Rain got back to the storm drains, and saw six army trucks Wird angezeigt up Weiter to the two muscle cars.

Ice Cube: *Looking in rearview mirror* Wait a minute. There's only supposed to be three here. Why are there six?
Sally: Seems like Ice Cube noticed something wrong.
Con: What?
Sally: There's six trucks, but only three were supposed to Zeigen up.
Con: Maybe ISIS wanted Mehr weapons.
Truck Drivers: *Stop their trucks*
Ice Cube: Yo, why do Du have six trucks? There's only supposed to be three.
Truck Driver: We have the three original trucks, but the other three have those prisoners Du got. They made an attempt to escape.
Alicorns: *Opening back door of truck*
Truck Driver: And here was the ring leader.
Alicorns: *Drag Fenix out of the truck*
Con: (Fenix Lighter)
Rain: *Lands Weiter to Con, and winks to him*
Con: *Knods his head yes* Hey Sally.
Sally: Yeah?
Con: *Pushes Sally out of car, gets in driver's seat, and starts driving*
Ice Cube: *Confused* Wuh?
Con: *Turns around, and stops near Fenix*
Fenix: *Gets in*
Con: *Drives away*
Ice Cube: Come on Sally, Du get in my car. Rain, Du get in one of them trucks.
Rain: Right away. *Gets in truck* How are Du doing?
Alicorns: Excellent.
Alicorn Truck Drivers: *Driving trucks*

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Mku8y-znnQ

Con: *Driving out of the storm drains*
Ice Cube: *Follows Con*
Con: *Turns left onto a bridge*
Ice Cube: *Drifts left*
Con: *Passing cars*
Ice Cube: *Passing cars*
Sally: *Grabs gun*
Fenix: *Grabs gun*

They both shot at each other, but their bullets kept hitting each other.

Con: *Passing tow truck*
Tow Truck Driver: *Stops, and drops car*
Ice Cube: *Avoids car*
Con: *Turns left on an intersection*
Ice Cube: *Also turns left*
Con: *Does a U turn, and passes Ice Cube*
Ice Cube: *Spins out of control*
Con: *Turns right onto the bridge*
Ice Cube: *Drives onto bridge*
Con: *Gets to intersection, and turns right*
Ice Cube: *Nearly loses control, but turns right*
Con: *Passing a dumptruck*
Ice Cube: *Passes dumptruck*
Con: *Continues driving*
Ice Cube: *Catching up*
Fenix: *Shoots headlight on Ice Cube's car*
Sally: *Shooting at Con's car, but misses*
Ice Cube: *About to ram the back of Con's car*
Con: *Drifts to the left*
Ice Cube: *Almost hits Con's car, and also turns left*
Con: *Turns right*
Ice Cube: *Turns right*
Con: *Sees sign for Vincent Thomas Bridge*
Ice Cube: *Follows Con*
Con: *Passes a car*
pony Driver: *Honks horn, and gets onto the side of the road*
Ice Cube: *Follows Con*
Con: *Gets onto entrance for Vincent Thomas Bridge*
Ice Cube: *Follows Con*
Sally: *Shoots the right rear view mirror off of Con's car*
Fenix: *Shoots Sally*
Sally: *Drops gun on floor*
Con: *Passing two cars*
pony Drivers: *Getting their cars close together*
Ice Cube: *Drives around the cars*
Con: *Looking in rearview mirror*
Ice Cube: *Using X strahl, ray vision in her car to find gun. As she finds it, she uses magic to bring the gun towards her*
Con: *Pushes a smart car out of the way*
pony Driver: *Flips his smart car onto it's side*
Ice Cube: *Pushes the smart car out of the way*
Con: *Going 150 miles an hour*
Ice Cube: *Going 160, and is getting close*
Fenix: *Shoots another car*
pony Driver: *Gets in Ice Cube's way*
Ice Cube: *Drives around car that got in her way*
Con: *Passes a biker*
Biker Pony: *Gets onto side of road with motorcycle*
Ice Cube: *Passes Biker, and gets really close to Con's back side*
Con: *Gets onto middle section of road*
Ice Cube: *Getting Weiter to Con, and sees Fenix with his gun. She decides to slow down a little bit, and is behind Con*
Con: *Continues driving*
Ice Cube: *Follows Con*

Meanwhile with the army truck convoy.

