I'm just speaking my mind here so bare with me.I hear that Nala's father is Mufasa,Scar,A rogue lion. It's not up to me but what Du believe in The Lion King to be. Now what I believe TLK to be is totally different. I think that Nala's father was a king (not Mufasa) Sarafina was a Queen and their Pride was called the Downwind Pride. Cause in TLK2 I heard Kiara say to Kovu "then Bewegen Downwind" that's how I came up with that idea...Besides that. Sarafina got pregnant with Nala but before she was born their Pride got attacked Von an unknown rival Pride seeking for vengence oder something.(you decide).The king knows that Sarafina and Nala will die if he did'nt do somthing. so he told her to leave the land while he stayed to keep them away from Sarafina and Nala. It was hard for Sarafina to leave her one and only behind like that but she had no choice. For the sake of her cub she ran as fast as she could to get away from the unknown rival. It was dark and dry,no water, Sarafina covered alot of ground to get away from the rival. Sarafina gently lied down on her side to get some rest for the Weiter morning... Sarafina woke up the Weiter morning she looked up and scar was looking right at her asking her with a hate in his eye's "who are you" Sarafina tried to explain but Scar keeps on interupting her. Then Scar sagte "you are not part of this Pride" then he growls deeply with an evil look on his face ready to jump on her. Sarafina embraced,ready to die with her unborn cub. Then Sarabi jumps out,stands over Sarafina and Sarabi sagte "No!I'll Take her to Mufasa". Sarabi took Sarafina to Mufasa,Sarafina told her story and Mufasa Granted her to stay in the Pridelands.