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It was another bright morning in San Franciscolt. A group of happy colts, and fillies were getting ready to go to school on the bus, when the bus driver stopped at the bus stop. Then that's when Scorpio arrived.

Bus driver: Come on in children.
Scorpio: And stallion! Ok, take me to a phone booth.
Bus Driver: I can't sir. I gotta take these kids to school
Scorpio: Either Du do as I say, oder I get my gun to have Du fired.
Bus Driver: Fuck. *drives*
Scorpio: Hey kids, I'm going along with you. Who wants to sing a song? Old Mcdonald had a farm
kids: EIEIO.
Scorpio: And on his farm he had a duck....
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Magnum, and Pearl
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Julia, and Tim returned to their station.

Julia: Okay, I'm going inside to find the Captain.
Tim: Du do that. I'm going to talk to Toby, and Red for a while.
Julia: *Goes inside*
Tim: *Walks to Toby, and Red* Hey Du two.
Red: Hi Tim.
Toby: Anything good happening lately?
Tim: No. My police car just blew up.
Toby: You're kidding.
Tim: *Shakes his head* The engine stalled, there was a big rig that blew up, caused a chain reaction, and my car was part of it.
Red: Isn't it Julia's car since she drives it?
Toby: That's a good way of putting it.
Tim: Du guys have fun with this, but me, and Julia are going...
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Central Commandment Center
Dan - I see...
Void - That's all what happend. Du didn't called me because of that tho... Right.
Dan - Du know me too well Captain Void. Du see RMP have us closed down now. With help of KGB and German Special Forces (GSF) were pretty much closed down as military.
Void - I knew that Rose is a rat.
Dan - And you're at fault.
Void - What? She obviously is a dog of RMP!
Dan - The Hunde are in your Squadron. krähe and Sunshine.
Void - What... No... Their my friends...
Dan - *gives him files* and were Commanders in RMP. Listien RMP with Kürzlich activities of army can call government...
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