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"Snow... the butyfull small think... but make fillies happy... stars... have magic powers... and make happy everypony... Stars plus snow is a great idea... The winter night... too..."

Dan : Du got EVERYTHINK!
Shadow : I think I have
Dan : great... lets go *run to door*
Shadow : Is this a good idea?
Dan : dont worry just follow!

Dan, Shadow and Natalia present

Cold War

Episode 1

The Winter Night

"Did I say... who I am... no? that too bad... Im the one who creat somethink that make ponies hurt... I - am - DEAD"

Dan - oh comon
Shadow - uhuh *run*
Dan - ok... w here...
From Snow comes big castle... from ice...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After the Nazis striked back, things were going our way. Now we just had to get into the cable car. We were standing on the roof, and one cable car was in the station

Sean: Shredder, fly down there, and lock all the doors.
Shredder: Ok *flies into station* *runs to end of corridor* *opens door*
Nazis: *fighting fire, and running around*
Shredder: *closes door, and locks it*

Shortly after that, Shredder went back to the station, to lock the Weiter door

Shredder: The doors in the corridors are locked.
Sean: See what controls they have.
Shredder: *turns on generator* Not bad, huh?
Sean: Yeah, sounds good....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Once Sergi got to Canterlot, he was thinking on whether to sell his car oder not.

At the hotel

Apyr: If we sell that car, then how will we compete in the other three races?
Sergi: We get a new one.
Apyr: I'm afraid we can't *grabs rule book* It says that when a racer enters a tournament with a car, he must stick with that car unless it gets wrecked in a race.
Sergi: The only way our car gets wrecked is if Braeburn does something to it.
Apyr: That won't be good. Why do Du want to sell that car?
Sergi: The cops keep chasing us. Von now, they're probably on their way to find the car, and tow it away....
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posted by applejackrocks1
An Stunde later, Nikki was in Canterlot. She got off the train....

Nikki: Sir?
Pony: Yes?
Nikki: How far away is this place? *hands a piece of paper to him*
Pony: *reads it* 4 blocks away, turn right.
Nikki: Okay, Thank you.
Pony No problem. *walks away*
Nikki: *whispers* 4 blocks, turn right..

30 Minuten later, after following the stranger's directions, Nikki was in front of her client's door...

Nikki: *knocks on door*

Moments later, a mare opened the door. She looked at Nikki with disgusted. Nikki's eyes widened. "It can't be," she thought. The mare flipped back her mane...

Nikki: Good Morning! I'm the-...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con & Rain went to a city called svoboda. Mr. Sanchez was there, and had plans to continue his business, but what was it?

Con: We need to know what we're dealing with, but first, gambling! *sits at poker table*
Rain: Of course!
Dealer: Hello, how may I help you?
Con: I shall put in $50 for chips.
Dealer: Ok. *deals cards*
Rain: How is this going to get us information about Sanchez?
Con: Oh don't worry, it will *takes cards*

In Canterlot

P: Where is Con?! He was suppsed to be here 8 hours ago! WHERE IS HE?!!?
S: How should I know? Moneybit, do Du know?
Moneybit: Let me check his tracking device....
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posted by mlpfim1222
 I'm a brony deal with it!
I'm a brony deal with it!
Hello every pony this is regenbogen dash and I am here with * I grab the mic out of Rd's hoofs
Hello this is mlpfim1222 here with regenbogen dash.
Rainbow dash: I like it the other way...
Me: regenbogen dash, I will be asking Du some Fragen and Du will answer them! So, who is your best friend out of the mane six?
RD: Well, Twilight is an egg head, apfel, apple jack thinks she is 20% kühler than me, Rarity is way too girly, Fluttershy is boring, Pinkie pie is too annoying. So I choose Fluttershy...even though i umm..*in a tiny whisper* Liebe all of them....
Me: great pic! Fluttershy is my favorite!
RD: WHAT!?!?!?!...
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posted by savana89
"rain bow dash!!!"
"hu pinky? what is it?"
"your sister is back"
"i dont know shes coming-(passes out on grond)
"hello dashy my little sister WHO PUT A CURS ON ME AND BAND ME WITH YOUR Friends but i forgive Du now"
"uh.....i missed you?"
"aw i missed Du to do Du need any help dashy"
"ya can Du um(looks aroud) can Du clear all the clouds for me?"
"oh yes dashy(flys away)"
"i need to tell that egg head"
"SPIKE,take a leter"
"ill do it"
"dear princesses, my sister is back Du must come save us befor it happens from rain bow"
"hmm that was sort"
"oh dear sister whats going on ARE Du SENDING A LETTER TO THE PRINESSES!!!"
"no no not at all(spikes sends the leter) its a letter to my... docter"
"ok dashy ill be back!"
I DO NOT own this video.
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Credit: MyLittleCollabs ; A PMV of Overtime with the mane six.
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