't start watching NCIS: LA until like Deeks came in. At first I was a huge Kensi/Callen fan. But over the year, oder months, I've learned to Liebe Kensi/Deeks. So I then after watching last episode, where Deeks gets shot, I came up with a follow up story, that I hope Du all enjoy!

Just One Kiss:

A few days after Deeks had been shot, he was released, and later at that night was sitting at home, when he heard a knock on the door.
Deeks opened the door, and finds Kensi with a smile on her face.
But there's sadness in her eyes.
"Kensi, what are Du doing here?"
"Oh,um I just wanted to stop by, and check on how Du were doing."
"Well Im fine...." Deeks pauses, "But that's not why Du are really here, is it?"
Kensi shakes her head.
"Well, come on in."
Once inside, Deeks can realizes something is wrong.
"Kensi, what is wrong?" Deeks says softly.
Kensi looks down, and speaks.
"There's uh something I've been trying to tell Du for a while. And I thought that I could just wait. And that I would have forever to say what I want to say." Kensi looks up, and is tearing up, just a bit.
"But when Du got shot I thought I had blown it. That I wouldn't be able to tell you. That I wont be able to say how I feel.
And I know, I can't wait. I couldn't-"
Deeks cuts her off,
"Kensi, are Du going to say what I think you're going to say?"
"And what was I going to say?" Kensi says looking in his eyes.
Deeks pauses, and softly says, "That Du Liebe me."
They both seem to just stare at each other for a while.
Then Kensi steps closer to Deeks, places her hand on his chest, and kisses Deeks.
They both KISS for a moment, then stop.
Kensi looks down, but Deeks softly lifts her chin, and kisses her on the cheek.
Then Kensi turns around, and walks out the door.
Deeks follows her, and stands in his doorway.
"Does that mean we're like a couple?" He calls out in his normal teasing voice.
Kensi turns around, and smiles.
"That's the Deeks I know" She says to herself as she gets into her car.