Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Rarity, Applejack, and regenbogen Dash were at Carousel Botique. Du can guess what they're doing.

regenbogen Dash: *In a fancy dress* Come on Rarity! Me, and AJ don't wanna do this anymore!
Applejack: *Wearing a maid's outfit* Du sagte we'd only try on two outfits. Du made us wear seven!
Rarity: Complaining will get us nowhere. Now stand still. *Hears someone banging on her door* Who could that be? *Opens the door*
Diamond Dogs: Hi ponies!
Rarity: *Clears throat*
Fido: Oh no! It's that whining pony!
Spot: The one that stahl, stola all of our rubies!
regenbogen Dash: *Gets out of her dress*
Applejack: *Gets out of the maid's outfit* What do y'all want?
Rover: Revenge!
Spot: *Shows gem to Rarity* Du see this?
regenbogen Dash: That looks kinda like the gem Gilda had to teleport us into Medieval times.
Fido: Teleport?
Spot: What does it mean to teleport?

The gem started to glow.

Rarity, Applejack, and regenbogen Dash: NO!!

The gem teleported Rarity, regenbogen Dash, and applejack into a hot air balloon that was empty. The Diamond Hunde weren't so lucky.

Diamond Dogs: *Standing on air* Uh oh. *Falling*
Rarity: Hahahaha!
regenbogen Dash: That'll Zeigen 'em not to mess with us!
Applejack: Just one question. Where are we?
Rarity: Hm, I don't know.
regenbogen Dash: *Looks down into the ocean below the hot air balloon, and sees a pirate ship*

Cannons were heard being shot

Theme song: link

Rarity: Where are we regenbogen Dash?
regenbogen Dash: I'd say we were teleported into the early 1800's. We're dealing with pirates.
Applejack: Oh boy.

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Just Be Me

Episode 2: Ponies Of The Carribean

Based off of the video Von AgrolChannel on youtube.


regenbogen Dash
and Rarity

Also starring

The ponies

Larry Wilcox
Erik Estrada
Leaf Pile
Max McGarrett
Sweetie Belle
And Derpy Hooves as Hungry

Also starring the Diamond Hunde

Indiana Bones
and Mickey

Rover, Spot, and Fido were falling down towards the ocean.

Spot: Someone help us!!
Fido: *Sees a pirate ship* Hey look. A boat.

All three of them safely landed on the pirate ship.

Indiana Bones: Hey! Look at those three.
Luxor: They fell from heaven.
James: It's the gods we've been praying for to help us.
Rover: Uh.. What?
Bowler: Bow down to the gods.

Everyone on the ship was a diamond dog, and they were all bowing down to Rover, and his two companions.

Mickey: What would the gods want us to do for them first?
Rover: Excuse us for a moment. *Walks with Spot, and Fido away from the other diamond dogs*
Spot: What is the matter with-
Rover: lower your voice. we don't want them to hear us.
Fido: why do they think we're gods?
Rover: that gem we had must have done the teleportation thingy the blue pony mentioned, and it also made us time travel into a different time period.
Spot: that mule, and her Friends are still in that hot air balloon. they probably have a lot of food, and treasure.
Fido: these other diamond Hunde are willing to help us, so if we team up with them, we'll kill the mule, and her two friends.

They went back to the other diamond dogs.

Rover: We're back.
Mickey: What would Du like us to do for you?
Fido: Tell us what Jahr this is.
James: 1801 gods.
Spot: Du do not have to call us gods. We are just diamond Hunde like you. My name is Spot.
Rover: I'm Rover, and this is Fido.
Fido: Pleased to meet you.
Martin: Pleased to meet Du as well.
Chowder: Is there anything else Du want us to do?
Rover: There are three ponies. A white unicorn, a blue pegasus, and an orange earth pony with a brown hat. We need your help to kill them.
James: We will help Du in any way we can. Right fellas?
Diamond Dogs: Uh, what did he say?
James: I said... We will help Du in any way we can! Right fellas?!
Diamond Dogs: Oh yeah, of course we can. No problem.

