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posted by Magicalgirl12
"It's ok Twilight" Princess Cadance sagte as she was so weak she fell and her magic that protected the Crystal Empire had faded away.

"Twili" Shining Armor sagte as he gave a frown. The Crystal Empire was no longer protected. And darkness and evil soon came around The Crystal Empire. King Sombra started to turn everything gray.

"This is not good" Shining Armor sagte while upset. Twilight knew she had to find the real crystal herz before King Sombra destroys everything. She will not let everyone down. Even Princess Celestia. She was demanded to protect The Crystal Empire no matter what it took.

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posted by NocturnalMirage
Wheels of Evil – Part 6

"So let me get this straight: you’re saying, that your friend was hit Von some kind of carriage that moved on its own?” the stallion with the large mustache inquires.

“Yes, Sheriff Copperhooves! That’s the best I can describe it!” the purple earth pony replies. She’s still shocked.

“Uh-huh…” the Sheriff sighs resignedly. “Berry… how much did Du drink?”

“It has nothing to do with the booze!!! This… thing came out of nowhere, ran over Carrot Top, then came back and did it again and again and again…” Berry stammers with tears in her eyes.

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Hello all, Quillabex here.

It's time to talk critic now, and Du know what that means.

Yep, half opinion, half review, Du know what I mean.

Okay let's just cut to it.

Double Rainboom is a Fan made Animation directed and written Von Zachary Rich. There was lots and lots of animators, like legitemental, A LOT of animators. It took about a Jahr to create and was his Senior Film in order to graduate from SCAD.

Double Rainboom was mainly about Twilight Sparkle and regenbogen Dash testing out a new potion that Twilight had never created. regenbogen drank the potion and was affected with super speed and could...
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All I saw was black. It took me a Sekunde oder two for me to realise that I had my eyes closed, I tried to open them. I couldn't. I heard a voice though so I listened; "Sissy! This is my room! Get out!" "Dinky what the heu, hay is under your blanket?!" "Umm... Nothing" "Dinky Hooves! Don't make me get your mother in here!" "Sparkler! Nothing under here I swear!" "Dinky..." "Alright! It's a princess!" "Don't lie!" "It is! I found her in the ever-free forest! And and she has wings and uh horn so she's a princess!" "In the ever-free forest! Don't tell me Du went in there!" "Sparkler it's true I'll show...
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 Big Macintosh and applejack as a baby. (Art (c) Soulskey on DeviantART)
Big Macintosh and Applejack as a baby. (Art (c) Soulskey on DeviantART)
When I heard I was going to have a baby sister, I couldn't believe it.

One day, Ma and I were just getting ready for abendessen when she dropped the Sonic Rainboom on me.

She was pregnant.

Now, pregnancy is a big deal. Du need to prepare for a long time and then actually have your filly. Then Du need to raise them,

I wasn't happy. "Why can't we jus' have me?" I whined. Ma sighed. "We Liebe y'all, and Du know tha', Big Mac." She ruffled my mane ad planted a KISS on my ear.

I just flicked my ear irritably and trotted away to go eat dinner. Granny Smith was grinning at me when I arrived in the dining...
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Hello, to Du all. This is a Liste of characters from My Little pony that I utterly hate, with a burning passion. Of course, I may hate a character Du like oder there may be a character Du hate that wasn't here. Remember, this is my opinion, so if Du want to complain about my list, do so maturely. With all that said, lets start with...


Nightmare Moon- This villain is so unoriginal. She has to boast Von telling people how great she is, she has to monologue about being trapped in the moon, she also laughs. And she did all three in just under a minute. Oh, and she also shouts no once she is defeated....
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I've seen a couple of posts like this on the internet and I'm not sure how I feel about it. However, I could see it happening since we already have humanized ponies. These are the actors and Schauspielerinnen that I think can pull off the characters. This Liste will only have the mane six, Spike, the princesses, the royal couple, and the CMC.
The mane six and spike will get two oben, nach oben choices and the others will get one.

Twilight Sparkle
1. Zooey Deschanel
I was never a big Fan of her until I recently started to watch her Zeigen New Girl. I always though she was pretty, but I Liebe her in New Girl. I think she...
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