Rain: *Sitting with alicorns*
Alicorns: *Sitting, and holding guns*
Rain: I think we should check the weapon boxes, just to make sure we have everything.
Alicorn 141: If Du insist.
Rain: *Opens box, and grabs an AK74* Beautiful. We are sending ISIS good weapons here. *Shoots all of the alicorns in the truck she is in*

All six trucks stopped.

Rain: *Uses a spell to turn invisible, and grabs a bomb. She plants it in the box, and sets it to go off in 60 seconds*
Alicorns: *Searching for Rain*
Alicorn 274: Who are we looking for?
Alicorn 625: I don't know man.
Alicorn 234: *Hears a ticking noise*
Rain: *Gets to Sekunde truck* Get out, and run away, but don't make a sound.
Ponies that aren't alicorns: *Quietly escaping*
Rain: *Goes to the fourth truck*
Alicorn 835: Du three get back to the second, fourth, and sixth truck. Make sure none of those prisoners escape.
Rain: *In fourth truck* Coast is clear. Go home.
Ponies that aren't alicorns: *Quietly escaping*
Rain: *Goes to sixth truck*
Alicorn 274: *Looks at Sekunde truck*
Rain: *Puts silencer on her gun*
Alicorn 274: *Notices that the prisoners are gone* Hey!
Rain: *Shoots Alicorn 274*
Ponies that aren't alicorns: What was that?
Alicorn Guard: None of your business, so shut up.
Rain: *Shoots alicorn* Go home.
Ponies that aren't alicorns: *Quietly escaping*
Rain: *Becomes visible again, and flies towards a pillar on a bridge* And..

Suddenly, an explosion occurred. It was the bomb from the Sekunde truck, and the explosion caused the other trucks to blow up.

Rain: ...There goes the dynamite.

Back to the car chase, Con, and Ice Cube were on a highway surrounded Von dirt hills.

Con: *Driving 170 miles an hour*
Ice Cube: *Slip streaming from Con's car, and is doing 181 miles an hour*
Con: *Gets to right lane in highway*
Ice Cube: *In middle lane*
Con: *Has his car Weiter to Ice Cube*
Ice Cube: *Loading gun*
Con: *Rams Ice Cube's car*
Ice Cube: *Nearly hits another car*
Con: *Rams into the door on Ice Cube's car*

The door opened, and Sally fell out.

Ice Cube: *Ramming Con's car*

The door fell off, but some wires from Ice Cube's car prevented it from hitting the road. A couple of the wires are also stuck on Con's rearview mirror.

Con: *Tries to turn right*
Ice Cube: *Tries to turn left*
Con: *Hits Ice Cube's car*
Ice Cube: *Shoots window on Con's car*
Con: *Rams Ice Cube's car*
Ice Cube: *Drops gun out window*

They were getting towards a tanker, and Con had Ice Cube's car heading straight towards it.

Con: *Shoots wires from Ice Cube's car, and drives right*
Ice Cube: Wha- *Sees oil tanker* AAAAHHHHHHH!!! *Crashes into oil tanker*

Suddenly, an explosion occurred. It caused many Mehr explosions from other cars.

Con: *Stops car on dirt*
Fenix: *Watching explosions*
Ice Cube: *Burning to death*

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jtThSIv26Q

Con, Fenix, and Rain were sent back to Canterlot to meet up with Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie: *Hearing the song on her radio*
Con: *Standing in front of her with Fenix, and Rain*
Pinkie Pie: *Turns off radio* Goddamnit. I thought Du wouldn't be obsessed with killing others after I left you.
Con: It was just an accident P. Fenix was with me, and we had Ice Cube getting her car stuck onto ours.
Pinkie Pie: How?
Fenix: He rammed into Ice Cube's car into a certain spot which caused the door to open. She rammed us shortly after that, then all of a sudden, these wires got stuck onto a part of Con's car.
Con: I shot them off, and continued trying to chase her. I wasn't trying to have Ice Cube killed. Besides, Du never sagte Du wanted her alive.
Pinkie Pie: Oh. Well then it's not your fault.
Con: Hey, we're glad to have Du back with us P.
Pinkie Pie: Danke. It is great to be back.

The End