Meanwhile, the hot air balloon was losing altitude.

regenbogen Dash: If Du didn't put out the fire, we wouldn't be in this mess!
Rarity: I thought it was going to kill us!
Applejack: There was supposed to be a feuer there Rarity!
Rarity: Well I thought it was going to kill us! Du can thank me for saving your life later.
regenbogen Dash: Yeah right.
Applejack: *Looks down into the ocean* I see a pirate ship. Let's get the balloon closer, and get on board.
regenbogen Dash: I got an idea. *Flies out of the hot air balloon, and gets a rope from the hot air balloon. She ties it onto part of a ship*
Erik: Hey! What do Du think you're doing?!
regenbogen Dash: That hot air balloon is running low on altitude, and we can't do anything about it! We need to save the ponies on board.
Erik: Alright.
Larry: *Runs towards Erik* What's the matter?
Erik: This blue pony is helping two others in a hot air balloon.
regenbogen Dash: AJ, Rarity, Du okay in there?!
Applejack: Yeah.
Rarity: We're going to jump on board now.

applejack jumped on with no difficulty, but when Rarity jumped, she landed on the edge, and was holding on trying to get herself up.

Rarity: A little help please?
Erik: Allow me. *Helps Rarity onto the ship*
Rarity: Thank you.
Erik: *Leans on a Wand standing on his back legs*
Rarity: *Also standing on her back legs, leaning against Erik* You're a sexy gentlecolt.
Applejack: She sagte sexy.
regenbogen Dash: Take out the y, and what do Du get?
Applejack: Sex.
Erik: Whoa, easy! *Gets away from Rarity, and stands Weiter to regenbogen Dash* I like mares, but I don't like them rough.
Rarity: Fine! I'll just find someone else on this ship to have sex with, stallion, oder mare.
Applejack: Probably both. *Laughs*

regenbogen Dash, Larry, and Erik laughed with her.

Hungry: Enough!
Erik: Oh Hungry. We saved three ponies from a falling hot air balloon.
Hungry: Excellent. Now I must give them the pirate initiation. What is 1 plus 1?
regenbogen Dash: Uhh.. 2?
Applejack: 2.
Rarity: 2.
Hungry: Wrong! The correct answer is... Uh.... Is it really 2?
regenbogen Dash: Yes!
Hungry: Oh. Never mind, you're right. Welcome to my pirate crew. Du already met Larry Wilcox, and Erik Estrada. They seem to make the best chips ever. They might as well become chips. Let me introduce Du to the rest of the crew. *Leaves*
regenbogen Dash: remember how we got back into the present after gilda got us into medieval times?
Applejack: we killed her.
Rarity: now we have to kill the diamond dogs, but where are they?
regenbogen Dash: i don't know. that's the part that worries me.
Hungry: *Returns with with three other ponies* Here they are. Meet Leaf Pile, Max McGarrett, and Donut.
Rarity: *Falling in Liebe with all three stallions*
Applejack: Pleased to meet you.
Leaf Pile: Likewise.
Max: We're glad you're in our crew with us.
Donut: It's a real honor to have you.
regenbogen Dash: It's a real honor to be with you.

Now that Applejack, regenbogen Dash, and Rarity were in a pirate crew, they needed to find Rover, and the other diamond dogs.

Hungry was in her office on the ship, when she heard someone knock on the door.

Hungry: Come in.
regenbogen Dash: *Walks in with Applejack, and Rarity*
Hungry: Hi.
Applejack: We need your help with something.
Hungry: I'll help Du with anything. As long as Du give me at least five muffins.
Rarity: Did they even have muffins during this time period?
regenbogen Dash: I don't think so. I didn't even know Du could make chips.
Hungry: What's the problem Du want me to help Du with?
regenbogen Dash: There are three diamond Hunde that want us dead. We want to kill them first.
Hungry: Okay. Me, and my crew will help you, if Du do something for us.
Rarity: And that is?
Hungry: Help us find buried treasure.
Applejack: Is that all?
Hungry: Yeah. We've been searching for years, but we were never able to find it.
regenbogen Dash: Do Du have a map?
Hungry: What's a map?
Applejack: That's not a good answer.
Hungry: It's not an answer, it's a question.
Applejack: That makes it worse.
regenbogen Dash: When Du go on these treasure hunts, Du need a map. Do Du at least know where the treasure is located?
Hungry: I think it's at an island thirty five miles north of Australia.
regenbogen Dash: And where are we?
Max: LAND HO!!!
Hungry: Let's go see what's going on.

