My Little Pony - Freundschaft ist Magie [RP] The Voice Of The Tunels. [Project Nexus Roleplay]

SomeoneButNoone posted on Jul 29, 2015 at 07:36PM
This lazy guy finally woke up.

"Ponies didnt suspect such a thing. Whole surface is rotting and only people allowed to go outside are stalkers. While we here living under everyday control of toxins from soldiers, try to survive in metro. Will we survive?"

^ 2lazy2write more - meh gonna do that later m8.

Map of Metro : Coming soon - Paint.exe stopped working - all I see
Monsters : Something gone wrong coming soon.
Terms Of Life : Something gone wrong coming soon.

Apply :

Name :
Job : Jobs - Farmer (pretty useless), Guard, Shopkeeper, Trader, no job - or perhaps anything you like expect stalker!
Age : (pretty sure useless in every rp... meh)
Everyone is place on Ponyville station-2
Extra Info : Any info about familly or what is pushing you to survive in tunels. or what were you doing on surface... litrl anything. (can be nothing)

Will start RP when do all documents (its hard to do anything)

Quality of this document is low because I just came back from Japan. Reason why no activity at all. I do it all 5 u :*)
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