My very first Fan fiction, all the way from 2012. Is it perfect? Not exactly, but it's the start to an excellent series. As Du continue on to the newer stories, it gets better, and better.

Robotnik says, "Snoopi-" He forgot what he was going to say, but instantly remembered. "Snooping as usual I see!"

October 31, 2012

My name is Sean The Hedgehog. I was born in a place called Mobius, and lived there with my cousin Sonic. Mobius is nice, but it gets attacked a lot Von a guy named Robotnik. He noticed how powerful i was, and decided to turn me into a robot. So i moved out of Mobius, and ended up somewhere i liked, but did not know existed. It happened when I used chaos control. I was in my car, with all my stuff packed, shoes, guns, ammo, etc. I drove for a while then used my chaos emerald. "Chaos Control!", and thats when it happened. I ended up here in one shot which was surprising because it usually takes me Mehr then one try, because I'm not good with chaos control. Anyway I'm here and I know where I am as soon as i see a rosa pony. I know exactly who she is because of her mane and cutie mark of balloons. I get out of my car to say hi to her, but before my mouth opens, the pony speaks and says, "Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie. Who are you?". I tell her who i am and that i was a hedgehog. While telling her this, she notices my car, a blue 1969 corvette. "What's that behind you?" she asks pointing at my car. "That is a car," I say, but she looks puzzled. "Cars are part of a train," Pinkie tells me. I smile and say, "this is a different type of car." Still puzzled, she looks inside of the car and soon realises what this car was for. "You wanna drive it?" I ask her. She gets excited, turns the car on, and we're soon off. I could tell Pinkie never drove a car before, but she was good at it. Mobius had cars, but none of the factories made Corvettes. I found this one after saving Earth from Robotnik. My reward: a corvette, and boy it is one hell of a gift. Despite that it was a '69 vette it had a oben, nach oben speed of 183 mph. Not as fast as a ferrari, but it was still a good car. After I explained what a car was to Pinkie we soon stop. I then realise that we were at sugar cube corner. As soon as we stop, Pinkie goes into sugarcube, and gets a cake with some instruments. She hits the instruments, and they make Musik Von thereselves. Pinkie is then Singen her welcome song to me, and I smile. It was great to see Pinkie dance like theres no tomorrow, and i knew she was expecting a smile from me. After Pinkie's welcome surprise, i have a slice of cake, put the rest in the car, and drive off. It was fun to see Pinkie, but i had to see someone that wouldn't say no to a challenge. I decided to see regenbogen Dash. Only problem was that i had to find her cloudhouse, which was harder then it looked. Eventually i found it, with regenbogen Dash taking a nap. I didn't want to wake her up oder anything, but i wanted to race her badly. So i picked up my gun, shot a bird, and caught it, as if i was trying to save it. I had to throw my gun back in the car, then i caught the bird. I knew regenbogen dash was looking at me, but I'm not sure if she was impressed oder not. She flies toward me, spots my car, and gets a little nervous. "You saved that bird," she finally says. "Yes i did. We should get it to someone that can take care of this bird." "I know a person," regenbogen Dash replies, "follow me." She starts to fly, and i drive my car folllowing her. I knew she was taking me to see Fluttershy, and i planned to race her back to the house after giving the bird to Fluttershy. We make it to her place, and Fluttershy greets us. "Anything I can help Du with?" She asks us. "I caught this bird that someone shot. He looks allright but we need to get him fixed up ASAP." Eventually the bird is fine, but he nearly died. After saving the bird, regenbogen Dash, and Fluttershy look at me, and ask, "Who are you?" "I'm Sean The Hedgehog." I tell them. I then go off saying the same stuff I told Pinkie Pie, how I was from a different world, and ended up here. "Just promise Du won't tell anyone else ok?" They nod in agreement, and just when regenbogen dash is about to fly away, "I wanna race you." I say. "You can't fly though." Dash informs me. "That doesn't mean i can't beat you!" Then i start running towards her house. I wasn't as fast as Sonic, but i could still run fast, up to 430 mph. While i'm running, i see a surprised, and angry regenbogen Dash, she did not want to lose to anything oder anyone that couldn't fly. The only way i would lose to her is if i tripped, broke my leg, and then just sat there doing nothing. Either that, oder regenbogen Dash would do a sonic rainboom, which was what she was trying to do. She was falling down towards the ground, her eyes filling up with