Hungry, and the three mares walked outside of the office, and saw they were heading towards an island with lots of sugar cane.

Applejack: It must be Hawaii.

The ship stopped, and everypony got off.

Hawaiian pony 643: What can I do for Du all?
Hungry: I'm looking for a treasure map.
Hawaiian pony 643: Go to a shack painted in green, and yellow. It shouldn't be hard to find.
regenbogen Dash: *Flies up into the air, and looks around* I see it. Follow me. *Flies to the green, and yellow shack*
Ponies: *Following regenbogen Dash*

Song: link

Meanwhile with the diamond dogs.

Chowder: *Gives bowl of Obst to Rover*
Rover: I told Du forty five times I'm not hungry!!
Chowder: What about Spot, and Fido?
Rover: They're not hungry either!!
Fido: We just want to find that white mule, and kill her along with her friends!
Martin: *In the lookout tower, looking through a microscope* Captain, unidentified object in front of us!
Indiana Bones: Steer right!!
Luxor: *Steers the ship to the right*
Martin: It's moving!!!
Indiana Bones: What?
Martin: The object is moving!!

It turned out to be Opalescence as a sea monster.

James: Sea Monster!!
Indiana Bones: Quick, get all of the cannons ready!
Opalescence: *Getting towards the ship*
Martin: She's getting close. *Grabs a pistol*
Opalescence* ROOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!!!
James: Fire! *Shoots cannon*
Bowler, Chowder, and Mickey: *Shoots cannons*
Opalescence: *Avoids kanone fire, then grabs one of the kanone balls. She throws it at the ship, and it gets a hole in the bottom, making it sink*
Mickey: The ship is sinking!!!!
Indiana Bones: Quickly, to the life boats!
Martin: Hold on sir! I see a repair Shop nearby! We'll stop our ship there!
Indiana Bones: Perfect! Get there right away!!!

Everyone in Hungry's pirate crew got to the green, and yellow shack where a pony was selling maps.

Map Pony: Yes?
Hungry: We want a pirate map.
Map Pony: And why do Du want one of those?
Hungry: Because we're pirates. We're looking for buried treasure.
Map Pony: A stupid pony like Du shouldn't be going on a pirate journey.
Hungry: I'm not stupid.
regenbogen Dash: Look, we need this map to find treasure. Now hurry up, and give it to us.
Map Pony: And what if I don't want to?
regenbogen Dash: Max?
Max: *Gives regenbogen Dash his sword*
regenbogen Dash: *Points sword at the map pony*
Map Pony: Uh, okay. Take the map. It's free.
regenbogen Dash: *Gives map to Hungry*
Hungry: Yay!

When we last saw the diamond dogs, they got their ship attacked Von a sea monster. It was now sinking, but they were close to a repair Shop for fixing boats.

Indiana Bones: Good work everyone.
Repair Pony: Diamond Dogs? Forget it, I'm not fixing your boat.
Rover: *Jumps out of the boat, and lands Weiter to the repair pony* Du better fix it. *Grabs a pistol, and points it at the pony* oder else.
Repair Pony: Okay, okay. I'll fix the ship.
Rover: He sagte he'll fix the ship.
Diamond Dogs: *Cheering*

* * *

Hungry: Okay everypony, we should be going Southwest.
Erik: Our compass says we're going south.
Hungry: Leaf Pile, turn the ship towards the right a little bit.
Leaf Pile: Will do Hungry. *Slowly turns the ship to the right*
Erik: Almost there... almost.. Perfect!
Leaf Pile: *Stops turning the ship to the right*
Erik: The compass says we're going South west.
Donut: Excellent. I cannot wait to get that treasure.
regenbogen Dash: *Looking in the water, and looks concerned* I don't know if we'll make it.
Larry: *Looks in front of the ship*

Opalescence arrived, and threatened to wreck their ship.

