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 Arthur Grossman
Arthur Grossman
At Canterlot Highway Patrol headquarters, an officer named Arthur Grossman was Wird angezeigt everypony a new watch he bought.

Arthur: I got a coupon that allowed me to get 30% off. This watch is made out of 24 karat gold.
CHP Ponies: Whoa. Cool.
Jon: Where did Du get a watch like that?
Arthur: At this store across the straße from the train station. I Liebe this thing.
Frank: Du better be careful out there on your motorcycle. We wouldn't want to see Du hitting the pavement, and ruining that lovely watch.
Arthur: I'll be fine.
Sargent Getraer: *Arrives* Okay everypony, sit down, and be quiet.

When everyone sat down, the sarge made his announcement.

Sargent Getraer: I was told Von Princess Celestia that she's using one of her royal guards as an informant. He's joined a group of seven ponies that are making plans to hijack five cars. We need to be alert, and make sure we catch those car thieves. The cars on the Liste are a Corvette Z06. A 2016 Ford mustang Shelby GT350. An SRT Viper, a Dodge Ram, and a Volkswagen Beetle Rally car. They're all brand new, and high performance vehicles. That's it, so happy hunting.
Jesse: *Arrives late*
Sargent Getraer: Ah, Jesse Neighbor. You're too late, Du just missed the meeting.
Jebediah: *Arrives*
Sargent Getraer: Jebediah Turner, you're late as well.
Jebediah: Sorry sarge.
Sargent Getraer: *Looks at the other officers* Du can all go now. Jesse, and Jebediah are going to stay here for a while.
CHP Officers: *Leave the room*
Jesse & Jebediah: *Staring at Sargent Getraer*
Sargent Getraer: Now why were Du late?
Jebediah: I had to help a mare change a flat tire on her car.
Jesse: I was in the middle of Schreiben a ticket for someone speeding.
Sargent Getraer: Alright, well Weiter time, try to get to the meetings before they start. We can't waste any time waiting for you. Now get back to work.
Jebediah: Will do sarge. *Leaves*
Jesse: Sure thing *Leaves*

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse, Gordon was talking to his friends. He wears a neck brace, because he has problems with his neck.

Gordon: *Turns a song on: * Okay everypony, gather around! We're gonna discuss the plan on stealing those cars.
Master Sword: *Walks over and sits down with every bad pony* What is it?
Gordon: I found out there was an informant, and so far, I got Tom, and Howard to get rid of him. So here's what we're gonna do. Our first car that we'll steal will be the Corvette. It's further away from Celestia's castle, so none of her royal guards will be able to catch us.
Master Sword: Seems simple.
Gordon: Of course it does. Leaf Pile!!
Leaf: Yes sir.
Gordon: You're stealing the Corvette. Get ready.
Leaf: I'm on it.
Gordon: *Goes to his car* I'll give Du a ride over there.
Leaf Pile: *Sits in the passenger seat*
Gordon: *Drives the car*

2 B Continued
 Jesse Neighbor
Jesse Neighbor
 Jebediah Turner
Jebediah Turner
 Leaf Pile
Leaf Pile
 Gordon's car
Gordon's car
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Well, here I am, with anouther grimdark spoof..

Although unlike the one for Cupcakes, this one isn't secretly trying to prove a point to everyone who claimed that the story forever scared them and other such stuff I find so damn silly.
But, however, this story will most likely prove to be much DARKER then the privious spoof. Cause in this one, characters actually die, instead of humorish ways of how they could servived. Plus the language is quite mature in this one
But anyway, lets get started...

Spoof version

"Now a rainbow's tale isn't quite as nice.

As the story we knew of...
continue reading...
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Just the Japanese version of the Smile song remix from Smile HD.
pinkie pie
smile song
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