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who does naruto,sakura and sasuke end up with?

this is for those of Du who have read the manga..
(I haven't) and I'm just so curious :D who ends up with who? if anybody even does?
How about none with none. :3
xXitachiXx posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Monstrocker posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
nothing bad aginast sakura but i dont see how sakura goes well with sasuke character type. t
Eiae posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 A1Cullen posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Kristy-Kris said:
ok i have read the Manga so this is what i think
Hinata confess to Naruto before sakura but Naruto hasn't reponded to her feeling yet maybe it's cause he doesn't know how to react to them. I know that Sakura confess her Liebe to Naruto and saying that she gegeben up on sasuke but Naruto sagte that she is lying to herself as he remember all the things that sakura has sagte and done for sasuke and that Naruto knows that she is still in Liebe with Sasuke and Sai later tells Naruto that Sakura's confession was actually an attempt to release him from his promise, and possibly distract him while she hunts down Sasuke. Sakura has tried to kill Sasuke but couldn't bring herself to do it and Sasuke tried to kill her (2xs) but so far there has been no official reports of couples yet. but i think there is only two ending
1 - Sasuke dies Von the hands of Naruto
2 - both live and sasuke does come back but he has to pay a heavy price as he is an s rack crimanl*
*if that does happen maybe sakura treats both of their wounds and sasuke start to think about his feeling about his team mates. SasuSaka has a chance like NaruSaku but we haven't got Naruto respond to Hinata feeling yet so there still might be a chance of naruhina. we just have to wait for the Shinobi World War Arc to end and i reckon ther gunna be a long fight scene between Sasuke and Naruto so we have to wait
what i think if if i wasn't trying to sound smart in short: SasuSaku & NaruHina but that how i see it. i could be wrong but no one knows what gunna happen. sorry for the long essay ^^'

Just found out that in chapter 540 when a shoibi tell sakura that he loves her she turns him down saying that she is in Liebe with someone eles. When the ninja heard that he sagte that he must be a great guy and she sadly thinks of... SASUKE so Sakura is still in Liebe with Sasuke
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
I like this anwser =)
AstroLove11 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Maybe Kakashi
Karin89 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Maybe Kakashi
Karina59 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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