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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It was a rainy Tag in Canterlot, oder should I say night. P was on her computer typing something for several hours ever since Con Mane was shot to death.

Commander Con Mane was a wonderful agent. Though he got careless in a couple of his assignments, most of them were done with precision, and a razor sharp mind.

That was as far as P could go, until she decided to go to bed. It was 11:30 PM when she stopped. She'd work on it again when she woke up.

The Weiter morning, P had to ride to a place in Canterlot, where she would be talking with another pony.

At the building.

Parcival: I appreciate you...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
 Natalia (Pro fackt - Shadow Liebe this OC Pro fact 2 my GF OC Pro Fact 3 I DONT KNOW WHY I DOING PRO FACTS uhhhh)
Natalia (Pro fackt - Shadow love this OC Pro fact 2 my GF OC Pro Fact 3 I DONT KNOW WHY I DOING PRO FACTS uhhhh)
Natalia - Long time dont see
Dan - y-yea long time hehe
Natalia - -_-
Dan - OH COMON DONT SAY WE GONNA TALK ABO- *hear expolion* ok Du know better get out from solar empire...
In GEA Hedquater number 5 (In Ponyville)
Natalia - WHY Du DO THIS
Dan - FUCK MY FATHER HE IS DUPASS *punch wall* Im sorry about my father BUT HE IS JUST A FUCKIN STUPID IDIOT!
Natalia - why Du talking about Du father t-
Dan - BECAUSE HE DONT CARE ABOUT ANYTHINK... no like our family... *open family book*...
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posted by P-Lightning
"This part of the story is all about Axel and his past."

(Right here Axel is having Ice Cream with his best and only friend in the Organization, Roxas while they whatched the sun set)
(Axel's Past)
"Axel wait up I need to catch up," sagte a mysterious stallion as he ran to Axel, "Hey come on Roxas Du got to catch up if Du want to see the sunset." sagte Axel,"OK I'm want to see the suset man just wait I got to buy the ice cream. As Axel and Roxas sat on the old clock tower eating ice cream and Axel asked,"Hey Roxas why does the sun set red?","Huh I don't know i just want to watch the sunset ha...
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I gasped. My eyes widened. Princess Celestia smiled. All of the memories I have had in my Home and school flashed through me. I closed my eyes. I responded, "Thank you. Thank you very much for the offer.... But.... I'm afraid I can't. I have experienced great friendships here, and I would Liebe to stay here, too.... But in my world, I have much Mehr to experience. There are many things I would Liebe to learn." I bow, and I say, "Thank you.". Princess Celestia leaned to hug me. "You are very welcome."

Princess Celestia called Luna, Twilight, and her Friends to the back of the castle. "I have a...
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posted by Windwakerguy430
It was another peaceful Tag in Ponyville. The sun was high. The plants were growing. The birds were singing. It was just a peaceful day. Twilight was helping Fluttershy with her animals. But, something was different with the Tiere today. They seemed to be very calm. Usually, the Tiere were very chaotic, but today, they just stood there, and blinked occasionally. Twilight sagte to Fluttershy, "Hey, Fluttershy. Are your animal Friends okay? They seem... different. Usually, they are Mehr energetic then this". Fluttershy was silent.

Yesterday, a new pony came to town. Her name was Sunny Flower....
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At an outside restaurant.

Taxi Driver: *Stops at restaurant*
Nazis: *Get out*
Taxi Driver: *Drives away*
French Stallion: Puis-je vous offrir quelque chose?
Nazi: Nous voulons champagne.
French Stallion: Venir jusqu'à. *goes to get champagne*
Sigmund: *Reading newspaper*
French Stallion: *Hears his phone ringing, then answers* Bonjour?... Oui. *Walks to Sigmund* Quelqu'un veut vous parler au téléphone.
Sigmund: Le téléphone?
French Stallion: Oui monsieur.
Sigmund: *Stands up* Merci. *Goes to phone* Hello.... Hello?