water due to the intense speed, and then it happened. She did a sonic rainboom. She was going so fast that she almost forgot about the race she was losing. a few Sekunden later, she got to her house, and couldn't see me anywhere. She then turns around to see me, and yes, I beat the fastest pony in all of Equestria. "I can't believe this!" she starts shouting, "How did i lose to a guy that was just running?!" "I was just born to run. I like flying, but running is my thing. Good game," I say. regenbogen Dash then calms down, "No one has ever beaten me in a race before, except for one time, when i was stuck on a rock." "Really? Tell me what happened, please" Then regenbogen Dash goes on about how she was racing some birds, a bat, and a schildkröte to see which one she would have as a pet. During the race, she caused an avalanche, and a rock hit her wing, and she was stuck there for a while. Then the schildkröte showed up, got the rock off her wing, and that she's had the schildkröte for a pet ever since. I already knew what happened, because Sonic has a friend named Cream that wants me to watch My Little pony with her. "Did Du name it Tank?" I asked. "Yeah, in fact there he is right now," she says pointing at a schildkröte with a propeller on it's shell. "That's awesome," I say, then i go on telling her about these two Hunde i had, and all these crazy things they did. Weiter thing i know, me and regenbogen Dash are in this really long conversation, but all of a sudden I get tired. I then notice that its 10 pm. "Can i spend the night here?" I ask politely. "Yeah, of course Du can, I gotta go get something though, I'll be right back." I realise she was talking about my car, so i give her the keys, and she goes back to Fluttershy's to get it.

November 1, 2012

The Weiter morning, I woke up to see regenbogen Dash smiling at me. "Hey," I say to regenbogen dash. "Good morning," she replies, I guess she got over losing to me in a race, which i don't think would be a good idea to remind her. I leave regenbogen Dash's house to go have breakfast then that's when i end up at Sweet apfel, apple Acres. I notice Applebloom with her Friends Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. They seem impressed with the car i was in, thinking i built it myself. I get out of the car, and thats when they start asking me Fragen about the car. When did I build it? How did i build it? The answer is obvious, I didn't build it. At first they seem confused but then they go off again, and run into two fillies that start bullying them. One of them is wearing a crown, and the other has glasses, with a spoon for a cutie mark. "Look it's the three blank flanks!" they start saying, but Applebloom and her Friends ignore them. When the two fillies realise they're being ignored, they start getting in a fight. Although they outnumbered there bullies, Applebloom's Friends were getting beat up. I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to do something. I ran towards one of the fillies that hit Sweetie Belle, and throw her into the air. She goes far, and lands in a tree. The other filly looks terrified. "Your Weiter if Du don't leave them alone!" I say to her. The filly looks at me, then she looks at Sweetie Belle who just got a blackeye from the filly I threw. The other filly looks nervous, and runs off. "You guys ok?" I ask. All three of them nod their head yes, and i take them to Applejack. When i get there a red stallion steps in the way, and is so close that I nearly hit him. "I brought your daughter and her Friends over," i tell him. This red stallion was none other then Big Mac. After i finish talking, Big Mac said, "Oh she's my sister, many people think that she's my daughter." I knew Big Mac and Applebloom were brother and sister, but if i sagte that applebloom was his sister, he would give me a wierd look, and think i was spying on him, therefore making him think I'm the one that beat up his sister. Big Mac then notices Sweetie Belle's black eye, "Who did this to you?" he then asks. "It was the filly that keeps making fun of us for not having a cutie mark." she answers. I explained to Big Mac how i was there when the fight started, and that the filly who bothered Applebloom and her Friends would no longer be a problem. "Lets get Du to Applejack," Big Mac finally says. We soon get to a pony wearing a brown hat, kicking an appletree. "Applejack, I need Du over hear now," Big Mac shouted. I wasn't sure if the shouting was necessary, but AppleJack didn't mind. What she did mind was that she saw Sweetie Belle's black eye, and noticed me. "I know what you're thinking, and I didn't do it," i tell her. "Then how did y'all know what ah was thinking about?" she asked very angrily. "How about we get something for your sister's friend's black eye, and I tell Du what happened? I can also help