Song: link

Hungry: What's going on?
Applejack: It's a sea monster!!
Rarity: It looks almost like-
Opalescence: ROOOOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rarity: Opal?!!? *Faints*
Hungry: Get her into my office.
Max & Applejack: *Carrying Rarity to Hungry's office*
Hungry: What do we do now?
regenbogen Dash: I don't know about you, but I'll just be me.
Hungry: Huh?
regenbogen Dash: *Grabs two swords, and flies to Opalescence*
Opalescence: ROOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!
regenbogen Dash: Oh shut up. *Cuts off one tentacle* She's got six tentacles. One down, five to go.
Opalescence: ROOOOOOOAR!!!! *Swings her tentacles at regenbogen Dash*
regenbogen Dash: *Gets hit* Whoa! *Quickly recovers, and cuts off another tentacle*
Applejack: *Runs to the front of the ship with Hungry* regenbogen Dash! Do Du need help?!
regenbogen Dash: Try to distract her while I cut off the other tentacles.
Applejack: Let's get downstairs, and use the cannons. *Goes downstairs with Hungry*

The other ponies were cheering for regenbogen Dash, hoping she would defeat the monster threatening them.

regenbogen Dash: *Dodges two tentacles heading towards her, but get wrapped around Von another tentacle*
Opalescence: *Smiles when she sees regenbogen Dash in her grasp. She puts her in the water, and drowns her*
Larry: She's drowning regenbogen Dash! Hurry up down there!!!
Applejack: We're doing our best!
Hungry: *Shoots the cannon*
Opalescence: *Gets a tentacle shot off from the cannon*
regenbogen Dash: *Feels the tentacle go lower into the water, but feels the grip loosen. She notices that the tentacle holding her has been shot off. Quickly, she swims up to the surface*
Erik: Use your pistols everypony!!
Max: *Shoots Opalescence*
Donut: *Shoots Opalescence*
regenbogen Dash: *Climbs up on the ship*
Leaf Pile: regenbogen Dash made it!!
Applejack: *Shoots cannon*
Opalescence: *Gets shot, and falls into the water*

Stop the song

regenbogen Dash: *Looks in the water* She's not coming up!
Applejack: *Watches Opalescence's body rise, but she doesn't do anything* She ain't moving.
regenbogen Dash: We took down the monster.
Ponies: *Cheering*

After some time passed, the diamond Hunde got their ship repaired. Well, actually they didn't do anything. They just watched the repair pony fix their ship.

Repair Pony: There. Your ship has been repaired. It'll cost you-
Indiana Bones: *Shoots the ground near the pony's hoof* We won't be paying anything if Du don't mind.
Repair Pony: *Nervous* Uh no. I don't mind. Go ahead. The repairs are free.
Indiana Bones: Just the way we like it. Right fellas?
Diamond Dogs: Yeah.

As they were getting their ship out of the repairs, Martin went back into the guard tower, and looked through his microscope.

James: Do Du see anything?
Martin: Yes sir. There's a pirate ship in front of us. I see three ponies. A blue one, a white one, and an orange one with a brown hat.
James: I'll get Rover.

Meanwhile, in the ship regenbogen Dash was in with Applejack, Rarity, and Hungry's pirate crew.

Hungry: *Looking at the map, and a compass*
Rarity: How is it going?
Hungry: We seem to be making progress.
Erik: *Arrives* Hungry, there's another pirate ship following us.
Hungry: I wonder who that could be?
Erik: Larry is looking at them now.
Larry: *Looking at the ship behind him with a microscope*
Max: *Stops Weiter to Larry* Erik wants to know who's on there.
Larry: Tell him that they're diamond dogs. Steer the ship left, and see what happens.
Max: Right away.
regenbogen Dash: *Looking at the map with Hungry, and Rarity* I'd say we're twenty nine miles from the island.
Erik: Twenty seven in my mind.
Max: *Arrives*
Erik: What did he say?
Max: There are diamond Hunde on the pirate ship behind us. I'm going to steer left, and see if they follow us.
Erik: Alright.
Max: *Runs to the helm. He steers the ship left*
Spot: They're turning left! Follow them!
Luxor: *Steers the ship to the left*
Larry: They're following us!
Max: *Steers the ship back to the right*
Donut: Let's grab our guns, and shoot at them! *Grabs a pistol, and runs to the back of the ship*

Everypony followed Donut, and they had guns.

