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NocturnalMirage posted on Dec 15, 2014 at 06:52PM
Equestria after the war... When I look around I see prosperity, harmony, happiness and most importantly: abundance. It is interesting to see how much everything's changed over such a short time. It appears Queen Summer Pride knows what she's doing. I heard the rumors about her. They say she's immortal! Well... I shall soon put that assumption to the test soon enough!

I am a Queen as well! I walk amongst you, yet not a single one of you notices me. But that's good. I prefer it that way. My eyes and ears are everywhere anyways! I know everything worth knowing even before it happens! Ponykind's vanity has spread throughout the planet... their hearts became self-satisfied with the absolute confidence that their world was safe and this land was their domain.

Yes, this unwavering belief in your superiority will be your doom! You think you meant to rule forever... but you are not alone! And neither am I! For over ten years, we have been watching you in silence!

You have forged your alliances... You trusted without cause... but you failed to see beyond today and realize you are merely pawns in a big game. And the table will soon be turned! Because we have found something in infinite darkness of the vast abyss that was our home for countless centuries! Something that will change everything!

It is time we showed ourselves to the world!

It is time for us to show our strength!

It is time for you to see who's really in charge!

It is time for you to remember why were you afraid of the dark!

It is time for the dead to rise from the ashes!

The path has been set, the pawns are in place! Shall we play a game?

*** ***


- No godmodding (nopony's all-powerful and/or invincible, not even Celestia herself)

- No puppeteering (please refrain from taking control of someone else's character without a permission)

- No killing each other's characters without permission.

- No Deus ex Machina (a conflict cannot be magically solved/made disappear by a simple flash of a horn.)

- There is no character/person limit, you may play as many characters as you want, within a reasonable number of course.

- No guns or firearms (except for Longsword's one pistol, he was allowed to keep that as a souvenir :)

- Please do not implement anything that deviates drastically from the established laws of the show!

- We like to keep a fast pace and although this is not a specific rule, but try to post daily so you won't fall out of the loop.

- And most importantly: HAVE FUN!

*** ***

In order to join with your OC, please fill out this short character sheet below!

Bio: (optional)

*** ***

Useful tips:

- This RP is the sequel of he Great Unrest RP. The following events take place 10 YEARS after the war. However, only a few characters are the common link, this story line has nothing to do with the prequel and does not require any specific knowledge from you if you haven't participated in the first RP.

- The only thing you should keep in mind, that this RP still takes places in Medieval Equestria, long before Celetia's birth.

- Unlike the prequel, Equestria is an egalitarian society now, which means all pony tribes are equal, with one of my OCs, Summer Pride in charge. She was elected Queen by the other roleplayers in the previous RP

- Just to give you a heads up on what to expect: This RP will deal with ponykind's very first encounter with the Changelings. Their Queen, Obsidian Pearl will be the primary antagonist throughout the story arch.
 Equestria after the war... When I look around I see prosperity, harmony, happiness and most important
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