with these trees if Du want." applejack accepts my help, and tells Big Mac to get the kids inside the scheune While Big Mac does this, I explain to applejack what happened. "I don't know who they were, but i do know they really hate Applebloom," i say. applejack still looks like she doesn't believe me. Why doesn't she believe me? I have no goddamn clue. Then she finally starts to speak, I'm not sure if she was about to tell me to leave, but then she says, "allright. I'm glad for what Du did. Those two have been bothering Applebloom and her Friends for a long time." Eventually we finish our work, and go inside the scheune for some breakfast. It was really delicious, mostly because it was apfel, apple pie, and apfel, apple cider. After finishing our breakfast we go outside and enjoy the nice warm sunny day. Back at Mobius however, "What do Du mean he's no longer here?!" Robotnik asks. He was shouting at a bunch of nazi soldiers he somehow acquired after time traveling into the holocoust. "We saw him drive around, and then he disapeared," the nazis replied. "Did he use Chaos Control?" Robotnik asked. One of the nazis then shouts out "We have no clue!" Robotnik then gets very angry and shouts, "How could Du have no fucking clue?!!?" Robotnik is now furious and begins to shout "IF HE HAS A CHAOS smaragd IN HIS HAND THAT MEANS HE USED CHAOS CONTROL!!" "We didn't see him carry a chaos emerald. We will try to find possible places on where he could be." they soon say. "You better," robotnik replies, "because if Du don't i will kill you! Hiel Robotnik!" The nazis soon reply "Hiel Robotnik! We will find Sean the Hedgehog if it's the last thing we do."
After breakfast I drive out of Sweet apfel, apple acres. I planned to go check out Canterlot, perhaps stay there for a few hours, and go check out the train station. Mobius never had trains because we didn't need them. I planned on changing that, and maybe having my own private rail line. I would let some people on if i wanted, but if I didn't know who a person was that wanted to get on my train line, they would be dead. As I think about trains my car runs out of gas. It was a good thing I came prepared, having 3 canisters of gasoline in the trunk, because there were no gas stations in Equestria. If I ran out of gas, I could try and make my car solar powered, oder electric. Something that didn't use gas. While filling the car up, I get a hunch that someone is watching me. I look around and see a white unicorn with a purple mane. I forget who it is, but once she speaks I ultimately remember. It was Rarity, "Are Du Sean the Hedgehog?" she asks with a british accent. "Yes. I suppose Du have something to tell me," I tell her. "I want to thank Du for saving my sister Sweetie Belle. I don't know what I would do without her," Rarity exclaims. Once she finished talking I soon say, "I don't see why people would bully Sweetie Belle. She seems nice." Rarity then mumbles about applejack taking her to rodeos. As I finish putting gas in my car, I then ask, "who are those two that bully Sweetie Belle and her friends? I know one wears a crown like she's some queen, and the other wears glasses, and has some spoon for a cutie mark." Rarity had no idea who the one with the crown was, but she knew the other one, Silver Spoon. "Do Du want to come inside?" Rarity asks. I soon find out that I ended up in front of Rarity's house. Sweetie Belle was still with her friends, but how did she tell Rarity? Unless someone was watching me I didn't know. Eventually I'm in Rarity's house, and we have a drink while working on dresses. Usually I don't work on clothing, especially girl clothing, but I didn't want to be rude to my host. Besides she liked my ideas, one of the dresses we made were red and blue. After finishing, we talk about what Musik we liked and about a few ponies. When we were about to talk about that filly we didn't know (Queen Asshole), she barged in with Silver Spoon, and Twilight Sparkle Von her side (Twilight had Spike with her). "YOU!" Silver spoon shouts pointing at me, "You could have killed me after what Du did!" I get ready to make the burn, "Maybe if Du weren't being an arrogant hündin I wouldn't have thrown Du into a tree." I soon run out of the house at 200 mph, pushing Twilight out of my way. After getting back up Twilight looked At Rarity with rage, "Who was that guy?" she asked. Before Rarity could answer Queen Asshole, and her "gang" they heard my car start up, and as they turned around they saw me drive off. The four of them soon dash off into a hot air balloon to pursue me. As I drive away I think about what to do with the three ponies, and dragon (good thing it was a baby dragon) behind me. I had three choices of weaponry, a machine gun, a .44 magnum, and a mini uzi. The machine gun was pointed at the back window, so if anyone broke