Chowder: Those ponies have guns!
Bowler: Let's get ours then!
Mickey: *Grabs a musket*
James: Du might wanna use a pistol like the rest of us. That thing takes too long to load.
Mickey: I'm using it for the firepower.
regenbogen Dash: *Shoots at the diamond dogs*
Spot: *Sees the bullet hit the ship* Return fire!! Don't stop shooting until they die!
Fido: *Shoots at Applejack*
Applejack: *Ducks, but sees her hat get shot off of her head* Nopony shoots my hat! *Returns fire*
James: *Gets shot*
Martin: Man down!
Indiana Bones: *Shoots at Applejack*
Applejack: *Dodges bullet* Why are they all shooting at me?!!?
regenbogen Dash: They must really like you.
Rarity: Then why are they shooting at her?
regenbogen Dash: Du wanna shut up, and help us?
Rarity: Oh no, I was gonna go downstairs, and look for somepony that wanted to have sex-
regenbogen Dash: There's no time for that!!
Rarity: Come on!
Applejack: Help us, oder go away!
Rarity: Fine! *Grabs a pistol, and shoots at the diamond dogs*
Luxor: *Gets shot Von Rarity*
Rarity: I got one! *Gets excited* I got one!
Applejack: Great Rarity, don't get cocky! *Shoots her gun*
Mickey: *Shoots at Hungry*
Hungry: Whoa! *Dodges bullet* That nearly hit me!
regenbogen Dash: Are Du okay?
Hungry: Yeah. *Shoots gun*
Indiana Bones: *Dodges Hungry's bullet* Shoot that grey pegasus!
Spot: *Shoots Hungry*
Hungry: No!! *Falls on the ground*
Erik: They shot our leader!! *Shoots Mickey*
Mickey: *Falls on the ground, and accidentally shoots Fido*
Rover: Fido!!
Spot: No!!!
regenbogen Dash: *Shoots the bottom of the boat*
Rover: We got another hole in our boat!
Indiana Bones: Leave them alone! We'll patch up the hole, and chase them later!
Rover: Very well.
Applejack: They're turning around!
Donut: Good. It's too bad they killed Hungry though.
Rarity: She was a good leader.
regenbogen Dash: Even if she was stupid.
Larry: A men.

Water was leaking into the diamond dog's ship, and they had to fix it.

Spot: Where is that hole? Where is it?! Where? Where?! WHERE?!!?
Rover: Uh... It's right here.
Spot: *Sees the hole* oh.
Indiana Bones: How are we going to fix this?
Rover: Get some hammers, and nails, and some pieces of wood. We'll fix it.
Indiana Bones: Well make it quick!

As for the ponies.

Larry: With Hungry dead, we must vote on who will be the new leader.
regenbogen Dash: Du vote on these things?
Erik: Yeah. What do Du suggest we do? Forget about the entire thing?
Rarity: I already forgot what we were talking about, so yes.
regenbogen Dash: Well I was thinking that we have a contest, and whoever does the best is the winner.
Larry: That takes too much time. We vote on it.
Applejack: What if someone gets voted to be the leader, and they don't want to be it?
Max: Too bad.
Leaf Pile: They're the leader whether they like it, oder not.
Donut: It's time to begin.

The voting only took 90 seconds.

Larry: I'm looking at the Stimmen now. We got two Stimmen for regenbogen Dash. One for Applejack, and five for Leaf Pile.
Leaf Pile: WHAT?! But I don't wanna be the leader!!
regenbogen Dash: Du sagte whoever got the most Stimmen was leader, whether they liked it, oder not!
Leaf Pile: Well... I lied! Let Donut be the leader!
Donut: Too late. You're our new leader.
Leaf Pile: *Sighs* That was stupid. I knew we should've gone for that contest regenbogen Dash mentioned.
Larry: If Du die, we'll have a contest Weiter time we decide who the new leader is.
Leaf Pile: *Angry, and sarcastic* Oh, that's very helpful!

