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 "I'm not good at anything other than caring for animals."
"I'm not good at anything other than caring for animals."
I'm always the quiet and forgotten one. Why?

Because I'm not good at anything other than caring for animals. Everypony else has Mehr than one talent, but not me. Twilight is great at organization and very smart, Pinkie can throw fantastic parties and sings a lot, applejack is hardworking and down to earth, regenbogen is Merida - Legende der Highlands and fast, and Rarity is a very talented dressmaker and great decorator. But I'm just the animal-loving one.

I was walking with Bon-Bon one Tag because she wanted a pet, and we were discussing the different choices. "Thanks, Fluttershy!" she exclaimed when I squirmed into a...
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Fluttershy's pov

It had been two years since Discord vanished without a trace and life in Ponyvillie and Equestria had changed a lot well for everyone but me.

Twilight was now Alicorn princess and was busy with royal duties and studies so I didn't get to see much of her anymore. regenbogen Dash was finally a Wonderbolt she had finally reached her dream! So she was traveling a lot a I only saw her on her days off. Rarity was now designing for the most famous ponies in Equestria and was usually busy with orders, but we still saw each other for our spa day.

Applejack was busy too with her family farm...
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posted by btflash
I have a confession to make. It is a very tough confession to make, considering I've kept up this lie for so long. Stay tuned, there's an important message at the end as well. If Du read any of this article, and want to quit reading, read the end before Du quit. If Du do plan on Lesen through the whole thing, dont skip to the end. Now, on to the all- important confession.

I hate My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

From the moment I first saw the show, I despised it. I hated every single character on this show, especially twilight sparkle, who I consider especially annoying and whom i think...
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The three all turned, and looked at the big room they had been lead too. It was fairly open and empty, almost like an theater room. At one end of the room, there were six square vats, each one nearly full with individual Spectra. Above them was a peculiar looking machine. From a central stack, six hoses broke off and lead above each of the individual vats. At the oben, nach oben of the stack was a single opening, red with rust despite the rest of the machine to be shiny and clean. Even further above that was a fairly complex looking object, with chains and gears hanging off of beams and pipes loosely....
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posted by mariofan14
One fine Tag in Ponyville, everyone was rustling around town doing what they do best, whether it be talking to each other oder shopping oder just working. Everyone was having a good time. Everyone but a yellow pegasus. Yep. Fluttershy's not happy, but she's crying. The reason? Let's go and see what happened a little while ago.

She was visiting the sky city of Cloudsdale, where she lived before she fell to the ground, discovering her new place. What she's doing in the wolke city was just wandering around. She's been wondering if anything new occurred. But no. Nothing new happened. But then, just...
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Hi Everpony! :) I am bored so I am going to write and Artikel about why regenbogen dash is my Favorit pony so yeah... Ok here we go.

One of the main reasons why she is my Favorit is her eye color. She is the only one of the main six with Magenta eyes. I also like the fact that her tail and mane are the Farben of the rainbow. :)

Another reason why I like her so much is that she is a daredevil. I know she does brag sometimes about how awesome she is but most people do that at some point in their life. I have to admit I am not a Dare Devil at all! I hate getting into trouble... I'm also very shy....
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posted by mariofan14
With Windwaker430's approval, I can do my own version of his famed "What's Your Take?" articles. This will be called "What Do Du Think?" WARNING: This will sometimes be less SFW than Windwaker's original getup. Beware.

Anyways, I'm sure Du all have seen some other shows that are quite famous oder have been made legends. Here, I'll Zeigen Du some crossover pictures and, firstly, tell Du what I think about them. Personally, crossovers between anything can be quite a nice thing, giving what one person likes oder not, be it from video games, TV shows, oder movies. If there's something a person doesn't...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Somewhere in the atlantic ocean

Equestrian pony54: *grabs fish*
Equestrian pony67: *walks inside part of boat*
Equestrian captain: Good morning Rob.
Rob: Hello captain. *pushes button*

The Wand moved, and revealed a secret room. This was no ordinary fishing boat.