it, I could use the machine gun to feuer out of it. One downside was that I had to look through a mirror to see what I was firing at. I grabbed the magnum, rolled down the window, and shot at the balloon. They went down, but not Von much. Pretty soon Spike is Schreiben a letter for Twilight to Princess Celestia, maybe it was to call for reinforcements. I didn't want to do this, but I had to kill Spike. Regrettingly, I shoot him in the head, just before he sent the letter. Twilight then starts to feuer back three times, she only broke one of the brake lights. Then she tried to land on oben, nach oben of my car. As she does this I notice Trixie in a magic show, and steer to the right before hitting her. The basket on the hot air balloon however hit her in the head, and knocked her out cold. After that I freak out because in front of me, was Princess Celestia, with an army of pegasus ponies with guns. They were all wearing Gold armor, and Celestia was set to kill me with her horn. I try to steer out of the way, but it was too late. The blast from their attack made my car spin out of control. Weiter thing I know, it's on fire. I grab what I can, ammo, guns, chaos smaragd and run to cover. When I get to cover I see the hot air balloon land Von me, with the passengers very furious, and thats what I start shooting at. I didn't have to shoot them, but I did. There laying behind me while I was shooting at Princess Celestia's army were Twilight Sparkle, Queen Asshole, and Silver Spoon. All three of them were dead. The shooting stops for a while, and there is a long silence. "What made Du think Du could come here and do whatever Du want?" Celestia finally asks. "Didn't Du know I was watching Du while Du were here?" "You saw everything?" I ask terrified. "Everything. I saw Du Zeigen up in your car, I saw Du race regenbogen Dash, and I saw Du throw a filly! Not only did Du throw this filly, but Du also killed her, along with one of my students." Celestia keeps talking about what she saw me do, and why some of those things were wrong. That's when I go mad. I couldn't stand it! I came here, to hide from a bad guy, and suddenly I became one. If I was the bad guy, I might as well kill Princess Celestia, and that's what I did. As soon as I did that, I grabbed the chaos emerald, and used chaos control. "Well, I'm back to being terrible at chaos control." I sagte to myself, for I ended up on oben, nach oben of the white house. "At least Du know what you're doing." I hear someone say. I look back, and somehow regenbogen Dash is with me. "Dash?" I asked surprised. "Why did Du have to kill Twilight?" regenbogen Dash asks me. She looks like she is about to cry, and I don't blame her. "I'll explain everything but first lets get back to my world, then I'll get Du back to Equestria." regenbogen Dash agrees, and we get back to Mobius. We sit in a cave and I tell her everything that happened after leaving her cloudhouse. Meanwhile, Robotnik was at his headquarters looking at possible places I dissapeared to. When suddenly, "Sir! We found Sean the hedgehog in a cave with a blue horse." It was Snively, Robotnik's nephew. "Lead me to him," Robotnik demands, "and remember. We want. Him. Alive." They soon head off, and... Let's get back to me and regenbogen Dash shall we? Before we head off, I soon see something, "Rainbow," I start saying, " I've gone to your house, how would Du like to go to mine?" Ok was the response I get from her. "Here we go," I shout, and we make a break to my house away from Robotnik's army. Once we get inside i explain to regenbogen Dash about the house. It wasn't really mine, it belonged to my cousin. "Alright now get me back to Equestria," She says impatiently. "Sean? What are Du doing back here?" Sonic asks with Tails and Amy beside him. Basically Tails is a fuchs with two tails, and Amy is a rosa hedgehog with a red dress. "I had to come back here. Robotnik is Wird angezeigt up and we need to get regenbogen Dash back to Equestria." After saying that to Sonic I hand him the emerald. He uses chaos control, and were off. As Robotnik shows up he spots us with chaos control. "YOU IDIOTS!" Robotnik shouted at his army of robots, and of course the nazis. Snively was there to, "why didn't Du shoot them?!" He asks. Suddenly a buzz comes from Snively's pocket. "Sir," Snively says to Robotnik, "It says they ended up in a place called Equestria." "Well then," Robotnik says, "we'll just follow them." He grabs his chaos smaragd and gets his army around him. "Chaos Control!" Robotnik shouts, and they're gone. Once they Zeigen up they look confused. Robotnik is confused along with some anger, "What is this place? Everyone here is a pony!" Soon they see Pinkie Pie, who doesn't know what she is about to get herself into. "Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie. Who are Du guys?"