Half an Stunde later.

Larry: *Looking through a microscope* Leaf!!
Leaf Pile: *Runs to Larry* What is it?
Larry: I think I see land. It's far away.
Leaf Pile: Land ho!! Ten miles away!!

Back to the diamond Hunde

Rover: The hole is fixed.
Indiana Bones: *Looks at the patched hole*

The hole was poorly patched up, and was barely keeping any of the water out.

Indiana Bones: Du nincompoops! Du only got part of the hole covered!
Spot: Part of the hole is better then none of it.
Indiana Bones: What kind of gods are you?
Rover: We're not gods.
Spot: We just fell from the sky.
Indiana Bones: Go scrub the küche floor!
Rover: *Leaves with Spot*
Indiana Bones: idiots. *Starts to fix the damage on the ship* The only way Du can get things done around here is if Du do them yourself.

regenbogen Dash, Rarity, and applejack got to the island with the five ponies on the pirate ship. They walked off the ship after putting down the anchor, and were on the island.

Leaf Pile: We're here. Now let's get that pirate map, and look for the treasure.
Rarity: *Realizes something* Oh, about the treasure map.
Leaf Pile: Yes Rarity?
Rarity: Remember when we were dumping Hungry's body over the edge, and into the ocean?
Erik: Du didn't leave the map with her.
Larry: Did you?
Rarity: Well, Du see... Yes.
Donut: Darn it!
Leaf Pile: Now how are we supposed to find the treasure?!
regenbogen Dash: Stay positive everypony. We'll find the treasure with, oder without the map.
Applejack: What makes Du so sure we can find it Miss. Optimistic?
regenbogen Dash: Every place that has treasure dug up always has an X marked on it. Right?
Donut: Hey, she's right.
Max: Clever.
Leaf Pile: She's a very clever pony. How are we going to find it though?
regenbogen Dash: Leave that to me. I'll fly up, and look for it in the sky. *Flies up*

While regenbogen Dash was searching for the X on the ground, a group of pigs carrying spears walked towards the other ponies.

Pigs: Halt!
Rarity: *Screams*
Spa'am: Silence, talking ponies. Du have been caught trespassing on Pig Island. I am Spa'am. Leader of the pigs, and famous character in Muppet Treasure Island.
Rarity: I wouldn't say famous. Mehr like filthy-
Spa'am: Silence!
regenbogen Dash: *Finds the X* There it is. Now to- *Sees the pigs* Uh oh. My Friends are in trouble.
Spa'am: And now, prepare to die.
regenbogen Dash: *Flies down, and lands between Spa'am, and the ponies* Not so fast!
Spa'am: Yes so fast flying regenbogen she pony. Du are trapped, and now me, and my tribe will kill all of you.
regenbogen Dash: *Grabs a pistol, and shoots off a part of Spa'am's hat*

Every other pony grabbed their swords, and guns.

Spa'am: We see Du have boom boom sticks..... Bye bye. *Leaves with his tribe*
regenbogen Dash: Too easy. Let's find that treasure.

This is what was currently happening with the diamond dogs.

Indiana Bones: *Fixes the hole in the ship* Finally. Now how are we going to get the water that came into this ship out?
Rover: Try a vacuum cleaner?
Indiana Bones: What's that?
Rover: Wait for over a hundred years, and you'll find out.
Bowler: *Runs downstairs* Mr. Bones! chowder wants to Zeigen Du something!
Indiana Bones: I'll be right there.
Bowler: Good sir. *Runs back upstairs*
Indiana Bones: *Goes upstairs with Rover*
Chowder: *Looking through a microscope*
Indiana Bones: What is it Chowder?
Chowder: Land sir. See for yourself.
Indiana Bones: *Takes the microscope, and looks through it* You're right, but what's that to the right? Looks like another ship.
Chowder: I don't know sir. It's too far away to tell.
Indiana Bones: If that is another pirate ship, we'll kill it's captain, and the entire crew.
Chowder: Aye aye.

regenbogen Dash was leading everypony to where she found the X.

regenbogen Dash: We're almost there.
Max: Which direction do we go?
regenbogen Dash: Once we pass that rock, we gotta go left.

