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posted by kinomotho
....Suddenly Naruto face appear in her dream. "Naruto,.."

"He always be beside me when I need someone. He is the one who make me not to give up easily. He always make everybody feel calm and happy. Naruto always save me when i'm in danger. Naruto always try to fullfill his wishes that he had made."

"I..I..I always burden him and hurt his feeling. What kind of friend me are?"

"I know his feeling toward me,but i ignore it and always remembering Sasuke."


"But, until when I have to wait, until when I want to hurt Naruto feeling. Until when....?????"

Sometime, she can feel Naruto feeling toward her. Sometime, she can feel the warm feeling Naruto gave to her. She quickly open her eye's. "What is this feeling?. "Am i... Nooo,it can't be.."

She hear someone knocked the door. "What time is it.'s already 5.00 am."

"Sakura-chan, sakura-chan., are Du awake?

Sakura open the door.

"Good morninggg, Sakura-chan. Sakura-chan, Godaime tell me that we have a mission to do. Uhhh, that old woman make me wake up early. As a ninja, enough rest are important."

Sakura schlagen, punsch Naruto stomach.

"Don't Du talk about Tsunade sensei like that. As a great ninja, we always must ready for any situation.

"Urghh,that was hurt. I didn't eat anything yet."

Sakura look at Naruto. Deep inside Naruto eye's.

**Forgive me, Naruto..forgive me.......**

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posted by kinomotho
Sakura was lying on her bett right now. She looking up to the sky, looking on the moon. There's alot of star, sterne tonight.She was thinking about someone..

1 name that always make her happy,
1 name that always make her to smile,
1 name that always make her sad and worry.

'Sasuke,.... where are you?'

She close her eye. Rememdering all the moment she had with sasuke..with team 7.

'Uhh, if Du know how much i miss Du and all the moment.'Sasuke-kun, Du know that I Liebe you..

'I miss your eye's and the way Du looked at me.
'i miss your sweet smile, your voice and all the word you've sagte to me. She smile...
continue reading...
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「NARUTO AMV」Promise Of A Lifetime ᴴᴰ So, this is a collab that I made with marcogr1995 and well, we really hope that Du like it ;) Subscribe to his channel: link
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