I let regenbogen Dash go, but with me, Sonic, Tails, and Amy was Rarity. "It's great to meet Du three," Rarity sagte once she met us. "Great to meet Du to," Sonic replied. Tails and Amy sagte the same as we walked towards the remains of my car. "Wow," Rarity exclaimed, as she saw the burnt muscle car in front of her. "Please fix it," I sagte sadly, "I can't leave without it." If she couldn't fix it, I didn't know what I would do. "I'll try," sagte Rarity. Her unicorn horn lit up, as she tried to cast a spell on fixing my car, and some things inside it. Rarity tried hard, her eyes closed shut, sweat was coming down her head, but soon it was over. The corvette was fixed. "I also made some upgrades during the spell," Rarity announced. "Thank Du Rarity," I said, "I don't know how to thank you," and before Rarity could reply, regenbogen Dash came back. "Sean, Du gotta help me," she sagte looking worried. "What's the matter?" I asked. "A guy with these robots kidnapped Pinkie Pie," regenbogen Dash said. "Robotnik" Sonic automatically says. "Let's not panic," Rarity sagte about to panic. "I've got a plan," I soon say. Five Minuten later, I finish going over the plan with my friends. "Sounds good," regenbogen Dash said. "and take these," I tell her handing her two mini uzi's. She gives me the 20% kühler face, says this is so awesome, and takes them. We soon head off to where Pinkie Pie was taken, Princess Celestia's castle. Since I killed Celestia, the schloss has been vacant, until Robotnik's army took over. When we get in we soon get a welcoming comitee. "halt!" shouts a badnik, guarding the entrance. Sonic jumps on him, and we go into the castle. We soon here someone shouting for help, then getting told to shut up, oder she would be dead. We found what we were looking for. Tails shot the enemy protecting the cell with our friend stuck inside. "We got to get her out." Rarity informed us. "You might want to stand back," I tell Pinkie. As she gets back, I schlagen, punsch the bars, and Pinkie is able to be free. As she gets out of her cell Pinkie goes towards my cousin, and his Friends and says, "Hi I'm Pink.." "We don't have time for that," regenbogen Dash interrupts. "Yes. We need to kill Robotnik, and save Equestria." I say. "Speaking of Robotnik where is he?" Sonic asks. "He went with his entire army to take over everything." Pinkie sagte sadly. "Don't worry," I sagte reassuring Pinkie, "We'll save this place." During our Suchen for Robotnik, we find nearly every pony that lived in Ponyville, carrying weapons of sorts. "I guess Du want to Mitmachen us to stop Robotnik?" I ask stupidly. "Yes," Donut Joe replied. Much of the Einhörner were using magic to give all the ponies guns, somewhat like mine. "Allright," I start to say, "We've got our army, where is the enemy?" "Right here," Robotnik says flying in I don't know what it is, but I don't give a shit. "You've got a lot of nerve trying to attack this place," I shout at Robotnik. "Why are Du protecting it?" He soon asks. "These ponies have done stuff for me, I'm going to do something for them." I say, I get very angry, as Robotnik tries to turn everyone against me, but it doesn't work. Robotnik realizes this and shouts at his army of badniks, and nazis (some of the nazis are mechanics) saying "Hiel Robotnik! Equestria will be ours!" "I doubt that," I start to say, then I find myself shouting, "Everyone!" I shout, "ATTACK!" This was it, the fight for Equestria was on.