They turned left after passing a rock, and found the X.

Erik: There it is.
Leaf Pile: We found it.
Larry: Let's dig it up.
Dount: But we didn't bring any shovels.
Leaf Pile: No shovels?!!?
Applejack: I'm a fast digger, even without a shovel. Leave it to me.

Everyone started to stand back.

Applejack: *Begins digging, and has a lot of dirt flying into the air*
Others: *Watching the dirt fly over them*
Applejack: *Throws a treasure chest into the air*
Rarity: *Screams, and gets squashed Von the treasure chest*
Applejack: *Comes up from the hole, and sees Rarity* Whoops.
Rarity: mh mh mh mh mh.
Applejack: What did she say?
regenbogen Dash: I think she sagte she's mad at you.
Applejack: Sorry Rarity. I wanted the treasure chest to land on regenbogen Dash.
regenbogen Dash: *Sad* Why?
Applejack: Because I hate you.
regenbogen Dash: Why do Du hate me?
Applejack: Du got us into this mess!
Max: What is she talking about?
regenbogen Dash: Leaf, do Du mind leaving me alone with Applejack? What we have to talk about is private.
Leaf Pile: Sure. Okay everyone, let's leave regenbogen Dash alone with her friends. We'll wait for Du Von the ship.

As soon as they left, regenbogen Dash, and applejack began their conversation.

regenbogen Dash: Why are Du blaming me for this AJ?
Applejack: Because Du mentioned that the gem those diamond Hunde had was the same type of gem Gilda had when she teleported us into the medieval times.
regenbogen Dash: So?
Applejack: When they sagte teleported, it actually teleported us.
regenbogen Dash: How was I supposed to know that? The same thing could have happened to you, oder anyone else!
Applejack: It could have, but it didn't.
Rarity: *Pushes the chest off of herself* I've had enough of hearing Du two quarrel.
Applejack: Oh shut up Rarity! All Du care about is sex!
Rarity: I most certainly do not!!
regenbogen Dash: Applejack, the reason we're here is because those diamond Hunde want to kill us. We have to work as a team to stop them. If we kill them, we can go back to Equestria, during the present.
Applejack: We better stop them, otherwise, I'm-
Leaf Pile: *Returns* Ladies, we have a problem!
Rarity: What is it?
Leaf Pile: The ship is missing!
regenbogen Dash: *Runs onto the strand with her friends*
Leaf Pile: This is not good.
Erik: What are we going to do?
regenbogen Dash: I think I know what we can do. Me, and Leaf Pile will fly onto the ship, and Du Einhörner can teleport yourselves, as well as our earth ponies, and we fight whoever stahl, stola our ship.
Applejack: If only I wasn't an earth pony.
Max: Be careful what Du wish for.
Erik: Hey, I don't mind not having wings, oder a horn.
Larry: Wait. Last week, Du told me Du were crying about being just an earth pony.
Erik: Well......

Last week

Erik: *Laying on the ground as he cries at the back of the ship* Why can't I be a pegasus?! oder a unicorn?! Is that too much to ask for?!!?

Erik had a blank expression on his face, as he remembered what he did last week.

Erik: Oh yeah.
regenbogen Dash: We better hurry up. They're getting away.
Leaf Pile: Alright, let's do this.

As regenbogen Dash, and Leaf Pile flew to the ship, Rarity, and Donut teleported everyone else onto the ship.

On the ponies ship was Rover, Martin, and Indiana Bones. The other diamond Hunde were on their ship.

Martin: They may have the treasure, but they can't do anything about it!
Indiana Bones: *Looks up the watchtower* How's it going up there Rover?
Rover: Two pegasi flying towards us with swords.
Indiana Bones: They must want this ship back.
Rarity: *Arrives on the ship with the other ponies*
Martin: Drat. We're surrounded.
Indiana Bones: Don't worry, we'll stop them. As long as Spot, Bowler, and chowder come towards us.
regenbogen Dash: *Lands on the ship, and knocks out Indiana Bones*
Leaf Pile: I'm gonna put the treasure inside. *Runs downstairs with the treasure*
Indiana Bones: Du fools. Do Du realize that Du won't win?
regenbogen Dash: That's what Du think, but we'll beat you.
Indiana Bones: *Shouts to the other ship* Now Spot!
Spot, Bowler, and Chowder: *Grab pistols, and shoot at the ponies*
Leaf Pile: *Returns from putting the treasure downstairs* Return feuer everypony.
regenbogen Dash: Rarity, Applejack, we gotta kill Rover.
Applejack: Right behind you.
Rarity: The sooner, the better.

