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posted by Windwakerguy430
Once upon a time, applejack fell in Liebe for regenbogen Dash for no reason at all. But, what applejack did not know was that regenbogen Dash was also secretly in Liebe with her as well, so, applejack thought of a way to tell regenbogen Dash her true feelings. She promised to use this idea immediat-
(At least 20 Chapters later)
-And so, FINALLY, applejack was with regenbogen Dash, walking with her through Overused Park, on the night of the Bright Cliched Stars. applejack then told regenbogen Dash that she was in Liebe with her, and regenbogen Dash, surprised, told applejack that she loved her too. And then they had crazy bondage sex. The End.

That night, Wind smashed his computer with a sledgehammer, saying, “FUCK THIS FANFIC”

What’s Your Take Artikel 201-300. Coming Soon… Probably, I don’t know
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