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 Rarity Hintergrund
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This My Little Pony - Freundschaft ist Magie hintergrund might contain straße, stadtszene, städtische einstellung, stadt szene, städtische umgebung, szene mit straße, stadt, städtischen einstellung, kreuz, zeichen, plakat, text, tafel, schilder, and poster.

posted by Seanthehedgehog
I've made several enemies, been in many wars, and countless battles, but this will be intense. It all started on March 13, 2025 when King Sombra was figuring out a way to destroy Equestria. He had something very big planned after losing the crystal empire.

King Sombra: Finally, time to test the time machine. *travels back into time*

November 23, 2012

Nazi Leiutenant: They went into a place called Equestria.
Robotnik: Then lets go!
King Sombra: Wait!
Robotnik: What do Du want?
King Sombra: I heard you're trying to destroy a hedgehog correct?
Robotnik: Ja, and?
King Sombra: I want to help you....
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Tear Drop was asleep in her bett she snuggled into her kissen until she felt a nudge "Tear Drop time to wake up" she heard her older brother say as he kept nudging her to wake up "uhhh Nighty I don't wanna go to school" Tear Drop covered her face with her blanket Night feuer chuckled "come on now sis Du haft to go to school!" Tear Drop sighed "but no pony likes me there" she sat up Night feuer smiled and hugged his little sister "don't worry I'm sure today will be Mehr awesome beside i made your favourite down stairs" Tear Drop's ears went straight up as she heard that and zoomed down stairs...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
 Twilight walking
Twilight walking
Twilight Sparkle walks down a path flooded with green, yellow and red apples. "Woah! I wonder what happened here." she asks herself as she keeps strolling along. Not too far away from her was apfel, apple Acres owned Von the apfel, apple Family. One of her best friends, apfel, apple Jack was an owner as well. Twilight arrives and looks around her. There are apples falling out of each apfel, apple tree. Every one after the other. She recognizes apfel, apple Jack's older brother, Big Macintosh. "Uhhh...what's going on here Macintosh?" Twilight curiously asks. The crimson Earth pony looks up at her. "It's AppleBuck season!" "AppleBuck...
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posted by fuzzykitten123
I just found that I can relate to all the ponies! mostly Pinkie Pie, is Du wanna see my Artikel for her fanclub:


Anyway, first, I'll start with Twilight Sparkle.
I can be sort of paranoid about things and nerdy. I also try to plan things out on occasions, instead of winging it. I read a lot and am very smart and stuff.

Fluttershy: I Liebe Tiere and don't like things to be hurt. I can be sort of shy...but rarely.

Applejack: I (hardly ever) am a hard worker and I sometimes aim for the big things to clear away (Episode 8 - Look Before Du Sleep). Plus, I Liebe APPLES! Also, I have a little sis....
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    It was your average summer Tag in Ponyville, the sun beaming down on everypony's cheery faces as they did their life's work. It didn't seem like there was a great disturbance of any sort, smiles lighting up the expressions all over town. Well, except with the weather team, who were interrupted Von a falling filly...
    “One, two, three, four!” regenbogen Dash chanted, bucking wildly at clouds. She was giggling to herself, absolutely having the greatest adrenaline rush she could possibly conjure. The schnell, swift pegasus pony suddenly locked her gaze onto...
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I can't believe no one gepostet this here. I'm sure you've all seen it, but it still belongs.
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