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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Saten Twist was called into his manager's office, just outside of Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal. He was sitting in the hallway, waiting to go inside.

Greg: *Arrives with Jake*
Saten: Du got called here too, huh?
Greg: Now I know what this is about.
Jake: It's because we got in a fight at the bar yesterday. I technically shouldn't be here since I did not engage in any hostile activity.
Saten: Du still started the fight.
Manager: *Opens the door* Come in gentlemen.

The four stallions continued the conversation in the office.

Manager: Fighting another pony in a bar. Really?
Jake: Technically I...
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posted by KotokoAihara
I know there's been a few Artikel about this, but I actually wanted to write an Artikel about what I think about the movie. As most of my Artikel say, please do Kommentar and like if Du so desire. However, your Kommentare should be written in a way that is constructive and not meant to hurt oder insult others. So now I will start :)

So when I first heard about regenbogen Rocks I wasn't very excited about it. I heard the "Shake Your Tail" song and I didn't like it. I also did not understand why they were doing a battle of the bands. However, once I saw the trailer with the villains then I understood...
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Trixie's Cutie Mark: This may sound weird, but I think her cutie mark is fascinating and simple at the same time. I Liebe the colors, a light mix of blue.

Sunset Shimmer's Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark represents her very good. The Farben go well together, because they are the same Farben as her mane, too. The suns' rays are wavy, just like Celestia's.

Zecora's Cutie Mark: Zecora's cutie mark is well detailed. The swirl represents the her personality well, and it looks as if a mark that a zebra would have. It looks like it represents her oddness and her reasonableness.

Sea Swirl's Cutie Mark: I love...
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posted by KendiKens
It was a lonley and scary day,as regenbogen Dash would call it later.Let me tell Du a story:
-Yes,princess,-said regenbogen Dash.
-Rainbow Dash,as my loyal warrior,I need Du now Mehr than ever!
-What is it princess Celestia?
-It is a great warrior,witch treated me in the past.It's WarriorFire!I want Du to stop him!He is hiding somewhere in the sky!My guards aren't finding him anywhere!That is what i called you!He is very dangerous!You may go now,you just need to go to princess Twilight Sparkle and she will give Du the things Du need for this trip.Good luck!
Rainbow Dash thinks:''What am I going to...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After seeing Santa, we put our Weihnachten baum up.

Dad: *On stepladder putting on ornaments*
Mother: This looks wonderful.
Dad: Thanks. *Looks at Weihnachten lights* Wait a minute. The blue lights are out.
Mother: The blue lights are fine. It's red that's out.
Dad: Baah, I'm not colorblind.
Mother: I'm not colorblind either.
Dad: *Fixes the green lights* Ah. See, I told Du it was green. *Sees all of the lights in the house turn off*
Mother: AH!
Randy: *Screams*
Dad: HOLD IT!! Don't anypony move!! A fuse it out!

The old stallion could replace fuses quicker then a hase, jackrabbit on a date. He bought 'em...
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Well, everyone, this is a crossover review. I am Windwakerguy430
And I am BlondLionEzel.
And today, we are reviewing one of the worst, or, in my eyes, the utmost worst episode of My Little pony ever. Putting Your Hoof Down.
It's the worst in my opinion. And I've seen Transformers Beast Machines, and this makes it look like an AOE Dinobot!
This episode is just insulting, in every way. It takes a character we love, and turns them into a terrible monster. And that's just one of the problems in this abomination.
This episode makes me think the writers hate Fluttershy...
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Du all know the character Spike. The little baby dragon who always makes jokes other then Pinkie. However, have Du ever noticed how the creators think his misery makes us laugh.
There have been plenty of times where spike has been the butt of the joke, and the creators do it again and again and again. That's the thing, though. Why do they think we find a characters misery funny. It wasn't funny with Squidward in the new Spongebob episodes, and its not funny here. If Du want it to be funny, then the character needs to have done something wrong. A good example in the Spongebob episode, "Naughty Nonsesical Neighbors", where Squidward did something wrong and got punished for it. That's funny. Here, Spike doesn't do anything wrong, yet still always get hurt for not doing anything.
In my opinion, the creators should at least make Spike do something wrong, or, better yet, quiet making his suffering a joke, Hasbro. But, hey, that's only my opinion. What's Your Take
posted by karinabrony
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Theme Song Lyrics~

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh..