Equestrian pony65: Good to see Du again Rob.
Rob: Only so I can take over your shift.
Equestrian pony87: I think we got something.
Equestrian pony54: I'm reeling it in right now.
Rob: Hang on, that thing we're reeling in, it's a bomb!
Equestrian pony87: You're pulling in a bomb! STOP!
Equestrian pony54: Too late! Hit the don't sink button!...
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Continuation to Drawing Destiny. I got bored, so yeah. Just like the Zurück installment, its based on creepypastas, Mehr specifically Jeff the Killer. Please Kommentar and stuff.
Rarity's funeral was a week after her remains were found. Twilight had discovered the corpse in the boutique when she had gone searching for a type of gem to use in a spell. Hidden behind a couch she discovered Sweetie Belle. She had bloodshot eyes and was trembling uncontrolablly. Twilight, the Royal Guards, even Princess Celestia had all attempted to interview the traumatized filly, but it was all in vane. After...
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Chris: Anyway.....our first challenge is a game of witss! Follow me.

-at the challenge area-
*Billie, Aqua, Christina, Owl, and Smiley are sitting on the benches to the left; Leon, Dawn, Tear, Claudia, and Jinx are sitting on the benches to the right*

Chris:*in the center* Now, on my left is Team Celestians. And on my right is Team Lunatics. Our trivia will be based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. First question, who is the ruler of Equestria?

Owl: Um, Princess Celestia?

Chris: Correct! 2 points for Team Celestians!

Team Celestians: YAY!

Chris: Sekunde Frage goes to Team Celestians. Name...
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 Giving Du the gift of filly Twilight Sparkle! :D
Giving you the gift of filly Twilight Sparkle! :D
Before I start the interview, I would like to congratulate AquoMoon for his Victorious win of the FOTM contest! I would also like to congratulate Skitty_Love and BillyTheShark for coming in 2nd and 3rd place! Better luck Weiter time guys! ;)

When Du found out Du won the FOTM contest, how did Du react?
I screamed Like a girl and had victory cake because I Liebe winning

Who is your Favorit pony out of the Mane Six?
Apple Jack is my Favorit of the mane 6 because apfel, apple Jack is honest, cute, and I Liebe her accent soo much

Who is your Favorit background pony?
My Favorit background pony is Derpy Hooves...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Du may not believe this, but this is how Derpy was born.

It all started in Frenchtown New Jersey, a quaint little city, with many friendly people, right Weiter to the delware river. However on the other side of Frenchtown was a place in Pennsylvania taken over Von the Japanese military. It found a new weapon that can make people unborn when they do a certain thing.

Two soldiers, Suzanne, and Josh were assigned to destroy a bridge in the Pennsy side of the delaware river, then return to Washington D.C once the mission was done.

Suzanne: What are we destroying this bridge for?
Josh: So the japanese...
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posted by karinabrony
 I was really sad..
I was really sad..
Dear Readers,

I haven't been on much, have I? I know someone, well, hacked me. They deleted my account. I was very sad.... I hope it never happens. I was really busy with School and A LOT of drama going on in my life. I'm talking A LOT. OK, here is the news that I will be posting so I can catch up.

1:Fan Fiction Series: I am making a new series called You're My Best Friend. It's about two ponies that are the opposite and are best Friends and nothing can break them apart, until a new pony in town comes. She tries her hardest to steal one of them. Can she make it?

2: New Fan Arts: I will be posting...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Things were not going well for Equestria after the events of the Zurück H.I.P story. A week after the war ended somepony assassinated the mayor of Ponyville. Then stallions started being sexist to mares. Even Doughnut Joe wouldn't let mares in his restaurant, but if they were to buy something Joe would just double the price for what they bought.

