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posted by Seanthehedgehog
On the plane, Con, and Itic were waiting in an area where no one could see them.

Con: Tell me about yourself.
Itic: I've had a pretty good life. My parents would always take me to a lot of fun places.
Con: What was your favorite?
Itic: The beaches of Los Pegasus. The town in general just looked so beautiful.
Con: And, what's your name?
Itic: It's Itic.
Con: Itic. Is that short for something?
Itic: I think I can.
Con: Wow.
Itic: I know it sounds like a bad name.
Con: No. It's alright. I mean, I've heard of names much worse then yours. How would Du feel having a main enemy named Blofeld?
Itic: Oh...
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posted by _Laugh_
Ponies glared at Trixie. She had ruined their music. Her nose was bleeding. Lily and Rose gasped.

Trixie: Help me up!
Lily: *helps Trixie*
Trixie: That girl! *points at ST* Is a big liar! Don't believe her! I would never do such thing! I'm not stupid like her!

Princess Cadence walked in the gym and saw Trixie yelling. She gasped as she saw the stereo destroyed. She angrily walked up to Trixie.

Cadence: Trixie, did Du do this? *raises eyebrow*
Trixie: What?! No! It wasn't me! It was Silver Tune!
BB: It was Trixie, Ms. Cadence.
Cadence: Well. Is it true, my little ponies?

All ponies from the gym...
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Hello everypony, this is triq267. I would like to apologize for the behavior of ilikefrogs22, also known Von people who have met him as Jason. He did not even know about this website until he heard me talk about it, and he has been plotting on doing something to piss us off ever since. I would like to blame it all on him, but I can't. He hates MLP for two reasons. The first is that he's an @ss. The Sekunde is that he was mad at me for calling Unicorn Planet gay, and then admitting to being a brony the Weiter week. I'm sorry for letting this troll among Du and I hope Du all can forgive me.