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posted by kinomotho
....Suddenly Naruto face appear in her dream. "Naruto,.."

"He always be beside me when I need someone. He is the one who make me not to give up easily. He always make everybody feel calm and happy. Naruto always save me when i'm in danger. Naruto always try to fullfill his wishes that he had made."

"I..I..I always burden him and hurt his feeling. What kind of friend me are?"

"I know his feeling toward me,but i ignore it and always remembering Sasuke."


"But, until when I have to wait, until when I want to hurt Naruto feeling. Until when....?????"

Sometime, she can feel Naruto feeling toward her. Sometime, she can feel the warm feeling Naruto gave to her. She quickly open her eye's. "What is this feeling?. "Am i... Nooo,it can't be.."

She hear someone knocked the door. "What time is it.'s already 5.00 am."

"Sakura-chan, sakura-chan., are Du awake?

Sakura open the door.

"Good morninggg, Sakura-chan. Sakura-chan, Godaime tell me that we have a mission to do. Uhhh, that old woman make me wake up early. As a ninja, enough rest are important."

Sakura schlagen, punsch Naruto stomach.

"Don't Du talk about Tsunade sensei like that. As a great ninja, we always must ready for any situation.

"Urghh,that was hurt. I didn't eat anything yet."

Sakura look at Naruto. Deep inside Naruto eye's.

**Forgive me, Naruto..forgive me.......**

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posted by hinatarocks
It's been 5 years since the fight with orochimaru. They are 18 years old now. Sasuke became an anbu along with neji. Naruto and Sakura are both Jounins. Kakashi returned back to Anbu and is captain of Sasuke's team. Hinata became one of the best medic Nin. The other ninja's are either Jounins oder Chuunins.

Today is Valentines Tag so the Hokage, Tsunade, gave everyone a day-off.

Sasuke is walking along the road carrying some flowers. He plans to tell hinata how he feels today. Sasuke have liked her for a long tie now. He liked that she wasn't one of her Fan Clubs like Ino and Sakura. Sasuke became...
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"Full fight from Ultimate Ninja Storm for xbox & ps3"
Naruto shippuuden game
sorry about the bright orange thing,it wont let me post the original for some reason.....
Naruto Shippuuden
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this is an amv for the song/melody I'm not alone. It shows the jinchuriki, the people that died for a good cause and only a few Friends of naruto..
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