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I will exclude moments that can be seen as only friendship moments, no romance intonations at all.

1.) When he dragged her along in Hargeon and told her to Mitmachen Fairy Tail
2.) When she held him back during the Lullaby arc
3.) In Galuna Island when he saved her from the poison
4.) When he went for her rescue in Phantom Lord arc
5.) When he caught her when she was falling out of the tower and she yelled out his name, being sure that he would be there to catch her.

1.) Happy in Boots: She's a princess and she falls in Liebe with him without even knowing him, but he has become barbaric...
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■INFO : In the Kürzlich twitter Hiro Mashima, Du can see a picture of Lucy Natsu Küssen in wedding dress Design byDesign Hiro Mashima.
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the Autor himself (see picture). The Autor also has a "NaLu" Profil on his account to tweet.
■OTHER INFO : The director of the movie of Fairy Tail in an interview sagte : Hiro Mashima wanted of the romance between Natsu and Lucy in the movie.
■"RECENT INFO" : Later of length look for for the fans, we have the confirmation of Natsu and Lucy and of their unions. We were also able to see in the former interview of the Autor dating 2012...
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×☆× NaLu Tag MEP 2013 ×☆× It have Begun:D
Nalu <3
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Title: A Tag of Firsts

Characters: Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia (pairing)

Summary: The first time that Natsu Dragneel kissed a girl was also the first time that Lucy Heartfilia realized her partner was nowhere near as dense as she’d previously imagined him to be.

Also on and ao3.

Extra: My fill for Tag 5 of Nalu Week, First. Kind of M rated.

Put my lips on your mouth, keep Du commin around, cause I like it. Put your hands on my hips, take me down, sink this ship. Boy, I can’t resist.

The first time that Natsu Dragneel kissed a girl was also the first time that Lucy Heartfilia realized...
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Lucy sat on the chair in front of a feuer place. She had a thick blanket wrapped around her, her hair down and her nose red. She sneezed, the hot Schokolade in her mug swooshing around.

She sniffed in annoyance. “Damn cold" she murmured, one hand on Plue’s head. She took a sip of her hot chocolate, the warm liquid running down her throat.

She watched the feuer flicker around, her eyes softening. “Fire…" she murmured. She let out a small sigh. “Where is Natsu?" she asked herself. Usually he would be here. In her house.

But right now he wasn’t in it, oder even near it for that...
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I wished this really happened in the ova X3 This is fanmade, and it's really amazing work :)
Nalu <3