Half a Minute after the war started, everyone on both sides stopped fighting. For during the battle, someone used chaos control. It was not a person fighting against his opponent, it was someone that just showed up in a yellow charger. In the car was a black hedgehog that had white fuzz on his chest. "Shadow," Robotnik yelled, "What took Du so long?" The hedgehog did not get out of his car, and all he sagte was, "We gonna hündin and moan, oder kill people?" With that, he drove towards Pinkie Pie and nearly hit her. "I'm going after him" I sagte climibing into my car, to chase after Shadow. Both of our cars were from 1969, but Shadows was faster then mine, Von two miles. We both pull out pistols, only mine is a revolver, and Shadow's is a Desert Eagle. We don't put the windows down, we just shoot each other. Meanwhile regenbogen Dash, and Fluttershy were with Rarity. They had to bring Twilight Sparkle back to life in order to use the elements of harmony, and defeat Robotnik's army. "Get to it," regenbogen Dash demanded. While Rarity was casting the spell, a bullet flew by, just missing regenbogen Dash's head. "More nazis, cast that spell!" this time Fluttershy was talking. As her two pegasus Friends helped fight enemies away from her Rarity worked hard casting the spell to bring Twilight back from the dead. It was a tough job, and sweat was going down Rarity's head again. At last the spell was complete, and Twilight came back to life, "What happened?" she asked. Then she noticed Fluttershy and regenbogen Dash carrying guns. "What are they carrying?!" Twilight asked freaking out. "That's not important," Rarity explained, "A man is trying to take Equestria from us-" "And we need the elements of Harmony to defeat him." interrupted Twilight. "Let's get this over with!" regenbogen Dash sagte after killing all the enemies that were there. "How long do we have to do this?" applejack complained. "Long enough for the others to find the elements of harmony." Pinkie said. After telling applejack this Robotnik soon left. He overheard Pinkie Pie telling applejack about the element of harmony. "Where the fuck is he going?" Sonic asked chasing after Robotnik. During the process he killed a few badniks, and punched a nazi in the face. I was still chasing Shadow when he pulled out a chaos emerald, he was going to use chaos control, so I shot it before he could use it. "YOU DOUCHEBAG!!" he shouted, "LOOK WHAT Du DID!!" "Oh wow, I'm sorry," I replied sarcastically. After that he rammed my car, and I did the same. We kept on hitting each others cars when we saw the railroad crossing in front of us. There was a train about to kreuz the tracks, and I had a chaos emerald. I could push Shadow's car into the train, and use chaos control, and that's what I did. As I escaped from the fiery inferno caused Von Shadow's car being hit Von a train Shadow was shouting out his last before his death, "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!" When I get back to the battlefield, I accidentally turned the radio on, and A view to A kill Von Duran Duran starts playing at high volume. Every pony was fighting off Robotnik's army until the elements of harmony were found. I decided to get back in the battle, Von running over some enemies, and shooting at others I missed. Meanwhile applejack jumped on a badnik that attacked Big Mack. "You allright?" She asked her big brother. Big Macintosh replied with his trademark "Eeyup." Then he kicked a nazi behind him, while Pinkie blew his brains out. "Oh no, I'm out of ammo." Pinkie said, but she threw her Desert Eagle at another nazi, grabbed an MP40 from the one she killed, and blew the brains out of that nazi. "They have to be here somewhere." Twilight shouted, trying to find the elements with Rarity. regenbogen Dash and Fluttershy were watching guard. "How come Du have two guns?" asked Fluttershy. "How come Du have a big gun?" regenbogen Dash asked pointing at the Thompson her yellow friend was carrying. While they were switching weapons, they noticed Robotnik heading towards them. "I've got Du now!" Robotnik said, "I've got you!" Sonic sagte pushing Robotnik so that he missed the ponies he was shooting at. "You goddamn rodent!" he shouted "You made me miss!" Sonic just stared and said, "That was the plan." With Robotnik focused on the elements of harmony, he saw Twilight and Rarity carrying the box that contained the six magic weapons. "Give them to me!" Robotnik shouted as he flew past regenbogen Dash, and Fluttershy pushing them out of his way. The two pegasus ponies got back up, and started shooting at the man with the orange mustache.
