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Die Fanauswahl: mcgee/abby;
Die Fanauswahl: Tiva - Tony and Ziva
Tiva - Tony and Ziva
Tabby - Tony and Abby
Die Fanauswahl: Zibbs
Die Fanauswahl: Tabby
Die Fanauswahl: Tiva Fanfiction
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mjthevath sagte …
I'm not the biggest Fan Jenny Sheperd. I like Gibbs and the doc a bunch:) they were engaged and then married in Freaky Friday too:) gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Chaann94 sagte …
Shipping confession!
When people ask me who I ship;
I say; "TIVA!"
I think; "some shipping 99% of the people would consider taboo... XD" gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
codecracker3 sagte …
I know theres alot of Ziva, Tony shippers. But I personally like Kate (before she sad!) with Tony. Does anyone else agree? gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
lottieee30 Kommentiert…
i did yess, but then after she died i thought there is no one in this world that can come into Tony's life now and turn it around, but that was before Ziva waltzed in and completely changed it!!! =D Vor mehr als einem Jahr
codecracker3 Kommentiert…
Oh. I'm getting close to the episode when she I guess I'll decide. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
ninjasnow Kommentiert…
I don't romantically ship Kate and Tony, but I LOVED their brother/sister-like relationship Vor mehr als einem Jahr