Two and a half years later things just got worse, a griffon appeared. It was someone named Gilda, and she seemed pissed, "I've had enough of these ponies. It's time to do something about them." Then she flew off. While doing so regenbogen Dash appeared,...
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(Some readers may find this disturbing)

Well, goddamn it. I am sure Du all know that I hate clopping pictures. Mainly because a kids Zeigen shouldn't involve sex. However, there is Mehr to it then pictures..... Someone actually made a MLP pronaographic comic book. That..... "comic" is Mehr commonly known as Hoof Beat.
Now, what is the big problem with this comic..... Well, lets get the obvious out of the way, ITS A FUCKING PORNO COMIC.... WITH FUCKING ANTHRO PONIES!!! Now, this comic book has not one but three sexual stories. So, we start this "comic" with Twilight going to Fluttershy's house....
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posted by mariofan14
As we have watched our little ponies, we have often seen many ponies do many Zufällig things. Some of these things include committing good deeds for others. Others live Von virtue and are reluctant to go against sagte virtue. Here is an Artikel about the Mane 6 ponies and the virtues they are associated with.

Twilight Sparkle: Who else has the brains for many things for her Friends and other ponies? Our cute purple alicorn princess, that's who! She's a generally hard working pony who makes many different choices that can affect all greatly. Nevertheless, Twilight Sparkle knows what happens and finds...
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posted by KendiKens
apfel, apple Bloom:Helppppppp!
Scoots father:Hear that....
Scoots mother:Come on Scoootaloo.
Scoots:Yes.I think it's apfel, apple Bloom.
Scoots mother:Let's go.
apfel, apple Bloom:Help,help.....
Scoots father:Hold at my hoof.
apfel, apple Bloom:Uh,uh..
Scoots mother:The rope is cutting off.
apfel, apple Bloom:Uh,I am stuck'd in a twister.
Scoots mother:Don't worry.I will catch ya.*catch's Scoots father's hoof*
Scoots parents:*falling on the ground,dead*
Scoot:No........*catch's apfel, apple Bloom*
apfel, apple Bloom:Sorry Scootaloo,I am sorry.
Scoot:Rainbow Dash,mom and dad died.
Scoots:It all happened because of me.I..I...fighted with apfel, apple Bloom yesterday,and she...came to apology to me.She came here because of me..And ma and pa now are dead.Only because of me.
regenbogen Dash:Scootaloo.It's not your fault.You shouldn't be gilty for this.
regenbogen Dash:No buts...We are together now.Together for ever.
posted by baloonzking
 She can't resist going,can she.
She can't resist going,can she.
Twilight looked at Pinkie with a wondering face and asked, "What?" "YOU DON'T THINK IT IS REAL?!?! HE WILL KILL Du BRO!" "Don't be silly,Pinkie,It's just an old mare's/foal's tale." 'No it isn't...........cause' there's been Sightings.....AND I ALSO SAW HIM WITH MY OWN TWO EYES!" Twilight glanced at RainbowDash then continued with Pinkie. RainbowDash looked over to the side of SugarCubeCorrner's Doors and saw applejack and Fluttershy and Rarity. Rarity said, "I would Liebe to say the rumor's are false,but I must say I saw him myself,too..." applejack looked at Rarity and told her, "Rarity,I...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 The unicorn that died
The unicorn that died
In my opinion the whole world has gone mad, whacko! Just look at the traffic congestions on the main highway!

Ponies: *beeping horn*
drunk pony: *steals Coltillac*

The terrible conditions of our air traffic control system

Japanese: *bomb pearl harbor*

The destruction of private property, and the Liste goes on so much. The point is that Equestria has gone mad! And here's how it all started.

unicorn: *driving fast*
Pinkie Pie: Whats' with him?
unicorn: *driving 100 miles an hour*
Mirage: *honks horn*
unicorn: *drives off cliff*

Four cars arrived near the wreck.
The first car was a Sportsedan. In it was...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 King John
King John
In the Limousine which was where the king was

King John: Taxes! *laughs* We make them high, and rob the poor to feed the rich!
Mclaren: Yes sir, I agree! But I must inform Du about something important.
King John: What is it?
Mclaren: The sheriff just spotted Robin Hood. His men Lost him, and he's with Little John.
King John: Why do I have to fight somepony with the same name that I have?!
Mclaren: It's not my fault sir!!

Meanwhile further up the road

Robin: They'll be here soon.
LJ: OK, but why are we disguised as mares?
Robin: To fool them. Trust me, it'll work.
LJ: Alright. Let's get this over...
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