As they climbed up the watchtower, this song was playing: link

Martin and Indiana Bones: *Climbing after regenbogen Dash*
Rarity: *Kicks Martin three times*
regenbogen Dash: *Almost at the oben, nach oben of the tower*
Rover: *Shoots regenbogen Dash*
regenbogen Dash: *Gets hit in the wing, then falls under Applejack, and Rarity. She's still on the tower, but she is with Martin and Indiana Bones*
Rover: *Runs out of ammo for his gun, and throws it at Applejack*
Applejack: *Catches the gun, and throws it back at Rover*
Rover: *Gets hit, and falls down*
Rarity: Nice work.
Applejack: What about regenbogen Dash?

She was fighting Martin, and Indiana Bones as they were holding onto the tower. The three of them were at the center of the tower.

Rarity: Are Du alright Rainbow?
regenbogen Dash: I'm fine, just get to the top, and wait for me!
Martin: You're a liar, and a weakling. Du won't defeat us.
regenbogen Dash: *Punches Martin*
Applejack: With Rover dead, we just need to have Spot killed so we can go home.
Spot: *Shoots Donut, and Max*
Leaf Pile: We got two ponies down!
Applejack: *Grabs her gun, and shoots at Max*
Rarity: Darling, it doesn't seem to be working.
Applejack: We're too far away. We just have to let the others take him down.
regenbogen Dash: *Gets punched in the eye, and blood comes out of it*
Rarity: *Looks down* Oh dear, regenbogen Dash is getting hurt badly.
Applejack: Then let's help her. Get your gun!
regenbogen Dash: *Kicks Indiana Bones*
Indiana Bones: *Falls a short distance, but quickly grabs onto the tower, and watches Martin fight regenbogen Dash*
Martin: *Chokes regenbogen Dash while slamming her head onto the tower*
Indiana Bones: *Climbing back up*
regenbogen Dash: *Kicks Indiana Bones*
Indiana Bones: ah! *Falls down, and dies when he lands on the floor*
Martin: *Still choking regenbogen Dash* I told Du we would beat you.
Applejack: *Shoots at Martin*
Rarity: *Shoots at Martin*
regenbogen Dash: *Nearly gets hit Von one of the bullets, but she manages to break free from Martin's grip*
Martin: Now what are Du going to do weakling?
regenbogen Dash: Just be me.
Martin: What?
regenbogen Dash: *Breaks Martin's neck with one punch*

As for Spot.

Spot: *Watches Bowler, and chowder get shot, then shoots at Leaf Pile*
Leaf Pile: *Taking cover* Kill that crazy diamond dog now!
Larry: *Shoots Spot*
Spot: *Dies*
regenbogen Dash: Hey they did it!
Applejack: Yeehaw!

The song fades away as regenbogen Dash, Applejack, and Rarity return to Equestria, at February 24, 2015.

Rarity & Applejack: *Looking at regenbogen Dash with worried expressions*
regenbogen Dash: What?
Applejack: Your eye is bleeding.
regenbogen Dash: Oh, that. It's happened to me several times, I'll be fine.
Rarity: Are Du sure?
regenbogen Dash: Hey, Du nearly shot me.
Applejack: She's got a point.

Just then, the cutie mark crusaders arrived.

Applebloom: Applejack, where have Du been?
Sweetie Belle: I was so worried about Du being gone Rarity!
Scootaloo: *Sees regenbogen Dash's bloody eye* What happened to you?
regenbogen Dash: Come with us, and we'll tell Du all about it.

The End

Just Be Me Episode 2: SeanTheHedgehog. Copyright 2015
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see.