The pony that called him hung up. Then suddenly, a car was pulling up to the restaurant....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The Classroom

Starring Snow Wonder as Ms. Schultz
Tom as Gary
Astrel Sky as Maria
Sunny as herself
Pleiades as Brianna
Double Scoop as James
Aina as Lauren

Everypony in Ms. Schultz's class was bored. They had to write down a paragraph about the importance of geometry.

Gary: *Chewing eraser on pencil*
James: *Sleeping, and thinking about ice cream*
Sunny: What is this? English class?
Audience: *Laughing*
Sunny: We're supposed to be learning about math here!
Audience: *Laughing*
Ms. Schultz: Du are. If Du keep Schreiben that essay, Du will.
Brianna: Ms. Schultz, Sunny has a very good point. Why...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: January 14, 1957
Location: Cheyenne Wyoming

Nemo was doing a poor job taking over for Hawkeye while he was on vacation. He became frightened of bulls, and remained very lazy, and stubborn. The only trains he would drive, were passenger trains, pulled Von diesels.

All the freight trains were being left behind for Stylo to deal with, and it was annoying him big time.

Stylo: *Walking into train yard*
Metal Gloss: *Stops train in yards*
Stylo: *Sees Metal Gloss*
Metal Gloss: *Climbs down from cab* Hello Stylo. I see Nemo has left another freight train behind.
Stylo: I'll have to make a special...
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This might sound like a weird idea, but I think that Princess Twilight Sparkle should be the Queen of Equestria. I think that Twilight Sparkle would be a better ruler than Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadence.

Although Twilight may be younger she's a way better hero than the other members of royalty. I thought the other princesses were fine, until watching some of Lily Peet's YouTube reviews which changed my Ansichten on the princesses. Lily pointed out than when the villains come Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Shining Armor do nothing. Twilight and her Friends are the Heroes that defeat villains....
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Hello, everyone, and, Weihnachten is almost here. I can feel it. So, what is the best way to celebrate Christmas.... Von reviewing an MLP fanfic that has jackshit to do about Christmas. Forget all those happy feelings. I just wanna get ruined. I wanna get real broken this Christmas. Because, why not. So, the fanfic I am reading, is My Little Pony: Friendship is Danger, oder as the Autor puts it My Litte Ponly: Frlendship Ls Danger (I'm actually surprised he spelled Danger right).
So, this is the first paragraph of the fanfic. Just take a look.
"Rainbo Dahs woke up and went at to garden".... I can...
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Well, Du all asked for it, so, here it is. The dreaded fanfic that makes me Frage why I ever read fanfiction in the first place. This fanfic, believe it oder not, has not name, so, we will just call it "The Devil's Fanfic".
So, this is a Troll fanfic (The worst genre of fanfic). Since ponies have been done to death in fanfics, they thought they would talk about the Fans themselves... That kind of idea is what will lead us, to what I think, is the worst fanfic ever made. Is it worse then The Pokemon Story? Yes, it is, and we'll get to why in a second. So, this fanfic starts with a little girl...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
We now have a new intro for this series

Theme song >>>> link

Taxi Ponies: *Driving taxi cabs to the station*

Ponies On The Rails

Starring the Union Pacific ponies

Pierce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Railway Pony: *Driving freight train across a bridge going over the train tracks at the station.*
Metal Gloss: *Drives freight train under bridge*
Pony: *In the station, buying a ticket. As soon as he gets the ticket, he runs across the platform, and boards his train.*
Hawkeye: *Preparing train for departure*
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posted by NocturnalMirage
Zufällig dialectics: regenbogen Rocks

Hello and welcome to my newest Artikel in the series of reviews I've been doing every once in a while over the past couple of weeks. Okay, months... never mind that! I usually review movies, but for now, I have decided to take a closer look on the Sekunde Equestria Girls cartoon, regenbogen Rocks. It is quite obvious, yet I always state this nevertheless: if Du haven't seen the cartoon yet... SPOLIER ALERT!

Although I gotta say, this review will be quite short compared to my other articles, since most of the internet reviewers have already summed the movie up pretty...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After regenbogen Dash, Applejack, and Rarity fought each other, they went back to Celestia's castle.