Activating his shield, Robotnik laughed and gave the four ponies, plus a blue hedgehog the finger. "Now," Robotnik sagte smiling, "About those elements of harmony. I'll be taking them. So fuck you." "Fuck you!" regenbogen Dash shouted, and with one mighty kick she deactivated the shield. Robotnik still got the elements, and flew away. Sonic jumped and grabbed them back, while kicking Robotnik out of his flying machine. Robotnik shouted, and fell to the ground. He was still alive, but he was injured badly. "I'll deal with Robuttnik, Du get the elements of harmony to the others." Sonic said. With the four ponies leaving to find their Friends Sonic walked towards his bald headed foe. Then he did a spindash slicing Robotnik in half. "So long RobotDick." sagte the bloody Sonic. Twilight was running towards the ponies that were fighting off Robotnik's army. Once they got back I was confused about something. "Where did Sonic go?" I ask. "He just killed Robotnik, it was pretty bloody." regenbogen Dash said. I gave my thanks, and drove off to find my cousin. "Pinkie, Applejack. Come here." Twilight ordered. As the two ponies arrived regenbogen Dash was killing several nazis. Twilight gave her Friends the elements and things were going as planned. The six Friends stared, and smiled at there enemies with their eyes glowing. Then, every badnik, and nazi was dead. When I found Sonic he was still staring at the guy he just killed. "Hey," i said. Sonic replied saying the same thing I said. "I know it might be hard for you." I said, "but trust me. Du did well. The ponies used the elements of harmony, and everything is over." We get into the car and drive back to our friends, having just ended the war after one battle. When we Zeigen up, I notice Princess Celestia, the mighty Alicorn i killed for standing up to the fillies I killed, because they were bullying someone. I then notice they were back to life as well. We stop, and i get out of the car, "I thought I killed you." I sagte nervously. "You did," Celestia responded, "but the elements of Harmony brought me, and these two fillies back to life." "Who are Du anyway?" I ask the filly. "I'm Diamond Tiara, who do Du think I am?" She asked, with her usual annoying voice. "A queen," I responded, then I started laughing. Rarity laughs with me while Diamond Tiara stares at me. "Whats so funny?" she asked, not knowing of the nickname she was given. "Nothing. I have to go." I sagte as Tails, and Amy get on the car with Sonic holding a chaos emerald. "Chaos Control." Sonic shouts, and we leave. One week later, regenbogen Dash was standing Von Princess Celestia's schloss where the Equestria war took place. As she stares remembering the intense battle a horn goes off twice. After that, she hears someone calling her name, and shouting Rainbow! I'm back. As she looks behind herself she sees a grey hedgehog driving a 1969 corvette. Do Du know any other grey hedgehogs driving a corvette? "Sean! You're back," regenbogen Dash sagte excitedly. "Of course, I promised Pinkie I would visit her once a week. She didn't believe me so I made a pinkie promise to keep my promise." regenbogen Dash and I soon start to laugh. "How about another race?" Dash asked. "Last one to sugarcube is buying a cake." I said, and the race began. At first regenbogen Dash was in the lead, mostly because I was racing her in my car. When we got closer, I shifted into oben, nach oben gear and took the lead, then we soon went up a hill. I look in the mirror, and see regenbogen Dash talking to herself. "The little pegasus that could." I sagte to myself. Once we go downhill Dash took the lead again. We were getting close, but it becomes a tie. "Well," I sagte getting out of my car, "It's a tie. I guess were both buying a cake." We go inside anoieaht98ghioewrjfdjht4wejirj


Who is Kintobor? I have no fucking idea!

The End
Robotnik says, "Snoopi-" He forgot what he was going to say, but instantly remembered. "Snooping as usual I see!"