My Little Pony
I used to wonder what friendship could be
My Little Pony
Until Du all shared it's magic with me

Big adventure
Tons of fun!
A beautiful heart
Faithful and strong
Sharing kindness
It's an easy feat
And magic makes it all complete!

Du have My Little Ponies
Do Du know you're all my very best friends?

Ponies who sang in this song:

Pinkie Pie
Twilight Sparkle
regenbogen Dash
posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Captain Wilson
Captain Wilson
While Captain Wilson was busy working in the yards, Percy came to see him.

Percy: Who is he?
Gordon: A visitor.
Percy: Why is he here?
Gordon: Don't ask me. *walks away*

At the train station

Hawkeye: *stops train*
Stylo: *Gets out*
Hawkeye: *gets out*
Pete: Well done Du two. I called Du back here, because I want to Zeigen Du a visitor.
Hawkeye: Okay *Looks around* I don't see anypony of important significance.
Pete: That's because he's in the yards.
Hawkeye: Oh. *walks to train yard*
Pete & Stylo: *Follow Hawkeye*
Hawkeye: *Sees Gordon* Where are Du going?
Gordon: To the station. *walks away*
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song (Start at 0:15): link

Los Angeles, 1961

Mares: *Dancing with Stallions*
Saten: *Walks into the bar*
Ponies: Saten!!
Saten: *Smiles at everyone* Good evening everyone.
Bartender: What's your pleasure buddy?
Saten: I think I'll go for the usual.
Bartender: Du got it.
Saten: Why didn't your wife ride the train yesterday? I didn't see her get off at Flagstaff.
Bartender: Promotion. She now has to fly to Portland.
Saten: Ah. *Gives the bartender a quarter, and a dime*

Jake walked in, followed Von Greg, and Jared.

Saten: Hey speaking of Portland, look who decided to come for a visit.
Greg: *Turns around*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

Saten: *Enjoying Musik on his record player while sitting in his couch, and drinking a glass of water* This is how Du enjoy a summer morning. *Hears a doorbell, and walks to his door*
Tareq: *Watches Saten open the door* Hi Saten. I would have called but my line's down. Can I hang out with you?
Saten: Come on inside.
Tareq: *Closes the door* Buddy Holly. Good choice.
Saten: I just bought it a few days ago. How did your run with Jake go yesterday?
Tareq: Not bad. I actually got him to sit down, and shut up.
Saten: Thank god! How did he react?
Tareq: He stayed silent once I told him about...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The Weiter day, Jake went back to the train station in Albuquerque. Tareq was waiting.

Jake: Hey. My name's Jake, and I'm a nerd.
Tareq: Oh no.
Jake: Did Du know that the Santa Fe was first created in 1859? We've been around for nearly 100 years.
Tareq: Buddy, I'm gonna ask Du to shut up. We have a freight train that needs to head into Chicagoat. We're gonna go as far as La Junta in Coltorado. Once we get there, we'll come back on another freight. Are Du ready?
Jake: Sure. *Climbs on board with Tareq*

They quickly started their journey north.

Jake: Do Du know why our freight engines are painted...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Saten Twist was assigned to teach Jake how to drive passenger trains. He was waiting on the platform, and the Super Chief was due to leave in five minutes.

Saten Twist: *Sitting on a bench, watching a switcher push five diesels onto the Super Chief* There's my power for the train. Now where is that pony with the glasses?
Jake: *Arrives, feeling very happy*
Saten Twist: Alright, Du made it.
Jake: Hey. My name's Jake, and I'm a nerd.
Saten Twist: We met yesterday at the bar. I remember your name.
Jake: Well there's a first.
Saten Twist: Follow me. *Walks to the diesels*
Jake: *Following Saten Twist*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

