My Little Pony - Freundschaft ist Magie What's the best MLP shipping?

Anamanaguchi posted on Jan 29, 2012 at 03:42AM
Had a debate with a friend over this

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr StarWarsFan7 said…
big smile
Well, in my opinion my first favorite My Little Pony shipping would be: Big Macintosh and Twilight Sparkle. For me, in Lesson Zero, I thought they were pretty cute together when Twilight asked for Big Mac's help.

I also think Braeburn and Little Strongheart make a good shipping.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Anamanaguchi said…
They're all good shippings XD
In my opinion, soarin x rainbow dash or soarin x spitfire (preferred) is the best.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StarWarsFan7 said…
@Anamanaguchi: I love Soarin' and Spitfire together! XD
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Renarimae said…
The shippings I like are:
BraeburnxLittle Strongheart
DiscordxPinkie Pie

And that's all I can think of right now.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Anamanaguchi said…
Discordxpinkie pie?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr fishypup said…
Soarin'xRainbow Dash (I kinda like her with Big Mac, too, although he could go well with Fluttershy...or Twilight...)
BraeburnxLittle Strongheart (How "Pocahontas"...;)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr KJBiggestFan said…
Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash (My favorite.)
Lyra x BonBon
Ocatvia x Vinyl Scratch
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr SouthParkSmart said…
PinkieXDash. Problem, haters?
 PinkieXDash. Problem, haters?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Anamanaguchi said…
Meh. PinkieXDash is actually quite good
Vor mehr als einem Jahr gry said…
i like:
soarin' x rainbowdash
spike x twilight sparkle
rainbowdash x fluttershy (got a problem with yuri?)
applejack x caramel
derpy x doctor whooves
pinkie pie x pokie
and twilight sparkle x big mac
Vor mehr als einem Jahr btflash said…
I like
RD x Twilight sparkle
soarin x RD

that's pretty much the only shipping i've read.... i'm not too into shipping, actually, and I especially dislike clopfics (even though clopfics and shipping fics are two different things)

Also, I know this really isnt from the show itself, but I gotta list my favorite fanfic OC shippings

Homage x Littlepip (fallout: Equestria)
Jigsaw x Tiptoe (Antipodes)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Anamanaguchi said…
I'm not bothered by clopfics. I would NEVER EVER get aroused by them, I'd only read them if they have a good plot. And it's written well. Oh and, I love fallout equestria
Vor mehr als einem Jahr brijbee said…
I normally hate, no, really really really really really really really dislike shipping, especially between the Mane 6, but I do have a soft spot for DiscordXPinkie.

They just seem completely suited for each other..
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Anamanaguchi said…
I think shipping is a good way of making things interesting for people. I don't like some of the mane 6 shooing much though. I'm more for RDxSoarin' or SpitfirexSoarin' etc etc...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Blue_Vanilla said…
Hetero ship :
Soarin' x rainbow dash
braeburnn x little strongheart
spike x applejack
rarity x spike
celestia x discord
applejack x caramel
big mac x cheerilee

Non-hetero (non romantic way) :
pinkie pie x rarity
rainbow dash x applejack
fluttershy x twilight my opinion :3
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Anamanaguchi said…
They're actually all pretty good
Vor mehr als einem Jahr RainbowPie18472 said…
Rainbow Dash x Pinkie
Twilight x Rarity
Apple Jack x Fluttershy
Scootaloo x Sweetie Belle
Apple Bloom x Spike
Celestia x Luna
Discord x Eris (female Discord)
Lyra x BonBon
Vinyl Scratch x Octavia
Doctor Hooves x Derpy
Cloud Chaser x Flitter
Spitfire x Soarin'
Big Mac x Caramel
Braeburn x Soarin'
Braeburn x Little Strongheart
Cheerlie x Berry Punch
Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy

(in my mind those are all best ships, especially the first 4)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StarWarsFan7 said…
I changed my mind!

Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle
Big Macintosh and Twilight Sparkle
Soarin' and Spitfire
Soarin' and Applejack (new couple I just started to like)
Doctor Caramel and Rainbow Dash
Discord and Pinkie Pie
Pony Joe and Pinkie Pie
Braeburn and Fluttershy
Braeburn and Little Strongheart
Doctor Whooves and Derpy Hooves
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheBaghdadElite said…
Shining armour is twilight's brother. That's weird
The rest are good
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StarWarsFan7 said…
^ I know he is. But if they weren't related, I'd pair them. I still do.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheBaghdadElite said…
Well whatever you want. I think Soarin and RD are the best
Vor mehr als einem Jahr EAtrooper said…

Vor mehr als einem Jahr shadirby said…
Young CelestiaxDiscord.
 Young CelestiaxDiscord.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr -MissRarity- said…
PinkieXDash, SpikeXRarity, and CelestiaXDiscord are my faves

I also really like LyraXBonBon
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Tareality said…
trixieXtwi, rarityXaj, dashXtwi and whoovesXderpy
Seanthehedgehog commented…
How dare Du ship Twilight with regenbogen Dash!!! Twilight doesn't deserve to be shipped Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr janieelizebeth said…
twlight sparkle x flash centary . rainbowdash x soaring. apple boom x spike. fluttershyxbigmac .princess ceslustia x discord.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NocturnalMirage said…
I don't really ship characters, but CelestiaXDiscord, Derpy HoovesXDr. Whooves are among the few exceptions.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr jordy_dash said…
Flutter dash, apple twi, rarity pie.....I've been reading to much fan fics lol....oh and also fire jack
Vor mehr als einem Jahr equestriangirl said…
FLUTTERSHY AND RAINBOW DASH!!!!!! best ship ever
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ChibiEmmy said…
PinkieSandwich For 5ever
thetankmoment commented…
Cheesepie! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Rendal_Pony said…
lol me iz ship
Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy (few reasons but one reason is because Rainbow Dash is exactly like my crush, & I'm exactly like Fluttershy)
Spike x Rarity (as if shipping couldn't get worse)
Twilight x flash sentry (i think, the guy from equestria girls)
Dr.Whooves x Derpy
can't think of anything else....
lol, this iz SO funny
 LOL me iz ship regenbogen Dash x Fluttershy (few reasons but one reason is because regenbogen Dash is exac
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Emma0213 said…
Fluttershy: Big Mac
Rarity: Spike
Rainbow Dash: Sorain
Pinkie Pie: Cheese Sandwich
Twilight Sparkle: Flash Sentry
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Yang_Conejito said…
FLUTTERSHY AND RAINBOW DASH My shipping favorite 4-ever
 FLUTTERSHY AND regenbogen DASH My shipping Favorit 4-ever
Vor mehr als einem Jahr thetankmoment said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErinnAshleyRose said…
Cheese sandwhichxpinkie

I think I'm the only one
ErinnAshleyRose commented…
nope nvm Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr meowKittyfalcon said…
Twidash, Cheesepie, Rarijack, Flutterdash, Pinkiedash, and SoarinBurn
Vor mehr als einem Jahr HellaDandy said…
1. Rarijack
2. Flutterfire
3. Raridash and Raripie (tie for third)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XxJerseyxX said…
cheesepie!flash sparkle!rainbow soarin!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mariofan14 said…
Obviously, the one true pairing that surpasses them all is Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. The two were meant for each other.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SomeoneButNoone said…
The superior shipping of Twilight and her mother... Wait I mean Celestia and Luna... I mean Applejack and Big Mac... Or was it Applebloom and BigMac. I know lots of screwed shipping but best one is Fluttershy and Angel satire doe
Vor mehr als einem Jahr candylover246 said…
♡ Obviously Bloomberg x Tom is best ship~ ♡
mariofan14 commented…
What about Boulder? Vor mehr als einem Jahr