Celestia: What happened?
Lord Burlington: Where did Du three go?
Rainbow Dash: Rarity kidnapped us for no reason.
Rarity: My reason, was because Du were talking about me behind my back.
Applejack: That's a dumb reason.
Lord Burlington: I agree with the orange one.
Rarity: Why? Doesn't anyone agree with me?
Applejack: Du planned on doing something horrible to Silver.
Lord Burlington: What did she have planned?
Rarity: Nothing.
Rainbow Dash: Oh Du had something planned alright. What was it?
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posted by Canada24
I.. I don't know if I have anything to say about this one.

It certainly isn't "Harmony is horror", even though it should of felt like it.
I'm still pissed about never being able to reread Harmony is Horror, it was one greatest creepypastas I have ever read, but also the sadest, hell, it's not EVEN a creepypasta, just a heartbreaker.
Starting with a intro that gives me even Mehr reasons to hate Gilda, as she kills Pinkie.
And than, one Von one, they all end up dying in natural causes, till it's just Twilight, who goes crazy. Hell. I pretty much just told the whole story of Harmony is Horror.

But anyway....
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 Yes I did make a Titel screen! :D
Yes I did make a title screen! :D
Things were not going well for Equestria after the events of the Zurück H.I.P story. A week after the war ended somepony assassinated the mayor of Ponyville. Then stallions started being sexist to mares. Even Doughnut Joe wouldn't let mares in his restaurant, but if they were to buy something Joe would just double the price for what they bought.

Two and a half years later things just got worse, a griffon appeared. It was someone named Gilda, and she seemed pissed, "I've had enough of these ponies. It's time to do something about them." Then she flew off. While doing so regenbogen Dash appeared,...
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We got to where applejack was, and saw four russian soldiers kill Pinkie Pie. When they did that I blew them up with missiles. "We have to bring them back to life." I said, but no Einhörner were around, so we were screwed. "Sweetie Belle!" Applebloom shouted. Then her white furred friend came out of my car, and brought applejack back to life. She was too tired to bring Pinkie back, so we had to go to Twilight. Before applejack could talk some sense into the C.M.C for sneaking into my car they ran off. We didn't know where they were, but they had to be away from the communists. Once we got to...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

Canterlot, 6:50 AM

The sun was just rising as a convoy left Canterlot. In the convoy was a Lincoln, two Chryslers, and a 1954 Cadillac convertible. Each car was shiny, and black, and Twilight's in the Cadillac. The front of that car has two purple flags with her cutie mark on it.

Episode 3: Weihnachten Trees And Assassinations

Special Guest Stars, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna as theirselves.
SeanTheHedgehog's Tom Foolery as Brett Flasch

In Gran Turismo, everypony heard that Twilight Sparkle was coming to visit.

Tim: *Listening...
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posted by mariofan14
I have gegeben out some wise sayings to Du people in the past. Hopefully they helped Du all become Mehr of a "human" person, not a "scumbag" person.

And so, for no specific reason whatsoever, I'll give Du all some wise sayings to help Du out some more, as well as myself. Just to let Du know, some of these are based on proverbs from the biblical Book of Proverbs.

Here is what I would like to say:

Bad people Du hang out with are a trap, waiting to capture Du at any gegeben moment.

Treasure what Du may be gegeben from people, be it object oder affection. Neither lasts as long as Du would think it...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Welcome to the block. And now for your hosts, Master Sword, and Tom Foolery.

Audience: *Cheering, clapping, and whistling*
Master Sword & Tom Foolery: *Standing in front of a house*
Tom: Hello everypony, and welcome to another episode of On The Block.
Master Sword: I think they know it's On The Block.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Tom: How?
Master Sword: The Titel of this Artikel clearly says On The Block!
Audience: *Laughing*
Tom: Oh yes, it does. Today's crossover parody, Unfrozen.
Audience: *Laughing*
Master Sword: We're combining two bad Filme for this. Frozen, and Unfriended.
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