Stallions: *Playing pool*
Santa Fe pony 59: *Walks in with Saten Twist* Look who's back everypony!
Stallions: Saten Twist!!
Saten Twist: *Sits down at the bar* Hey fellas.
Bartender: Hi Saten. *Gives him a glass of beer* The usual, just for you. You've got my wife to that business meeting in Flagstaff in time like Du promised, so this is on the house.
Saten Twist: Thanks. *Gives him a quarter* Say hi to everyone else in the family for me.
Bartender: Will do.
Greg: *Walks over from a table* Hey, Saten. How was your run from Albuquerque?
Saten Twist: Wonderful, as usual.
Greg: Good to hear....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song: link
 Celestia: *Runs from the left. She jumps up, her wings spreading wide, then her face gets into the triangle*
Celestia: *Runs from the left. She jumps up, her wings spreading wide, then her face gets into the triangle*

Albuquerque, New Mexicolt. July 19th, 1958

Saten Twist: *Walking towards the Super Chief*
Stallion 16: Here to take this train all the way to Los Angeles?
Saten Twist: *Nods, and climbs into the cab*
Conductor: All aboard!!
Saten Twist: *Blows the horn twice, and makes the train go forward*
 This is the train Saten Twist is driving, called the Super Chief. A luxury train for ponies.
This is the train Saten Twist is driving, called the Super Chief. A luxury train for ponies....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Pierce returned to his tabelle from the bathroom when he noticed Bob was missing.

Pierce: Where did he go?
Waitress: *Arrives* Where did your friend go?
Pierce: That's what I'd like to find out! He must have left without me. *Sits down* I might as well finish this first, then find a way to catch up to him. *Drinks his milkshake, and takes a bite from his burger*

Meanwhile Karl was driving his car through a town called Tipton. He was on the same highway as Tom again, but this time he was behind him.

Karl: *Stops at a red light*
Pony 1: *Stops behind him, and revs his engine twice*
Pony 2: Easy....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The police station in Santa Barbara was where Pierce, and Bob were.

Police Pony: Okay, Du were seen hanging out with ponies in the Scarza Mafia.
Pierce: That was an accident. We went to see a lighthouse, and these two ponies came at us, and asked us questions. They found out we didn't know anything, so we left.
Police Pony: We don't believe you. Du better sing to us.
Bob: Sing?
Police Pony: Yes. Sing.
Bob: Okay. We'll sing.
Pierce: *Playing an accordion he got out of nowhere*
Bob: *Singing* I was a stallion, travelling from L.A. My destination was Seattle.
Pierce: *Also singing* Yes Seattle....
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Filly Derpy: *jumping on bed, but her eyes seen as normal and she dosen't have her cutie mark*

Filly Saten: Hey Derp. Quite that already, your gonna hurt yourself.

Filly Derpy: *subbornly* Shut up! Your not the boss of me.. *bangs her head on the roof, making her have the kreuz eyed disign*

Filly Saten: My god, your okay!?

Filly Derpy: *calmly and unaware of her new look* Sure, why do Du ask?


Derpy: Yeah.. Von the way would Du watch Dinky for me?

Saten: Well. I'm busy, but I'm sure I ca-

Derpy; Great! *gives him Dinky and flies out...
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posted by karinabrony
 Luna in the Everfree Forest.
Luna in the Everfree Forest.
Luna turned her head quickly. ''What was that?'' she questioned. She was scared because they might reveal her to Princess Celestia. Luna walked slowly to where the noise was coming from. It sounded like a snake. ''He-hello?'' Luna sagte aloud. ''Is anyone there?'' King Sombra heard the voice. he smirked and said, ''If I can get the Princess under my spell, I can get the crystal heart.'' Sombra got closer to the voice. Princess Luna gasped and said, ''Who are you?''. 'I'm Celestia's worst enemy.''King Sombra replied. ''What did Du do to her?'' asked Luna. ''I'll tell Du the story....''.

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 This is a little too hot for kids Zeigen if iv ever watched one.
This is a little too hot for kids show if iv ever watched one.
Right know I will touch base on the first question. why do stallions seam hormonal settle around mares who are exposed no clothing just as if the were naked. I don't know allot of guys who can stand around a naked female for five minuets without feeling funny so how do stallions fight the urge to at least not star, sterne at a mare down there especially when there a whoof distance crammed in all angles of them in a Zeigen oder a crowded area ant if suddenly they have to Bewegen Du have to know oder you'll get face butted and punched
by an angry mare who thought Du where a perv plus there are scenes where...
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